Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Cyclops is in charge. Oh boy.

Chuck left fer, LGS 2. So Cyke is left in charge. And what's his response ta everything? get inta the fetal position. Or somethin' worse.

Here lemme show a brief over view O' last week.

Monday asked to sign fer package response : Fetal position.

Tuesday the school kids wanted to order pizza. They all wanted different toppings Response : Fetal position.

Wednesday: Iceman wanted ta go to the store an' get more sodas. " response : Cryin' fit.

Thursday: Was caught wear in' Emma's clothes Response: Beast put it up on Youtube.

Fiday: Was supposed ta take all the students on field trip museum" What actually happened? Took field trip to cry by Jean's grave . (Is she even dead this week?)

Saturday: Ran around the mansion sayin' he's a damned pretty boy. In nothin' but sneakers.

Sunday: Called Batman up on a phone to call him a no powered wimp who likes to look at boys in tiny tiny shorts.:Response: Batman comes over punches him,and he's been out for the last three days. I've been usin' him as a coffee table when I watch TV. ever since.

Well in the poor boy's defense, the mantle of leadership does come with a great deal of pressure. Perhaps you should take a shot at it, Logan. I could have Scott in a coma for a week or two so he wouldn't even notice.
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