Wednesday, April 09, 2008


grieving in anger.

Ana's dead. and whoever did it is in fer a world O' hurt. I took everything I had Not to tear Danny Bailey's liver an feed it to' im when he blamed me fer her death lil' punk even told me I should kill my self , yeah like that'll work.

Since I couldn't get to ya on account O' all the reporters, I'll tell ya right here Bailey if ya ever smart off to me like that again you'll be dead before ya even hit the floor. That ain't a flamin' threat that's a promise.

So I go to my favorite waterin' hole. An' try to drink my pain away, yeah good luck wit' that damned healin' factor. I'll be here fer another hundred years or so, I knew this was comin' and I tried ta not get emotionally involved. Well that's it no more lettin' people get close I'm keepin' everyone at arms length like the old days.

I smell the scent of Brut after shave, an' leather Freakin' Daredevil. “A have three seconds to step back bub."

“Go to hell Logan She died because you pushed her away if you didn't..."

I Punch him in his pompous face, and then knee him in the gut. After tossin' him through a table, I grab onto to his arm and break it in two places. I pop the claws. An' let him hear them. “Next time ya get in my face I use these got it?"

He just moans in response. At that moment Chuck calls me up with his mental powers. I race to the scene to find him surrounded by Biker wannabes, and Mystique.

I tear through the losers like they butter, well their guns any way, the Prof is still squeamish about the sight O' blood. After I take care O' her flunkies, Mystique gets pretty talkative. Though I do hope one O those losers, tries to get up, or Darkholme goes after me or chuck 'cause I could lil' more anger management wit' my fists.