Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Laura: Who is this Devil kid?

I just got back from one of Vella's flamin' adventures. Her parents, along with her older brother, and sister went off to look another brother.. that family really needs to stop having kids... anyway they went to another dimension, and all have been missing since Christmas.

Chatterbox is doin' this to distract herself from the fact that some O' her family members could be dead, while her twin is "King o the saiyans " That won't end well.

Chatterbox had us lookin' for flamin' leprechauns. So we were trekkin' all over Ireland. When I finally say " Chatterbox I don't believe in leprechauns."

Wouldn't you know it one of the blasted creatures jumped outta no where, " maybe I don't believe in Talkin' Wolverine clones lassie who gallivant all around the Emerald Isle wit' a talkin' space monkey girl no less."

I stare. at the thing for a few minutes that feel like forever, when Vella shouts " get him!" with my hunting expertise, and her powers we were able to catch the thing.

" " You can never have me pot O' gold!" he shouts from a little green cage.

" I don't want that, do you have any Lucky Charms cereal though I'm pretty hungry." Vella grins as I roll my eyes.

Please don't kill me!" The little thing pleads.

" Kill you? I just want to take a picture with that's all."

So we spent days searchin' around the cold wet country to get this.

That stupid thing couldn't keep it's hands to itself either. It's just lucky it was fast enough to get away from my claws.

I finally get home, avoid some O' the other X-men. I go Into my bedroom, and find Thaddeus Thawne in there.

"Thad You're no Randy Orton stop doin' his pose." I Shake my head " I told you I'm not ready..."

" This isn't about sex Mademoiselle I the great Inertia have gotten you croissants from France, Swiss Cheese from Switzerland, and the finest Swiss chocolates. hell I even got some Cuban Cigars in case your old man shows up, if that don't work I have German beer, and whatever other delicacies my little dream clone desires is just a few seconds a way."

He whisked me to a somewhere on he mansion grounds that was a quiet little field. It was like a few seconds from my room to this place that was a normal 30 minute walk maybe datin' a speedster has it's benefits.

Especially when he acquired a pizza in thirty seconds. " heh I even had time to mess with that slowpoke Quicksilver." He grins.

Besides leaving every once in a while to torture Quicksilver with the fact that he's faster than him. Thad this was actually much nicer by the fact that Logan isn't around I wonder where he probably gettin' in a fight some where.


The date was goin' well I was about to kiss Thad when this creature flew outta the sky, and screams " Laura! This is why you haven't called me? You dumped for the Bart Allen ripoff?"

" I'd be quiet if I were were you son of Vampirella!" Inertia smirks. " Not tuck tail and run before I get a little mad."

" I don't know what a Vampriella is," The devil boy explains. " The name is Eddie Bloomberg. Not that you don't know you, and your Titans East terrorists attacked me, and the other Teen Titans a while back I don't care if you're a member of Legacy or not you're still evil, and you trying to steal my girl proves it!"

" Ha ! A boy who sold his soul for super powers is calling me evil? Okay there Mister Pot this kettle is going to take you down at mach five." He cracks his knuckles " I may have made peace with my brother Bart but I still enjoy busting Teen Titan skulls."

I feel weird about fightin' another superhero, and this is familiar although I never dated him. I pop my claws and get ready to fight. " Ya ruined my date!" I growl.

" Laura" ... The devil whines,

" Let's go to throw down city bub!" I don't know what that means but maybe I shouldn't say things that dad says, but it seemed appropriate.

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