Friday, April 28, 2006


Bored in th' ship

I don't like bein' cramped. There is nothin' to do on this ship. I can' wait till we get ta Corasant. I think about interrogatin' Corsair some more. But Magdelena alrady beat me ta it. I was so bored I interuppted Maggie an' Xavier, just ta get 'em mad.

I have no idea why Scott had ta interrupt too. Either he's bored or dumb. I guess I can see what's in this room, what th' Flamin' ! the wires are attackin!

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Ok do not go in there.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Interrogation Logan style

Richards got me an' several X-men, ta the Kree empire. Once there I called in a favor. Y a see I saved captain Marvel form th' Super Skrull sometime back. We get there an, help Chuck defeat Gladiator , an his guardsmen.

After the' Battle which Chuck describes pretty well in his blog. Charlie want ta know where Corsair, hid some sapphire. Alright time fer me ta get tha' truth outta him. I put my claws in his face. Pop ' em in an' out a few times.

Then I ask " Where's th' jewel Bub? "

" I don't know what your talking about!"

" I smell yer lyin'." I put my claws pretty close to his eyes. " They say confession's good fer the soul, I think ya should listen to 'em."

" Scott ! Help get this Madman away from me."

Cyclops had his fingers in his ears and was lookin' away. " I slash at him cutting his moustache in half and leavin' a small nic on his face. Th' big bad pirate wet 'himself.

" Ok ! Ok ! I did have it, but Hepzibah stole it from me."

" Honor among thieves eh? " I sheathe my claws. " I think maybe ya give Xavier some ideas on where ta find her don't you?"

He starts babbling to the Chuck. " was that necessary?" asked Magdelena.

" Well ya know how Charlie hates ta pull thought outta people's minds. " sides where's th' fun in bein' gentle?"

" That's not what I meant Logan. I meant did you have to be so gentle with him , my skin still crawls from where that perv touched me."

" Heh Next time Ya get ta interrogate 'im Maggie."

" Deal."

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Now th' rescue

I turn ta see Hand Warriors surrondin' me . " Alright ya pajama wearin' punks! Where's Ana?" "We have no idea, gajin dog! We are here to kill you!"
So they're just after me they have nothin' ta do with Shi's kidnapping. I gotta put 'em down fast, Then find who really took her.

Me against a whole bunch O' Ninjas piece a cake.

After I finish wit' them I follow Shi's trail. There's a bunch 'o guys hangin' around with this guy beats on her. I could go subtle, an' sneak up on 'em. Or I can bull my way in an rip 'em all a new one.

Ya all knew which I chose I guess. I jump through tha window. In tha surprise , I take out a few of ' em. Then tha rest shoot me. It didn't tickle but I was alright. My healin' factor would kick in pretty soon. I cut through them but while I was takin' out the boss, escapes.

I get Shi outta there .

But before I do I find a clue so it was Yakuza. I take her back to th' mansion. " Why can't I go back to my place." Shi asks. " It's kinda messed up darlin'. " She sneers at me. " I don't believe this! You destroy my place even when I'm not there!"

"It wasn't me this time it was th' Hand. "

" But they were after you weren't they?" she said before she passed out. I told Rouge to watch out fer her while we were off ta find Chuck in the Shia'r Empire.

I look outside Ah it looks like Dr. Richards pulled through.


Is everyone gettin' kidnapped?

Shi is denyin' th' good time she had wit me huh? Well these pics don't lie Darlin.'

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Not that it matters any way, I can't stay tied down fer to long . Well As ya probably read in Chuck's blog. Gladitor took 'im. He told me telepathically that he had a tracer on 'im self. So Beast was trackin' him. Now we needed someone wit' a spaceship.

I told Storm 'bout this well because Scott doesn't do well under pressure, hasn't since Apocalypse took over his body that time. 'Ro went about contactin' Reed Richards. While I went ta tell Ana I was leavin'

I find only her necklace, and smells I know all to well, the' smells o' Hand ninja.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Doc Samson oh joy

Xavier has been havin' problems wit' me messin' wit' Shi. After talkin' ta me in his office, I thought it was over. I was wrong. Seems Scott though it would be a great idea ta call a shrink fer me. A course it had ta be Doc Samson.
I dunno why every one calls him I mean look how his therapy has helped th' Hulk

If ya wanna know all Hercules did was say"hi." An' this was last week . Well Samson asks If there's some place we can I tell him the Dangeroom. When he walks in I turn on the team scenario. It takes it while but th' room beats Samson.

Then It was time ta give 'I'M a new haircut. I pop my claws an' well take look.

