Thursday, May 22, 2008


finally some action.

Wanda teleported we to of all things a Shia'r ship. But oddly she was gigglin' about somethin'. “What is it?'

"I've been sending Chroma and Koma on a little side trip. All over the Earth."

I laugh. “I like how ya think."

Storm though not so much. “Stop wasting your energies!" Storm orders; bring our 'allies' here now!"

Cyclops Orders, “Let’s split up gang!"

“Mon ami we’re on a Shi'ar ship." Gambit explains.

“Yeah what's the point is splitting up if we can just go to the control room?" Iceman asks. “And why did you just sound like Fred from Scooby Doo?"

“You’ll do what I say!" Scott cries and runs off somewhere.
Storm rolls her eyes “Ignore that fool."

Meanwhile Wanda and Chroma Argue wit' each other. "I'm going to kick you in the head!"

“Wanda laughs.” You can try but will find yourself as Darkseid's new harem girl if attempt it."

Storm fires a thunderbolt between ‘em “Stop acting like children! We shall go to the control room and see if these Shi'ar can help us in our quest for the Professor!"

It turns out Lilandra was in charge O' this ship. An' O' course wit' her relation ship wit' Chuck she was more than willin' to help out.

Emma locks on ta Chuck's brain patterns and we find this ship that looks like a flamin' giant spider. While the Lilandra Demands Chuck's brain be returned to her we X-men sneak on board though Koma insisted this time he do the Portin'.

This weird robotic voice greets us. “Did you misanthropes truly think you could trick one of my intellect?" It was that weird brain in the jar and his babe with a very unfortunate haircut. “I knew you would try something like this while I was distracted by the bird people. Now face the power of my henchmen!"

Drake laughs. "What henchmen?"

“Pocket android henchmen just add water!" The Gun Chick sprays these capsules with water and they grow inta gigantic fighters. I pop my claws " Finally some action!"

I was tagged for a meme by Novy here it goes.

1. Ten years ago I was:

Wearin' A brown, and tan costume and bein' annoyed by Kitty Pryde and her Pitor crush.

2. Five Things on Today's To Do List

1 Avengers meetin'

2 Dangeroom trainin'

3 At least fifteen teamups wit' everyone from Spider-man ta to that Flamin' Power Pack.

4 Gettin' some new recruits inta shape.

5 Stuffin' Deadpool in that crate to send to Vegeta. He can annoy him for a while.

3. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:

Clone my self so marvel would qui sendin' in 50 places at once.

4. Three Bad Habits:

Smokin' cigars.


makin' fun O Scott

5. Five Places I've lived:



New York


The Savage Land

6. Five Jobs I've had in life:



coal miner


CIA agent

Okay that's done who should I tag? Screw it I'm gonna throw down with some instant henchmen.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


the lady in scarlet

I was walkin'well sort O' runnin' to get Scott away from me my every instinct was to kill him after he cuddled me when I was knocked out. "Logan you have to believe me I thought you were Jean!"

“Yeah ya huggin' me again Bub!" I shout.

A female voice wit' a bit of an accent says, “So that is why you haven't called huh Logan?"

I already know from her smell its Wanda Maximoff. AKA the girl I dated When me an' Ana broke up, AKA the Scarlet Witch.

“Nah, it's what I caught you an' Quicksilver doin' that one day."

She started laughin' hard. “Ha! Just because my brother is a deviant does not mean I am. He tried to do something, but I did not let him in fact I turned him into M.O.D.O.K.'s love slave for a week after that. I was a little afraid it was something else, I understand why you had to avenge Ana's death but I was hoping you still did not have feelings for her."

My silence said a little too much I think. She put her hands on her hips. “Am I the 'rebound woman?’ “She glares.” It is okay to tell the truth, I will not transform you into anything."

“Truth is darlin' I'm still sortin' it out, but a should know I always had a thing fer redheads, and I woulda asked ya out sooner but ya were with the robot, then Wonderman fer whatever reason."

She rolls her eyes “Do not remind me he is not a Wonder if you get my drift. Fine Wolverine we will take it one day at a time."

The other X-men finally find us with Koma and Chroma. “What is Magneto's daughter doing here?" Chroma asks.

"Who is this person?" Wanda grunts.

“That’s the girl that kicked Logan in the in the baby maker!" Scott happily blurts out.

“She did what? You, you Toad!" Then Chroma became a little metal amphibian Koma began to shout until Wanda put her hand into a hex position.

