Sunday, October 12, 2008



ly found Vegeta's weakness. Too bad I can't flamin' exploit it. There some things ya just don't do like bring someone’s wife inta a rivalry. I mean I could just grab the mean blue haired woman get Veg off his game then Snikt! Game over.

Speakin' O' game over that's exactly what happened. He got us booted out O' The Amazin' Mutant Race.

"Ya stupid Flamin' alien freak! Yer damn libido lost us the race!" I yell at the smirkin' idiot.

“You’re just mad that I got some Rodent... as for the race it's only a game. We'll win the next one." He laughs.

"That's yer problem bub! Ya ain't in it ta win it!" I admonish "ya just smirk and laugh at the puny humans but ya don't try yer best ya keep holdin' back..."

"It's a game" he growls. “For some of us there are more important things in life. I was only in it for amusement. I had that you whiney little baby."

I get in his face."Yer***** whipped."

“What is that supposed to mean?" he asks.

“You mister King of all Saiyans , you wit' all your flamin' powers out the yin yang... you get on your knees for some woman."

“Now it's beginning to make sense why you're not with anyone" He jokes

“Not what I meant!" I holler. “Look bub twice now I lost the race because O' you. If ya wanna be in next time count me out Ya pathetic ***** whipped bastard."

“Bah! Get over yourself you sore loser. If your whole life is about a game then you have problems." He laughs.

“At least I didn't send my gay devil grandson ta hit on yer daughter."

He shakes his head. “Nice try I wasn't too happy about your clone freak daughter, and my grandson but you know what turns out she was just an easy little skank that HS threw away when he realized he was too good for her. Whatever animal maybe you'll grow up some day."

I try to slash his face, and he grabs my claws, and tosses me through a wall. "Tch! Loser." He shakes his head, and flies off.

Damn it. If we only took the Hell challenge like I wanted... ferget it... i got time on my hands now I guess I won't call Wanda since last time I saw her she was havin' a three way wit' Wonder Man , and the Vision.

Heh, a mutant witch, an android, and an energy based zombie...add a bar in there, and there's a joke. Oh well guess I'll just call Ana. After I find Simon that is.