I was tryin' ta make his hair look like mine , but he squirmed so much he ended up lookin' like Vegeta. I left him in there ta keep fightin, the Dangeroom. When I smell a familiar scent Gladiator!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Back home

After Messin' with Shi a little at her gallery, I drive home. An' guess who's the first to greet me? Cyclops sayin' I messed up his bike. I don't know how I could have done that since I've been, fighting Dracula, visiting the Oike Gallery , then the Hellfire Club.

I see the Wreakage an' smell Shi's scent all over it. Hahahahahaha! " Look Bub, that wasn't me now get outta my way!"

" I'm going to teach you to respect me Logan!" He says in a wat too high voice.

I spread my arms "I'm right here Scott, first shot's free. He looks at me then chokes an' says " Now is not the time . " Then he runs away. Wow that was... intrestin'. I walk into my room ta find Fred the Fox drinkin' my beer.

" uh oh. " he said. " What are you going to do?"

" Nothin' I think the hangover your gonna get is punisnment enough, now get out!"I Start to drift off to sleep, when the Elf telports in. " Mein Freund you have to hide me! Hudson is outside!"

I look out the window and see this.

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"What the Flamin'! Why is he dressed like that?"

" Maybe he is how you say drunk."

" That'd be the only reason for that. !"

I tell Kurt to hide in the Dangerroom. Then I walk down the satirs and watch Charlie, show Hudson what a kid between the two would look like. I decided this was enough of this I walk up to him an' say. " Um Bub, Kurt or Nightcrawler is a man. "

His face turns a shade, then it gets a pretty funny expression " Uh I gotta go.... yeah. " As he walks away I hear him whisper" Oh Game over man." Well Kurt don't have to worry about that no more. Now maybe I can get some sleep.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Shi really messed this up

I was sneakin' through Drac's American base ,andI was thinnin' out some of his servants when Shi, jumps in through the Flamin' window screamin' And cutting down vampires O' course this gets Vampi all upset , and we fought.

" Look Darlin' I ain't here to hurt ya. just Vlad. "

" He's my master you have to go through me first."

" Fine then. " I cut a tendon in her leg an' go for Vlad. Shi cheapshots me, and cuts my throat. The whole time she's tellin' me how I was sloppy, and messin' this up. While I was healin' the vamps get away.

She goes after them. I start Huntin' them down again. when I found Vlad's scent I hear, " Good Morrow Master Patch."

Ah no! Bloodscream!

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Blood scream is one O' my sparring partners from my days in Madripoor. I 've never been to sure what he is. He claims to have been a pirate who sailed with Sir Fracias Drake. Then was turned into this thing, by a witch doctor.

I don't believe this story. Because he ain't no normal vampire he touches ya, your blood comes through your skin. Also ya can't kill him with nothin' but metal that wasn't made by a human. Meanin' my claws are useless.

I fought him for as long as I could , but I passed out from the blood loss. I wake up my head hurtin' and Dracula laughin' at me. Last time I saw 'scream he and his runnin' buddy Roughouse, were workin' for one o' Spider-man's mob enemies. What's his connection to Dracula?

Any Shi shows up actin' all superior, an" rescues" me. Yeah right, I ain't got no trouble lookin' out for my self. Shi suggets teamin' up. I agree just so I can watch her, an make sure she don't screw up again.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Goodbye Vlad.

I was Huntin' for the talking fox that bit me. I finally found him, when I hear Chuck's voice in my head. "Logan I need to see you in my study."

" But..."

" Now Logan!"

Ok now I was angry. I open the door to his office nearly pulling it off it's hinges. " What's so Flamin, important? "

" Close the door, I don't want anyone to hear this. "

" Sounds serious Charles. What's goin' on?"

" Logan you know why I keep you on the X-men."

" Marvel marketing?"

" No because you will do, what the others will not, in fact it's what you do best. "

" Ya want me to off someone."

" Vlad Dracula, as you may know has brainwashed Vampi. She's killed two innocent women. Maybe if Dracula dies. she will be freed from his control."

I absorb what Chuck just said. " You still have a thing for her huh?"

" No, but she is my friend I can't stand to see her suffer. I know she'll carry the guilt of her actions for the rest of her life. I know this will be dangerous , but you thrive in those type of situations. "

"Do you know where he is?" I ask.

"Yes I've found him and Vampi with Cerebro. They are in a private mansion outside the state with many servants."

" Now we're talking Bub! I won't wear my costume and I'll go there on my bike. Let's not get the X-men involved if I screw this up."

