Saturday, June 23, 2007


Bats has a weird way of showin' gratitude.

So I find a bunch O' foot ninjas. After kickin' the crud outta 'em. They tell me Shredder is off attackin' Batman In Gotham Square. I get there, and Sakai is long gone. But Bats is fightin' some cybernetic ninjas, hey have him cornered, and I go in an' tear them apart.

Does he say thanks? No. He starts mouthin' off about how I'm a murderer. After a bunch O' threatening each other an' scowlin'. Then he finally starts throwin' those stupid batarangs at me.

I catch them and the explode in my hands. " I knew your healing factor would fix the wounds if I give it the chance." He brags. Then he slams me in the face with metal gloves.

" Like I said Logan, I'm ready for you this time." He kicks Me in the stomach knockin' me outta window onto a car below. When I get up a bunch O' little things fall around me. Little metal balls. Next thing I know gas comes outta 'em.

Damn it he ain't lettin' up not givin' me even a second ta heal , so I'm gonna have ta actually fight 'im I see and show him one more time I'm the Best there is.
He throws a kick fer my gut that I dodge. I pull him down with that long freakin' cape .

I try to get 'im in a triangle choke but he sprays damn pepper spray in my eyes. After takin' a few punches in the face with those damn gloves, And takin' a few kicks in the gut, and groin, I feel the red rage risin' An' my claws pop with out me wantin' too.

My eyes clear. An I jump at Bats tearin' through all the chest armor like a knife through butter he rolls with it. And tosses more O' Those explodin' Batarangs. I ignore 'em ignore the pain. Only one thing is on my mind. Batman is my prey.

I claw off his belt an toss him into a building.He throws a few nerve punches tryin' ta stop what was comin' He was too late I grab him by the throat an' try to use my other numbin' hand to tear him open.

Then the man takes over again, I ain't lettin' the animal in me kill a guy who's done as much good as he has, even if he is a jerk. I retract my claws.

After I finally get full control "I say. " Look Bub The Shredder killed some friends of mine in Japan a few years back. An' I'm gonna return the favor!" I saw no reason ta tell the entire sob story I ain't that type O' guy.

" I'm not letting you kill someone in my city." He declares between gasps.

" With your wounds bub I don't see ya havin' a choice, Go home , an get yerself patched up I got some revenge ta be handin' out. "

I jump on my bike An' Don't listen ta what Bats has ta say, I catch Shred head's scent on the wind and follow the trail. He won't even know what hit him.

Monday, June 18, 2007


The Foot returns.

I was sittin' on the Couch watchin' my New Dirty Jedi Kriss Video. ( Thanks to Chuck , an' Henchman. Yeah I had ta do some dirty work, And steal some footage That Koma had of Chuck cheatin' In a challenge. While Laura, Nightwing, and Koma was defeating some weirdo called the Crow Queen. But hey it was worth it. )

The Phone starts ringin, No one gets the flamin' thing so I have ta dodge Gambit fightin' wit Jubilee for the last O' the stylin' gel, And pick it up.

" Logan?" Uh Oh. here's a voice I hadn't heard in a while.

" Ana?"

" Look Logan I know I we haven't talked since..."

" Yeah well these things happen Darlin' sometimes people just grow apart. I'm pretty sure ya didn't call just ta go over water that went under under the bridge so what's up?"

" A source of mine Has told me some old friends of yours The Foot Have reappeared in Gotham City." Oh great I just happen ta be enemies wit two ninja clans that just happen ta be named after body parts. " And he also says the Shredder is leading them." Damn Damn Damn! " Logan?"

" Yeah I'm still here, Thanks fer the info. "

" Your going after Shredder aren't you?"

" Yup. I gotta get even with Sakai. Thanks again." I hang up, get my costume and some weapons, and Go to my motorcycle. It's funny I thought I missed my chance ta shred up Shredder. Funny thing some witnesses say he was killed by giant mutant turtles, twice. Gotta love this city full O' weirdos, rather the witnesses or the turtles? who the flamin' hell knows.

Emma blocks me from leaving . " Without the Professor we need all the X-men here. "

I growl. "Gaia 's awake she can more than make up fer me."

" That's not the reason... "

" Look I gotta ta deal out some payback In the city O' the Big Black Bat. So If yer gonna stop me with a mind whammy do it now, because really I ain't in the mood. "

" Fine Logan go on your little revenge mission. But see if we help you next time you need us like when Mephisto took your wretched little clone. "

" Whatever." I grunt.

Headin' down the road I got nothin' ta do fer the thee or four hours it takes ta get to Gotham but remember why I wanna kill that punk. I hope Oruku Sakai really has made it back from the grave so I can put him back in it personally.