Sunday, April 16, 2006


Shi really messed this up

I was sneakin' through Drac's American base ,andI was thinnin' out some of his servants when Shi, jumps in through the Flamin' window screamin' And cutting down vampires O' course this gets Vampi all upset , and we fought.

" Look Darlin' I ain't here to hurt ya. just Vlad. "

" He's my master you have to go through me first."

" Fine then. " I cut a tendon in her leg an' go for Vlad. Shi cheapshots me, and cuts my throat. The whole time she's tellin' me how I was sloppy, and messin' this up. While I was healin' the vamps get away.

She goes after them. I start Huntin' them down again. when I found Vlad's scent I hear, " Good Morrow Master Patch."

Ah no! Bloodscream!

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Blood scream is one O' my sparring partners from my days in Madripoor. I 've never been to sure what he is. He claims to have been a pirate who sailed with Sir Fracias Drake. Then was turned into this thing, by a witch doctor.

I don't believe this story. Because he ain't no normal vampire he touches ya, your blood comes through your skin. Also ya can't kill him with nothin' but metal that wasn't made by a human. Meanin' my claws are useless.

I fought him for as long as I could , but I passed out from the blood loss. I wake up my head hurtin' and Dracula laughin' at me. Last time I saw 'scream he and his runnin' buddy Roughouse, were workin' for one o' Spider-man's mob enemies. What's his connection to Dracula?

Any Shi shows up actin' all superior, an" rescues" me. Yeah right, I ain't got no trouble lookin' out for my self. Shi suggets teamin' up. I agree just so I can watch her, an make sure she don't screw up again.

Hmm, I hope Dracula didn't poison you with vampirism. An undead Wolverine would really hurt our marketing revenue.
You have this all wrong.... You were sneaking? sneaking?
My chlidren didn't argue this much, when they were little.
Nah My Mutant healin' factor took care of it chuck.

Shi I'm a better ninja thaen you'll ever be.

Vegeta shut up
Somehow, I imagine that a mutant who rarely bathes, smokes like a chimney, and had bones laced with adamantium is about as sneaky as a Run DMC concert.
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