Thursday, July 20, 2006



( Continued from Pantha, Kodiak, and Superman's blogs )

I try ta clear my head after my little trip through memory lane. I thought I was hallucinatin'' when I saw Superman come inta this battle .

The Boyscout didn't look behind him when the Rouge, Colossus, Warbird, Shadow King , thing grabbed onto him. It started draining his power. I kick the weird combined person in the face.

Shadow king laughed. " That didn't even hurt."

I know it was settin' ya up fer this . " Ice man blasted the merger wit a rain of ice chunks knockin them away from mister red shorts.

I chuckle a bit " Nice work there boyscout. Ya really need ta watch where out at what's behind ya bub."

Cyclops laughs at me. " Wait! This coming from the man who was yelling for his daddy a while ago?"

I sock Scott in the jaw . Knockin' him out.

" Was that a smart move? " Questions Superman. " You just put one of your own out of the fight."

" Maybe it wasn't smart Bub, but Cyke's been askin' fer that fer weeks now."

Just then the shadow king/ merger thing started hollerin' like it was injured or somethin' somethin'. No!!! there's something wrong with Superman's energy arrrgh!

Colossus falls out first as he stumbles away. Carol an' Rouge separate.

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Kodiak looks at Rouge with the Shadow King's looks " AW man! She's still freaky lookin' hey Logan how long does it take for powers too wear off from her? "

" Depends on how long she touches someone. "

" X-men ! " I hear Chuck sayin' in our minds. " Me and the Martian Manhunter can use or combined powers to defeat the Shadow King , but we need you too distract him . Carol has no problem attackin' Rouge those two have bad blood from way back.

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Ice man was knocked out by a psionic blast an' stated sayin' " NOOOOOOOO! Not X-3 the official game! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

" Well it looks like he's outta the fight. "

I look over at Superman " Try ta keep up farm boy!"

He smiles " I was about to say the same thing , except for the Farmboy part."

We jump inta battle.

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no not this time... Logan!!!
God, we must have an Identity Crisis every other day! First I had the big android ordeal, then Rogue and Warbird and all got fused, now Wolvie doesn't know who he is, and next thing you know Bizarro J'onn'll have one! Hm... who's left? Oh and Hudson.
Logan Baron
stop yelling at me
Superman?! How the heck did he get here?
Don't ask me Chuck I just work here.
Hey how do you get to Supes blog?

Next time leave a link dude.
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