Friday, April 27, 2007


X-23: My first mission as an Outsider.

So 'Wing wants me in this Outsiders group Eh? Ok I'll give it a shot. I dunno, But my little trip ta Hell seemed to up my,along with Nightwing's trainin' upped my confidence.

Though The Boudakai killed any relationship I had with HS. Maybe it's better any way. So a couple O' outsiders were playin' Jenga.

I watched ' em kinda bored. grace yelled out what I was thinkin' " When does the action start?"

" They'll be here!" Boomer reassures. " Now calm down It ain't like we're dealin' with geniuses here. "

I growl I fought that sex bot before she's deceptive. Though I haven't fought her as much as Logan has.Then she busts in on the on us with a big girl , big as in tall, who for some reason smells like a flamin' gorilla.

'Wing is mesmerized by the walkin' love toy , Why ain't I surprised? She stats yellin' at Boomer , callin' him a traitor and all kinds of fun words that well I usually hear comin' from Logan's room and that Shi Woman.

It's kinda funny that Lin Said somethin' about liken' Boomer. Sorry chick But unless ya gotta S on yer chest, and are Blond , And wear the tiniest skirt known ta man ya likely ain't gotta chance.

" Hey! Love doll! " I challenge " Remember me?"

" The nasty little she Wolverine? yeah I remember ! And I'm not love doll! I'm just an artificial person. "

" Yeah An' I ain't a clone I'm an artificially made person. Cut the PC crap!"

" EWWW!" the robot exclaims. " Your even beginning to talk like that runt now. But this is important I have to stop this power plant from being built."

I charge makin' her think I'm gonna attack me old way when she throw a punch i dode goin' fer her innards with my claws,I jump over a kick that would likely take my head off And try a few more times to claw her, Damn It can't get more than a nick or two on 'er. She's inhumanly fast.

Finally she gives up on fightin' me and zaps me with some kinda laser in the chest. I crawl inna corner until My Healin' factor kicks in. I open my eyes when the machine I'm sittng by is torn out by ape smellin' girl.

" You tried to hurt my friend now I'll hurt you! She made the mistake of puttin her face right next to me. Which I obligingly slashed for her. She holds her face Slammin' her big head into the roof.

She tries stompin' me ,and I leap outta harm's way. Do a cartwheel, and jump back after her when I land I cit her Achilles, tendon makin' her hobble around before Grace takes her down with her super strength.

Next I hear this all to familiar "Voip! " turn ta see some girl I don't know, Captain Koma, And Henchman! What is this flamin' ol' home week? Who's next? Magneto? TX?

Monday, April 23, 2007


This tournament is kinda fun.

I loved fightin' Veg Heads kid with the funny hair. Yeah I know what yer gonna say "they all have funny hair." I mean this one.

He thought he had me beat 'til I slammed the back O' his head with my Adamantium knee. Yeah It messed my knee up but messed the kid up more. It's a kinda arrogance these saiyans have when they fight me, they don't go super Well in this case it was the kid's down fall.

Next was me and Laura. Look's like Nightwing's trainin' has done the girl some good. I still beat 'er by poppin' my claws in'er neck. when her dumb boyfriend ran past streakin' . I woulda beat 'er eventually anyway, but this just made it easier.

Now I'm in the Semi Finals Eh? Who am I fightin'?

Why ain't I surprised? I guess it had ta come down to the two O' us sooner or later.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'm in some kinda freak tournament.

Ya know I ain't sure why the Flamin' hell I joined this little tournament. I think it's some kinda thing where Marvel wants me ta be everywhere. I mean I'm a loner , why else would I choose ta be in 50 teams unless it was in my contract?

Ya know I only get like 2 hours sleep a night. And how do I get ta all these these team meetings , and adventures, and the solo missions. I wish I knew bub, but it's all a blur.

Which leads us ta here. I'm fightin' a bald noselss dwarf thing , and it's kickin' my ass.

I guess much of the problem is the thing's just hideous. I don't wanna look at him ta fight him. The other thing is he was stronger, faster, then me with energy projection.

Thing is , I had worse. If ya want power, well I been hit by the Hulk. Speed? I've fought Speedemon , and Quicksilver. bein' hit by blasts, this weird freak ain't got nothin' on Vegeta, or Iron Man.

So I played opossum Letting' him think he was beatin' me. Yeah this only works if ya got a healin' factor or Are invulnerble or get off on pain. But as fast as midget is he was gonna get some shots in no matter what.

I did jump over this blade shaped blast thing though, I'd rather not be cut apart , or in half or whatever today noseless ugly monster. So there I am this thing starts bragging about me bein' overrated.

It can talk? I was gettin' used to the idea it was some kind O' trained super powered monkey . Well then I can do this without injuring it. ( it may have acid blood fer all I know.) I pop my claws and cut it's shirt.

It freaks out, an' runs to a medic it goin' outta the ring wins me the match. I really hope there ain't no more O' him. Not much surprises me anymore, but this thing is gonna give me nightmares.

So I go back to the stands an' Laura, tells me how she's gonna be joinin' the Outsiders.

" An' yer stayin' in the New X-men?"

" Yeah sure why not?"

Aw no. Like father like daughter.

" Ok fine , but ya can only do this if ya get yer home work done , and No more teams, there punkin. "

" Uh thats funny comin' from you." She laughs.

" Believe me ya don't wanna wake up one mornin' and find yerself on the Great Lakes Avengers. "

The look on her face tells me it what I said sunk in. Good. Now I'm gonna take a nap.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Laura's new teacher.

So When I get back to the Mansion I find there's a bunch O' messages on my machine. They're from Night wing O' the Outsiders. Am he wants ta train her. Am I a little apprehensive? Yeah. the guy's gotta rep as a ladies man, but than again so do I.

But since Laura's seventeen she's still my concern. So I watched in the shadows as she did her first day O' trainin'. he didn't try anythin' . he was actually professional.

So as he did his nightly rounds. I was about ta have a talk wit' him. when i notice some guy wearin' some kinda red helmet thing stalkin' him. As Nightwing fights a gang o' thugs. I challenge the weirdo.

" Yo! Whattya doin' here?"

" What are supposed to be? The Miniature version of the urban cowboy?"

" Funny Bub, Wanna know Who I am? I'll give ya six clues. " Snikt!

" Wolverine." He sighs. Then he starts shootin' me.

" If ya know who I am bub. ya should know bulletts can't kill me but they do tend ta make a body a might angry." I charge Him, and he uses moves Bat man used on me last time we fought.

Which 'gives red boy the same results, injured by a slash on the chest. he thows somethin' in my eyes. Arrgh! pepper! "Ok Ya little punk when My Healin' Factor Kicks in I'm gonna rip ya new one!"

" What are you talking about Logan?" A voice asks behind me. My Eys and nose heal. and I see Nightwing.

" Eh? Well Ya got a secret admirer in a Red Hood Boy Wonder. We just has a bit O' a tussle."

He sighs and Asks. " What are you doing here? This is about Laura isn't it?"

" Yeah." I answer.

" I thought it was weird you not showing up with her."

" I was there. Just ta make sure ya didn't try anything."

" Look I'm not that Hormone Kon-El...." He starts to protest.

" Well if ya try anything before she's 18. We'll meet again. An' remember I beat Batman."

" Fair enough. " he retorts. " so you don't mind me teaching her?"

"Nah. I' had a whole bunch O' sensei in my time. I'm actually proud ta know I'll only Be Laura's first teacher, and she'll look fer others. Well That is if she'll actually let me teach 'er anythin' Just remember hands to yerself bub!"

Now that I've given the boy fair warnin' I can go back to the mansion.