Sunday, October 04, 2009


Stupid talkin' mouse

Well that was a good one Vegeta pulled on me throwin' me inta the sun I'm gonna have ta think of somethin' to get him back for that one... yeah I know should call it even... but The ol' Caknuckle head just don't play that way.

Any way this talkin’ mouse thing came into the mansion today actin' like it owned the place.

“Ha-ha! You know my company bought Marvel right? Well haha since you X-men have contracts with Marvel we're going to clean up your act!" It gleefully chattered in a high pitched voice.

“First we're going to make Psylocke wear pants!"

Noooo! the only good thing about bein' in the gold team Psylocke leadin' ya get ta be behind her.

That ain't a bad view, certainly makes up for with havin' to work with Quicksilver. Now the one good thing has been taken away from me!

Betts gives me a sly grin “Don’t worry Logan you can see all you want later tonight."

My eyes go wide wait Psylocke is inta me I ain't had no clue my mood goes slightly better.. Until the mouse commands “No dating co workers! Not after all of those Vanessa Hudgins nude pictures. Hahaha!"

This makes me pop my claws, and some blonde fairy pops up and turns 'em inta deformed candy canes.

" Gah! The Flamin’... I'm a gonna ..." Before I get the threat out Chuck tells us all telepathically that his half brother... or is it his step brother? I've heard two versions anyway the Juggernaut was stompin’ through Broadway.

And Chuck was sendin' the Gold Team to take 'im down. We take the X-jet to the scene... Psylocke comes up with the standard plan Night Crawlers distracts him so Gambit, can blind him with his cards, then Iceman , can make him slip up where i can loosen the bolts o on his helmet with my left hand claws that are still Adamantium ,then Rouge, and Beast will pull off the helmet and Betts will finish him off with her psi knife.

Well that was the plan until Mickey Yelled “No! All this violence will just create more violence I demand that you hug him!"

Psylocke Argues with him but he's adamant, and threatens to have us all replaced with the Jonas Brothers, and the kids from High School Musical, so we end up huggin' the Juggernaut turns out he don't take too kindly to that, nor did he really like the bad touch Gambit gave him.

So Juggs smacked us all around stepped on my head, and made off with an armored truck that had about 5 million dollars in it. Damn If the Mouse is goin' to do this with all of us the only Superheroes who are gonna be effective are those DC guys.

I can't stand to have that smug boys cout and his pals have one over on us. I decided to go ,and drown my sorrows at the local pub where I ran inta Molucule Man who owed me a favor I cashed it in and had him turn the peppermint claws back into Adamantium.

As I was about to enjoy my drink, that damned fairy came back.

She turned my beer inta apple juice. The mouse giggles “You have to be a role model! oh, and I had Tink turn all of your nasty cigars into bubblegum!"

Arrrgh! I hate Bubble Gum! At that moment I snapped and calwed Mickey Mouse in the head. He didn't drop he just stood there bleedin'. He started laughin' creepily.
“Ha-ha! I'm powered by friendship, and and happiness your metal claws can't kill me Hahahaha! Now you're going to start acting right or I'll..."

I didn't let him finish his sentence I grabbed him up threw him inna box took it to UPS, and had him sent to Deadpool, hey Wilson thinks like a psychotic cartoon, he might enjoy the Mouse, or find a way to kill him.

Either way I'm takin' up Psylocke on her invitation tonight, and I won't have to deal with that mouse again... I hope.