Friday, July 28, 2006


An old enemy.

Last time I saw the Silver Samurai, I cut off his hand. It was right after M-day and I just had my memories returned. I wanted him to tell me where this mystic sword was being kept.

Then I ran around like a nut, in my old brown and tan costume and fought Capitan America, Nuke , an' some others. I was gettin' back at those who had wronged me , but also ended up havin' my own friends trust me a little less in the process.

Now the consequences O' my actions, are comin' back to haunt me. I was still a little groggy from the poison. An' he was kickn' me around. Makin' sure my healin' factor didn't have a chance to repair my wounds.

He used that energy power o his ta charge up his sword. He slices my guts. I grab his legs an ' pull im down. " Logan-san You do not fight me like you normally do. This was not the victory I envisioned over you, but I will take it!"

Ok time to fight back, use my other senses to figure out which of the three Kenuichio Haradas I was seein' was the real one. I used a flyin' spinkick knockin' him down. Meanwhile Ana was fightin' her old enemy.

Every once in a while I'd look over ta see how she was doin' that cost me. Samurai's swords went into my back. I slashed his hand. Yup just as I thought cybernetic.

" Arrrrgh! Again! You sever my hand!"

" What's wrong Samurai? Can't take it?"

" No. It will just make my victory all the much sweeter."

He starts teleportin' ' around usin' that ring O' his. Each new place he appears He slices me. I close my eyes and listen ther's a sound evrey time He telports . Also the smell o' ozone. When he pops up Again I attack

He puts up his other hand to block my claws. An I slash the ring, he starts teleportin'' like crazy . Then he just vanishes an' doesn't reappear. I look down an' my wounds start closin' also I notice I can see normally again. That's when Ana is knocked into the water. I jump in after her while Laura runs at Arashi.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Crappy surprises

( Continued from Shi

I found Laura an' Ana, and after I cooled off I helped her get the statues back. I called in some favors An we stuffed them in the cargo hold of a ship. Ana asked. "So are we ok now?"

" I dunno . Why did ya bring Laura along on this little pleasure cruise?"

" She wouldn't take no for an answer."

" I guess she gets that from this Canuckle head."

Then these goons jump offa the wharf on too the ship. They have these darts fulla poison I take most of 'em . I'm on my knees while they kick me . Shi an' Laura Start Slicn' through the ones that jumped 'em.

In in a few minutes I join the fun.

" What?" gasps a thug. We pumped you full of enough poison to kill an Elephant!"

" yeah bub, too bad elephants don't have mutant healin' factors." After we finish 'im off I hear clappin.' Arashi. " Well done Logan and Shi I must say I never in a million years would have thought of you two as a couple."

" So you want to finish our battle ?" Ana defiantly asks.

" Ah MS Shi I would love too, but I know that your mutant friend would come after me as well. That's why brought along someone to even the odds. "

Out from seemingly nowhere walks out the Silver Samurai. " You'll pay for taking my hand Gajin!" Free Image Hosting -

To be continued.

Friday, July 21, 2006


I hate airports

After Gettin' back from the Astral Plane, I checked my messages. Ana And laura went on some kind O' blood feud to Japan . The first thing I did was go to the Black birds Storm had a fit after she fell for Cyke's little distraction. Each and evrey one was trashed.

So I had ta book a flight ta Japan.Free Image Hosting -

The fun started when I passed the metal dectector and it kept beepin' evrey time I passed through, well no kiddin' I tell 'Im the metal is inside of me like a metal plate in somone's skull Air port security ain't havin' none o' that.
Free Image Hosting -

They Strip search me , the only good thing about this is they were hot babes.Free Image Hosting at

I tell'im "I ain't got time fer this ! " I walk to my flight in my skivvies. On the way there I show'im where the metal was by lettin'them x-ray my arm Rarrrrrrgh! Somone's gonna get hurt when I get ta Japan!

Thursday, July 20, 2006



( Continued from Pantha, Kodiak, and Superman's blogs )

I try ta clear my head after my little trip through memory lane. I thought I was hallucinatin'' when I saw Superman come inta this battle .

The Boyscout didn't look behind him when the Rouge, Colossus, Warbird, Shadow King , thing grabbed onto him. It started draining his power. I kick the weird combined person in the face.

Shadow king laughed. " That didn't even hurt."

I know it was settin' ya up fer this . " Ice man blasted the merger wit a rain of ice chunks knockin them away from mister red shorts.

I chuckle a bit " Nice work there boyscout. Ya really need ta watch where out at what's behind ya bub."

Cyclops laughs at me. " Wait! This coming from the man who was yelling for his daddy a while ago?"

