Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The bad guy behind it all.

Parker had left me without directions to the wharehouse I found it eventually. I woulda found it sooner, but After he left me in the dust I called Wonderman, and told him That Spider-man wanted to hang out with him.

He screeched like a flamin' schoolgirl. Apparently no one wants to be around Simon Williams I wonder why. After that I tell the loser , if he plays his cards right he may have a shot at Mary Jane. Yeah this'll probably end in May Parker beatin' 'im up.

I get there not able to to contain my laughin'Any way the fight starts with the loser Spider-men. I take down the one that poisioned me though I didn't kill the punk.

PArker and me took down a couple O' others. The we ask the Scientist who was makin' the losers who paid 'im Well Parker did I was gettin' close to a
Bezerker Rage.

It's been a stressful last few days fer the ol' Canuckle Head what can I say? The geek finally coughed up his employer, Wilson Fisk The Kingpin. So Spider-man swings to Stark Tower while I drive my bike.

We get to his office , and he's got two costume jockeys wit' him Tombstone, and Electro.

" Why did yer guy stab me wit that venom barb tubbo?" I growl.

He just arrogantly looks at me like I was nothin'. " You were just at the right place , at the wrong time Mutant."

" Aw if you missed me Kingie " Jokes Spider-man " You didn't have to make a whole bunch of lame ripoffs of me . You could have called or written."

Kingpin crushes his desk. " You've humilated me, mad me look weak in front of the other crimelords for the last time Spider-Man."

" Temper temper." Parker just never stops. " your liable to bust a blood vessal, or have to redcocrate your entire building."

" Kill them." the fatman orders to his goons. PSpidey keeps jumpin' over the pale freak Tombstone's fists. Meanwhile while I'm goin' fer Fisk. Electro zaps me I start gon fer him but the shocks start fryin' my insides .

I drop to my knees from the pain, then I start crawlin' towards 'im.

" Yeah!" He rants "I'm gonna get my rep back! I'm going to be the man that killed Wolverine!"

This one of the times metal bones are not a good thing. All the electricity is conductin' through the adamntium. Outta deperation I claw the floor beth me until it gives way.

I let my self fall int the hole, and catch a rafter on the way down . O' course the sttogee puts his head in the hole expectin' me to have fallen.all the way down. I grab 'im an' toss 'im in a fish Tank.

His powewrs an' water don't mix well, so goes out like a light. I crawl outta the floor, and charge fat boy.

" You think me an easy target huh midget? Well I'll show you I'm no push over." He grabs me faster than one would think he could an' he start squeezin'.

" Why are your bones not cracking?" he shouts.

" Ever hear of adamantium Bub?" I grin. I break his grip

" How " he whines.

" I've fought the Hulk big boy, Ya maybe big but ya ain't The Hulk."

He pulls a gun an' shoots me I go into a bezerker rage, And when the red haze subsides The fat man is all slashed up. But he's still alive. I'm about to remedy that when a web catches me .

" I thought you were busy." I snort.

" What tall pale and gruesome? " He smirks under that mask I know it." He was easy enough to beat." I hear police sirens in the distance, I ain't got enough time to fight Spider-man then waste the Kingpin before they get here.

I also don't wanna fight the NYpd, or play twent questions So I cut my losses an' go.

The next day. A kletter comes To Professor Xavie's office it's a subpeona. The king Wilson Fisk is suing him, and Wolverine , for assault and Mental anguish. The Professor just shakes his head.

The moment I got home I went into a healin' coma. I wake up about twelve hours later, The Beast Jumps up to me As I get outta my room lookin' fer Cornflakes and coffee.

" Logan Have you seen Laura yet?" he asks.

" No why?" I ask.

"Sabertooth mauled her.She almost didn't survive.but her healing factor saved her."

I push Hank outta the way. After visitin her for hours I finally leave to rest an let her Healin' Factor fix ' er up Creed's Gonna pay fer this!"

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Findin' this punk is harder than I thought.

After the weird meetin' at SHIELD HQ. Me an' Parker had no where to go In tour investigation. well except Parker makin' jokes about how I talk. Iafter all the time I known the guy he still thinks I'm dumb as a rock.

" Alright smart guy, Ya just keep yukkin' it up. I'll go to the local waterin' hole."

" This isn't the time to be drinking Logan." he chides me.

I puff a cigar. " Nah . Bub. Where I'm goin' all kinds O' low lifes hang out. I'm just gonna beat on'im a bit get some in for some info Maybe Ya should go get yer Spidey jammies eh?"

" Like you can talk with that yellow and Blue monstorsity you wear."

" Yeah . " I laugh. " Ya gotta admit though The brown one was pretty cool."

He had no answer fer that one. sow ego to this dive that I know pretty well. An' O' course all the lunatics attack Parker first. Ok So I asked him to wer the costume to distract evreyone. Eh I knew he was strong enough ta fight off these losers.

I took out some O' the stragglers. I find my favorit stoolie Sal. " Well Bub We meet again."

" Whwhat do you want Logan. " World Peace An' a new paintjob on my Motorcycle. But I'll settle fer ya tellin' me about some people that dress like my friend there."

" I dunno know anything about that Logan."


" Ok, Ok Some guy is paying a scientist from that whole Luthor evreyman project deal from a year back there workin' outta the Wein Claremont wahare house on the Wharf.

