Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Takin' down a flamin' saiyan.

The saiyans decided ta invade New York. Kinda dumb wit' all the teams we got here. but whatever I guess they don't know that. me . an' the X-men, that joined up wit' me found a particularly ugly one.

Yeah I slashed those cuts inta his fore head, too bad the damn thing has though skin like the damned super versions. Did I ever say I really hate saiyans? Well I do.

This one knocks me about a hundred yards away. Before Angel catches me. Laura freaks out and tries attackin' him. Her claws only cut the surface O' the skin, too, She dodges outta his fist's way. only ta be blasted wit the other hand. Bobby Freezes the ground makin' him slip.

He blasts Bobby. Shatterin' him. " Stupid Ice boy!" he grunts. Gambit tosses some cards on 'im then starts saiyin, " Uh sorry wee do not have to fight We can do other tings No?"

" Gambit! Stop hittin' On 'im!" I yell.

Before the alien can crush Gambit, Colossus. Slams into him. The saiyan grunts after he's punched in the face, his nose starts bleedin.' Then the saiyan Smacks Pitor into a truck.

" My Parents told me how ,much fun conquering was! I didn't believe them until now!"

" Well sugah! Yer party's!" over Rouge declares. Tryin' ta touch 'im an' knock him out. " Mah Power ain't workin'! "

The saiyan grins. " I Have my ki filed up girl whatever your trying to do won't work."

" How about this sugah!" She grins before punching him through a building.

The big freak jumps outta the hole and smashed her down. " you a strong female for a human, perhaps I'll take you fro a mate."

"The lady ain't interested Bub! " Seems he put his force down fer a second because I took out his eye with a claw. He slapped me away before I could jam it inta his brain though.

Jubilee takes advantage O' his confusion by blastin' fireworks in his good eye. then Rouge, an. Colossus Pummel 'im mercilessly Well until Bobby Drake reforms that is. " Hey ugly! This is for the Ice boy comment It's Iceman!"

He freezes ugly in his tracks fer real. Then Me an Laura jump up On colossus' Shoulders " Fast ball special Petey!" We both Slam Inta 'im claws extended shatterin' im."

" Hey! I didn't want to kill him !" Drake yells.

" This is war Junior! " I grunt. " Ya do what ya have ta do." After all O' the teams Beat back the saiyans we joined everyone else In takin' down there base. Looked like someone O' Hulk like power beat us to it.

After slashin' a few O' em. The fight ends an' now Veg head , and some monster saiyan goofy Lil' bastard are fightin' in some kinda duel. And fer some reason Bats Goes all emo And walks away.

Not really sure why I didn't see everything that happened I was up ta my neck in ugly smelly monkey men. Oh well Bats is just gonna miss th' main event. An' I just gotta better seat fer it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well now this sucks.

A whole bunch O' Flamin' aliens showed up, claimin' ta be saiyans, and they want us all ta surrender? Fat Chance!The problem is Emma don't want to do anything about it.

" The humans put themselves in this mess dear , by letting your psycho sparring partner live on this planet. "

" What are ya talkin' about?" I growl. " Ain't the whole point O' the X-men ta show humans we ain't bad by helpin' 'em out? 'sides darlin' ya ain't the leader here. Cyke is."

I look down to where he's at the fetal position. Ah Damn!I left the mansion in disgust. When several X-men followed me out. " Well now looks like I ain't the only one who wants ta kick some monkey tail eh?"

" Havok Blurts out so Are we going to West City take out that guy your always fighting?"

" Nah. I doubt he'd do this Veg head don't play well with others. I guess we should hook up with the Avengers, and see where they go from there."

" An' if vegeta is behind this sugah?" Rouge questions.

" Then I'll cut out his heart myself. "

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Cyclops is in charge. Oh boy.

Chuck left fer, LGS 2. So Cyke is left in charge. And what's his response ta everything? get inta the fetal position. Or somethin' worse.

Here lemme show a brief over view O' last week.

Monday asked to sign fer package response : Fetal position.

Tuesday the school kids wanted to order pizza. They all wanted different toppings Response : Fetal position.

Wednesday: Iceman wanted ta go to the store an' get more sodas. " response : Cryin' fit.

Thursday: Was caught wear in' Emma's clothes Response: Beast put it up on Youtube.

Fiday: Was supposed ta take all the students on field trip museum" What actually happened? Took field trip to cry by Jean's grave . (Is she even dead this week?)

Saturday: Ran around the mansion sayin' he's a damned pretty boy. In nothin' but sneakers.

Sunday: Called Batman up on a phone to call him a no powered wimp who likes to look at boys in tiny tiny shorts.:Response: Batman comes over punches him,and he's been out for the last three days. I've been usin' him as a coffee table when I watch TV. ever since.