I sock Scott in the jaw . Knockin' him out.

" Was that a smart move? " Questions Superman. " You just put one of your own out of the fight."

" Maybe it wasn't smart Bub, but Cyke's been askin' fer that fer weeks now."

Just then the shadow king/ merger thing started hollerin' like it was injured or somethin' somethin'. No!!! there's something wrong with Superman's energy arrrgh!

Colossus falls out first as he stumbles away. Carol an' Rouge separate.

Free Image Hosting -

Kodiak looks at Rouge with the Shadow King's looks " AW man! She's still freaky lookin' hey Logan how long does it take for powers too wear off from her? "

" Depends on how long she touches someone. "

" X-men ! " I hear Chuck sayin' in our minds. " Me and the Martian Manhunter can use or combined powers to defeat the Shadow King , but we need you too distract him . Carol has no problem attackin' Rouge those two have bad blood from way back.

Free Image Hosting -

Ice man was knocked out by a psionic blast an' stated sayin' " NOOOOOOOO! Not X-3 the official game! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

" Well it looks like he's outta the fight. "

I look over at Superman " Try ta keep up farm boy!"

He smiles " I was about to say the same thing , except for the Farmboy part."

We jump inta battle.

Free Image Hosting at <a" />

Sunday, July 16, 2006


He's tearin' apart my mind!

( continued from Martian Manhunter, Pantha,And Chuck)

The Shadow King grabbed me an' started messin' wit my mind.
Free Image Hosting -

Next Thing I know I'm relivin' my worst traumas. Voices went through my head.

" Welcome Wolverine you are now a servant of Hydra!"

" Logan is no more you are my horseman of Death!"

"Dr Cornelius! How's the Adamantium feed ?"

" The feed is no longer impeded sir! "

" Yes soon Weapon X will be ready!"

"James ! No Stop!"

" Rose Nooooo!"

Then next thing I know, I'm in a cabin in the Canadian wilderness. I'm a kid and I just got one hell of a beatin.' I lay there and People come up An' say stuff.

" Mr Howlett ? What happened here?"

Free Image Hosting -
" I don't know. Looks like a wild animal thrashed through here or more that one. You lad What's your name boy?"

" I dunno ."

" Sir? What's wrong with the boy's hands?"

I look down an' freak out.

Free Image Hosting -

" It's ok Son." says my father " What ever animal did this to your cabin did that tour hands. "

The other man exclaimed " Sir I could swear I saw bones pull themselves back in."

" That's insane Walston! I suppose we have to take the boy."

" What? But sir?"

We can't leave him out here to die in the wilderness, and until we find where he comes from My wife can believe he's our dead son James."

" Mr. Howlett, I know she's daft but would even she believe that?"

" One way to find out. Lad your name is James I'm your father."

I awake back in the Astral Plane what the Flamin'? I thought I was James Howlett . Was this some crazy illusion created by the Shadow King? Or do I still not know who I am ?Can't think o' this now. I gotta fight the Shadow King .

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Victory party.

Cyclops had a victory party, for the defeat of The Brotherhood. O' course He had ta get the worst singer he could find fer the entertainment. Justin Guarini. Damn sometimes better than normal hearin' is a curse.

Guests start pilin' in . Including one that looks like Lyndsey Lohan ? Uh-oh Party crashers. I get close enough to catch there scents. Just as I thought. Koma an' his buddy the Henchman. I sneak up behind them an' slam my fists into both their spines.

" Don't scream losers it's Wolverine. You two are gonna ta leave this party nice an' easy or I'm gonna pop my claws. "

Koma gulps in air his robo girl Says " Let my Komy go. Or I'll blast you."

" Go ahead, then you'll be responsible fer him eatin' through a straw. Ya see blastin' me will make my claws pop out. "

" I'm not kidding." she cheerfully exclaims.

I grin at her showing her my fangs. " Do you really wanna risk yer man's health Darlin? I'll heal he won't. Besides see the big red haired guy there?" I nod my head over to Kodiak. " The moment I get blasted he's gonna put ya in the scrapyard. But none O' that needs ta happen if ya leave now. "

Koma says almost cryin" Lin let's go!" The Henchman shakes his head. He glares at me. "This isn't over hairball."

" Ya know where I live bub. " I challenge.

" Not yet little man." responds Henchman. As they leave more trouble walks in Vegeta , with his wife an' daughter, and oddly Goku and some woman, and two Twenty somethings that look like Goku, an' a teenage girl.