Well we gotta an idea where ta start. Hope parker ain't too sore Heheheh.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Wolverine and Spider-man team up begins.

Note: This happens before the November 14th edition Of TX : New Model.

I went with Carol to talk about. This whole kid thing. I still don't smell any pregnancy pheremones, but why would Carol lie? I think it's just I don't wanna smell 'em or somethin'.

Any way she gets all pissed off cause I ain't gonna marry her, she rips out the door O' the Truck I borrowed from Ice man . That's what ya get fer that damned DVD there Drake.

Very funny. When I get there I find Peter Parker, talkin' To Nick Fury.

" Here about the fake Spider-man too Logan?" Asks Nick " I hear you had a run in with it. That it poisoned you."

" Yeah I don't know what it was but It took a while fer the Ol'Mutant healing Factor to fight it off."

Parker looks rather grim" I have enough trouble with people trusting me, thanks to Jameson and his editorials I don't need some psycho running around killing, people dressed like me."

Fury interrupts" I just hope no one's making Spider Clones again." I see Parker shiver at that thought. " The kid here's been telling me That other Spidermen have been popping up, each one with more power than the last."

" Whatever. " I growl. "When I catch the guy, I'm gonna make Spider-Kabob."

" Slow down there short stuff." Quips Peter. " I want to find out where these posers are coming from, so at least wait until we find that out before you skewer him."

" Well You two seem to have this pretty much handled." Says Fury call SHIELD if you need us."

Now that don't sound like Nick at all. He's usually nosin' his way inta evreything we do. I better check my self for trackin' devices after I leave here. Spider- Man's sense thing will tell 'im if he's got anything stuck on him.

It looks like it's a team up. Look Out Ya fake we're comin' fer ya. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sunday, November 05, 2006


My Time At the Civil War Party.

Well Me and Ana Go to the party late. She modeled her dress And well just wanted ta get it off 'er.

I'm mindin' my business, stayin away from Veg head outta respect fer Spider-man since he don't want any fightin' at the party. I'm drinkin' a beer, when Carol comes up.

" Logan I have something to tell you ...."

" Look darlin'" I answer. " What happened to between us was a mistake. I was drugged by this damned fake Spider-man . I didn't know what I was doin.' "

" I'm pregnant." she states simply. She shows me the papers. Oh Hell. Funny though she don't smell like she's gotta kid, Maybe it's too soon. I go over to get me a beer This ain't what I wanted to hear today , or ever.

When I get to the Beer I find Josh Foley an' Kon-El.

" What are ya kids doin'? That stuff ain't fer ya."

Elixir backs off but that damned cocky S kid. Just grins at me. " Who's gonna stop us from drinkin' it short stuff you?"

Stupid kid. He was actin' better than this before he died, Now he's bein' a complete jerk. Looks like I'll have to give him an attitude adjustment. I pop the claws just to put a scare in him.

He grabs my hand faster them I can see. When did this kid get superspeed? Next thing I know I'm thrown in a trash can. He crushes it around me. Damned boy. When I get outta this He's gonna get it.

As I'm strugglin ta get get my claws into a position, where I can use'em. ta slash out. I hear a very familiar voice.

" Well Bub That's where ya belong." I look out through a hole in the can. Sabertooth.

" Oh don't get up on my account there Logan. Or should I be callin' ya James these days? It don't matter none. You'll be just as dead, no matter what ya call yerself. But first I'm gonna rip up them Frails of yers. I heard from across the room yer gonna be a Daddy Ya know I can't allow that now don't ya." He starts laughin'

"Carol'd kick yer ass Creed!" Alright I'm finally startin ta get outta this stupid thing.

" Heh , When she's 9 or 8 months preggo? I doubt it. I'll just wait 'till then. In the mean time though, I'll take out those I missed Like X-23, The boy that weapon x's has been keepin' Then I think I'll gut That Shi chick , Maybe even her lil' protege friend too. Ya know The Cajun couldn;t stop me if he wanted too. Then finally when ya got no one left , then I'll finally take ya out. Later Logan, oh and Happy Birthday."

I break outta the can, and Creed is long gone. Dammit. He always does this. Like he did to Silver Fox. Any time I seem ta get any happiness he comes along and and destroys it. Not this time I'm gonna gut that slime ball.

On the way out Creed glares as Carol Danvers and points his claws at her,and Ana then makes a cutting motion at his throat.

I look around for Laura. I find her messin' around wit' some devil boy . " Hey Boy get away from her." At this moment I realize that dress she's wearin is way to revealin'. "

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" Who the Hell told ya that dress was good Idea?" I yell.

" Emma." She answers. Why ain't I surprised. It don't matter I'll deal wit' her after I deal with devil boy.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Chasin' The Destroyer

I was drivin my bike after the Destroyer Armor.

Iceman, and Rouge weren't with me for some reasonI found it havin' some kind O' Rampage In the Middle O' New York. I pop my claws and get ready to attack when I notice he's fightin'' the Vegeta that wears red, y'know the guy whom claims he's behind the Civil War?

His skanky Version O' Bulma was blastin' the Armor with some kind O' Weapons. Naked Fer some reason. An' Mystique was runnin' from the scene in some other shape. I have no idea what they were doin' there wit' the Destroyer, but I do know This couldn't happen to two nicer people. I think I'm gonna sit back and watch this beatin' that these two psychos have comin'.
Maybe while they're fightin' out, I'll figger out a way to put all O' em down fer good