Monday, September 29, 2008


X-23: I didn't kill West!

At Ice Station Zero Chuck keeps annoying me.

"Laura tell me what happened one more time."

"What flaming difference will it make Chuck?" I glare.

He rubs his temples. “Logan being a young woman's role model... Well at least she isn't aping his accent anymore. Laura please indulge me."

“Sigh. Fine." I roll my eyes." We were at the hovercraft he was staring at my chest I pop my claws next I thing I know. I wake up in the snow the craft was damaged beyond repair, and Rosen was nowhere to be seen maybe his people beamed him back to his planet of origin."

"That's not funny Laura." Chuck gripes.

"We'll just have to disagree there bub."

“Well he did sign the release so we won't be held responsible unless you killed him... you didn't did you?"

“For the last time no!" I growl.

“Very good you'll be flown home now."

It didn't help that Elixir was the pilot on the way home, who let him fly a Blackbird by the way? He kept asking over, and over again “did you kill him? Did you kill him?"

I was so glad to lock myself in my room at the mansion, and not have to listen to the flaming questions anymore. I was finally starting to relax when Dust asks ' Did you kill him?" GRRRRR.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My Amr pov

Ya know I love the Amazing Mutant Race. but this year once again, I am placed wit' Vegeta. And People think I'm psychotic? This guy is nuts.

So far he's used me as Wendigo bait.

His stupid yellin' made a whole pack O'em shows up. But does he have ta worry about it? Noooooo! He's a flamin' alien. They don't wanna eat him. Me on the other hand...

Worse than that when we finally catch a Wendigo he throws away a perfectly good moose that I killed ta eat. Ya know Veg head ain't the only problem. My daughter Laura is teamed wit' some weird kid who keeps droolin' over her.

Not that I like the Mini- Iron Man she's been datin' but c'mon he's another version O' Tony Stark, he'll move on when he sees the next pretty face. Ya know I ain't sure which one's girlier West or Vegeta's devil grand kid...

Oh yeah no contest...HS wins the girlie prize. Nay way now we got some network exec bothering us... " It's one thing you two destroyed the SUV , and the Android camera man we gave you... when the two of you get together you become even more destructive than normal that's why a human camera man wouldn't work with you, but did you have to burn down the forest and kill this Wendigo?"

"That Wendigo ain't dead bub." I explain.

“The two of you slammed a giant hole through its chest... you were told to incapacitate it not kill it!" He shows us the footage.

“Ya can't kill the damned things. The curse don't let ya go that easy. It'll regenerate soon enough."

He starts pokin' the body still chained on top of the SUV with a stick. “I wouldn't do that if I were you bub."

“There’s nothing to worry about..."

He's interrupted by the sound of "WEEEEENNNNNNNDDDDDDIIIIIGGGGGGGOOOOOO!!!!!"

The beast starts thrashin' around tearing up the SUV a little more.

“Okay! Okay! It's alive take it to the cage please!" The exec shouts.

Me, and the damned Saiyan drag the chained up cursed creature now all I can do is wait fer the judgment.