Ya know I seen the younger boy around but I never made the connection between Bra's Boyfriend and Goku . But in my defense I 'd never thought anyone would actually sleep wit' Goku for him ta have kids. That must be burnin' Vegeta up his Daughter an' Goku's son.

What really bothered me was Laura started talkin' ta the Vegta's weird named daughter I mean the names they gave their kids is a form o' child abuse. I went over there ta tell Veg head he'd better not start any trouble here.

He looked like he was gonna fight 'till his wife put a hand on his shoulder. " What did we talk about?" She stated with an annoyed voice. He just stares at then goes "Bah ! Your not worth it Logan!" He's whipped Hahaaha!

" Fine wit, me bub I was just gonna tell ya ta stay outta my way tonight. I'd like to kick back once wit' a brew. So I'll Arrrgh!"

At that Moment Private Hudson jumped up on stage an' sang the worst song ta music that didn't even accompany it. I'd had enough bad singin' from That American Idol reject Justin. I was gonna do somethin' about this when I see Vegeta do this hand gesture.

Then Hudson's under wear is pulled over his head.

" Well that ends Hudson's caterwalin' ." I think out loud. " I'll stop mister Guarini."

I come back an' hour later An' Scott's lookin' angry in a girlie way as normal fer him.

" Logan where did Justin Guarini go?"

" I dunno, now if you'll excuse me, I gotta date with a frosty cold one. "

Not now you don't The Professor is in trouble the Astral Plane, We have to help him. So get into your costume."

Great. Oh well at least I don't have ta listen to Justin loser anymore.

The next orning Justin is found hanging from a flagpole by his boxers yelling for help, After much laughing from the local residents he's finally pulled down........ That afternoon.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Th' fight with Kodiak's over.

( continued from Kodiak's blog.)

We had ta see why Kody was passin' out when he used his super strength. I told him we were goin' ta fight in th' dangeroom. It was A retty hard batlle but i've fough the Hulk so I knew how how to throw down wit' guys stronger than me.

I finally got him mad enough at me, ta knock him out . I wonder why I feel like I've seen this kid before? Before he joined the X-men I mean. Probaly it's 'cause he he's That punk Creed's brother.

Whatever I carry the big guy in ta the Med room where Forge is already there wit' all kinds o' mutant studyin' devices. I've had enough O' labs over the years so I leave. I need a beer, an since Iceman's in Disney World I at least know He won't freeze 'em all this time.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Ta show Vegeta who's boss.

Vegeta was strong armin' Josh ( Elixir ) Foley. Yeah he has some explainin' to do, but the to the X-men not some weird lookin' alien outsider. We X-men stick together ( unless it's Scott We just stick his head in the toilet,as X-men united. Haha!.)

Anyway I tell 'im ta let the kid go and he gets all ready for a fight well It's time I gave 'im one. I jump at him lettin' him think I'm goin' fer his throat. Instead I go fer his chest, guy's fast, he blocks it with his arms .

I cut inta them real nice. He growls at me throws a punch that actually knocks me into the ground. " That all ya got bub?" This infuriates the Prince of all losers, leavin' 'im open fer me ta jump outta the hole an' hit'im with a shoulder tackle.

while he gets up gaspin' fer breathe I kick 'im in the jaw. He laughs " You've had your fun Logan, now I have mine. " he kicks me in the air he seems to appear in front of and punches me back inta the ground.

Cyclops runs up to us an' says "Now come on guys. Don't you think you have better things to do right now than settle your old score? I mean the President may be watching. "

" Quiet Loser men are fighting." Said Vegeta.

" I'm a man!" said Scot blasting him. The saiyan knocks the blast away with a slap, Damn chi manipulation. " Ya know Scott we did hear ya hidin' and cryin' fer yer mommy a while ago." I tell 'im chuckling.

" Damn you and both and your super hearing!!!" Summers whines.

" If your not going to kill each other then I'm going to kill you both!" We look over where Henchman points guns at us

. " He always this annoyin'? " I ask.

" Yes, he is . " He grabs me an' throws me at the AIM guy. I slash his arm completely off this time. It flies over to Magneto who catches it in midair an' he kills The Constrictir wit' it. I hear somethin' about gumbo before I dodge somethin' called a Final Shine attack . Henchman dodges it but gets caught in the explosion.

" What was that for Vegeta ?"

" I was just wondering If I destroy everything but your skeleton will you grow back, or die? Seems I knocked out poor Henchman . Hahahahahahahhahahaaha!'

Damn Jerk! The Blob ended up fightin' Vegeta along wit' Captian Koma. Then I saw Magneto walkin' out wit the president as a hostage. I'm gonna have to somethin' about that.