He gives me the address, Now I'm leavin' to show Vlad why I'm the best there is at what I do.

Friday, April 14, 2006


The party

The party started off well enough, I caught Vegeta tryin' ta sneak a potion in my beer. Jon the Intergalactic gladiator asked me about my immunity to potions because of my Healin' factor. Well I'm not immune, I'd only be affected a few minutes, though by that time someone would break out a flamin' camera phone take a picture of whatever I turn into, then put it on the web.

Those things are everywhere. Any way I punch Vegeta fer that . He yells " That was a cheap shot Wolverine!" Then it was on, we smash through half the building several x-men dodgin' us . Some point we smash into Petey. He falls down the stairs. After this I think Chuck said "I am throwing this party so we can unwind." I smile at him and say " This is how we unwind." he gets this tired look on his face.

We end up smashing from the top floor, I fall inta the the pool, he floats down. " Had enough yet rodent?" he smirks at me. " Not even Bub! " I yell. I pop my claws and run at him At the last second his wife runs in between us.

" I see how it is . "I laugh. " Ya need ta hide behind the little woman. " He gets all red faced then says " Bulma! This does not concern you!" She sighs and gets out of the way, this time when I almost claw him I end up floatin' in midair.

" Why don't you children behave yourselves!" Yelled Gaia. " I'm not in the mood to be fixing all the damage you two are creating!" After she leaves Vegeta asks " What's with her?" From nowhere Gambit and Cyke are cryin' Cyke says " My son asked to marry her " , and she's didn't say anything.

" Cain' t dey see dey are a beautiful couple." whined Gambit. And 'o course Bulma has guess what a camera phone, with video no less, she's recordin' this cry fest. It made me sad to be on a team wit ' these jokers.

" Did she say no or something?" asked Vegeta " or are these two overemotional?" " The second she's thinkin' about it. " I say. "Not that I can say anything , every woman I date ends up dead."
as we watch them passing out tissues Vegeta says " We'll fight some other time I have things to do."

" Whatever." I say. I go back in throw back some brews, then this American Idol reject starts cauterwalin' hurtin' my ears. After his set, me and Havok lock him in a closet. I think I heard all the stupidity I would hear all night until flamin' Dracula tries to recruit for his legions of the night.

I pop my claws in his face and say" I'm in enough teams already." He goes away with the usual " you shall rue the day " speech. All in all it turned out ta be a fairly fun party , not as enjoyable as the one where I fought Hercules, but still pretty entertainin'.

This morin' I snuck inta Vegeta's house and re decorated his room wit' a bunch o' my action figures, there's like 500 mes waitn' for him when he comes back. Heh! Heh! Wait a minute, I wonder if anyone let the "singer" out?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Cassandra Nova's Back

AS you may have read from Chuck's blog Cassandra Nova is back. Could she be why Kurt seems to have forgotten the X-men? Or why I seemd to forget him? Or is this one another double?

I looks like we have ta let, Chuck an' Hank figure this one out. I hate waitn'. I want ta sink my claws inta Nova now! I wish the big bad would just go ahead an' show up already!

Monday, April 10, 2006


Savin' an Elf

I was ridin' around in In NewYork, My new bike was was handlin' well. I drove past some thugs beatin' on some Mutant. I looked at their coats , Friends Of Humanity . I hate thos punks they had an Inhibitor collar on the poor mutie.

I lost it. I slashed through all thier little blasters. A few hit me but my Mutant Healin' Factor took care of that. They ran off like scared cats, after seein' I wasn't goin' down. Some o' them wet thier pants. I checked the other Mutant and he was still breathin'.

" Hey Bub! you okay?" I ask.

" Gutentaug, I an Kurt Wagner, but in the Circuis I was known As Nightcrawler."

" C'mon Elf. Get on the bike I know somone who helped me when I was nothin' more than a wild animal ragin' against the world . He can help you too."

" I am not an ' Elf.' I am Kurt...."

" I know get on I cut off the collar and he disappeard in a puff o' smoke with the smell o' brimstone. He reappeared on th' Bike . Why does he seem so familar?"

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I'm bloggin' now

We just got back from the Dark Phoniex mess to find two Jeanies in the Mansion. This is gettin' weirder an' weirder. I decide ta leave it to the big brains. I go walkin' ta a bar. Then the strangest thing happens.

Emma Frost or someone who looks jus' like her Comes runnin' up ta me. The she looks and says " Your not Logan." I was about ta say jus' cause I got all my memories back, don't mean ya I ain't Logan. " When she runs off.

I don't know what's goin' on here. But I know it's somethin' off.