“Well that is ah...if she apologizes will you turn her back?"

A little smile appears on Wanda's face and, and Chorma is back to normal. “I would suggest you keep your hands to yourself from now on 'Chroma'. Now that that's out of the way would you explain why the X-jet just blew up over New York?"

Storm brought Wanda up to date on the whole brain stealin' thing. Wanda then sat Indian style on the ground and when Cyclops laughs at her a bird start peckin' at his face.

Scarlet Witch screams. "I have found Xavier! Gather closer to me X-men!" Next thing we know this weird mist gathers around us, and then all of the sudden we're some where else.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


dead again.

We were goin' to find Chuck along wit'Koma and franken Chuck. to get the Prof back from bein' a brain in a jar When the Flamin' X-jet blew up this happens way too often.

Next thing I know I'm in a field O' flowers and sunshine. Great I'm flamin' dead again. Wonder how long it'll last this time. I hear this haunting voice. " James yur lady is needin' yur help lad. "

I see a red head that looks like Jean I seatrch my memories. " Rose."

" Yes James, I am far past any pain, but Ana is not she is bein' used as a slave for Lady Death. You can save her James, you and the man wit'no identity, and no face. "

Next thing I know I see Ana bein' forced ta kill fer lady death, I run to her yellin' " I love ya." When I hear this man voice say "I love you too!"

I wake up with Scott huggin' me. " What the Flamin' hell are ya doin?" I yell pushing him off.

" Um ah nothing I must ... have been knocked out and thought you were Jean."

" Suuure." I get up outta And start sniffin' out the other X-men. Looks like we landed in New York City. I hope I find 'em soon Hell I don't care if I find Koma or his way to cutley named third rate Colossus girlfriend Chroma. Chroma and Koma? their names rhyme an evrething.

Because If I don't find someone soon I'm gonna kill Scott. In fact I may just do it on principle. At least this keeps my mind off what I saw in my near death experience. Oh great Scott's gettin' too close again looks like I gotta punch him.

Great an' now he's cryin'.I hope I find somebody or someone finds us, this is gettin' annoyin'.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Rishou goes ta throwdown city

I went to Kyoto with Batman, after knockin' some pesky ninjas around. He found the Question who was pointin' at a wall. “Ana! She's back!" I roll my eyes looks like the faceless wonder has finally went over the deep end. Then again Jean Grey comes back from the dead at least once a week.

I tear my way through the wall. I don't find Ana I find some Japanese guy rippin' inta Laura and yellin' "Why won't you die?"

I slash the bastard in his back and he bulks up all the sudden to Hulk like muscle. But he ain't as strong as the Hulk still he's damn strong as he tosses me through a table I slash Laura free and ad we both jump 'im when Bats yells “No Killing!"

He throws gadgets that stun the freak and then tries to stun him with nerve punches. That doesn't work and as he's knocked back he lands on his feet I elbow the freakin' billionaire, in the nose.

“Ya served yer purpose bub, now stay outta the way while I and Laura kill this bastard.” We both tore inta him but he's so Flamin' strong, that hit didn't exactly kill him just seemed ta piss 'im off. “You don't understand! If I kill the women I'll become a god!"

“Whatever psycho! Ya may be good but I'm the best!" He runs after the Question draggin' us both, the faceless weirdo takes out some kinda souped up gun and shoots a big hole in Rishou's chest I slash into the hole tryin' ta get to some organs. My claws end up stuck in the guys wound.

The guy falls out though the wall, and he crushes us through the street and we all fall into the sewer. The impact at the ground knocks us inta the dirty water Rishou slumps off bleedin' " Laura get up kid we're gonna finish him off."

But we find 'im with his head slashed off and the cut looks a Katanas had done it if I didn't know better, I'd said it was Shi that did And Question was sayin' that too but he kept sayin' he saw her and she was right there. Yup he's flipped.

"Dad do ya think it's possible?" Laura asks.

“Nah. The faceless guy is just crazy. He probably sees ghosts everywhere." Now That' Ana's avenged I can move on the weird dude was gonna die any way I'll just say I softened him up fer whoever took 'im down. Ya know I shoulda just went fer the sex and not get emotionally involved well live an' learn.

I just get settled back at the X-mansion when I find Captain Koma and some chick in a buggy car. And it turns out the chick is some kinda Colossus clone great first they clone a girl version O' me now Petey? What the flamin' hell! Whatever Koma and, and Petey wit' a uterus have done somethin' ta Chuck and they're gonna pay.