Friday, June 30, 2006


How many people are gonna get inta this fight?

(Continued from Joe Fixit's blog. )

That damned Fixit! He used my own claws ta cut me open! He took my blood fer some reason I passed out fer what seemed like an eternity. Though it was only a few minutes. I wake up seein' that geek Vegeta starin' at the scene the Hulk was long gone.

I get up feelin' like guttin' somethin'. An Vegeta was right there. The problem was though I hate him, he wasn't who I wanted ta ta turn inta meat. It was a certain Grey Goliath, that hit Jeanie an' gutted me.

" Yo stupid! Hey! ya weird haired geek stop floatin' up there leave or pick a side!"

After I say that Magneto shows his wrinkled face again. "Joe Fixit! That grey freak has gotten in my way for the last time! " he looks at Vegeta . " What are you staring at weirdo? Wait I know you. Your friends with that freak that wore the Superman costume. Son Gunko."

The Alien smirks. " I also destroyed your base a while back bucket head."

" Magneto screams and uses his power on Vegeta who just laughs " Trying to affect my armor aren't you? It's non magnetic. But this will affect you Galick Gun!"

One o'those blasts of his knocks Magneto back into the street if he didn't put a field, I'd think Mags would be dead. I saw the Henchman sneaking up behind the fight. His pal the Constrictor still hadn't woke up from his Fixit beatin.'

Earlier in the fight Vegetable brains, an' the Hasmat kid wailed on each other pretty good. I guess Henchman wanted another round. I pop my claws. He hears the Snikt! And turns " So you want me to beat on you some more you furry freak? Ok. You first then Veg head."

"Ya ain't gonna make it that far bub!" Then that freakin' Lindsey Lohan fembot decided to it wanted to fight me too.

"My komy is afraid of you Wolverine. I'm going to make sue he has nothing to fear from now on!"

I smile "Two against one eh? I think yer out numbered."

Beast bounds behind me " Hello Lin. Code Epsilon Omega; engage."

The robot screams. " No I'm sentient! I - I must help the X-men." She starts blastin' the Brother hood. Heh. I never knew that blue furball was so sneaky. while I was watchin' this Henchman hits me I fly across the white house lawn.

" Pay attention claw man! " He slams inta me at super speed I think his speed is only avalible to him in short bursts. He punches me hard This kid's strong. I've fought stronger though an' won.

" I can't believe you've gotten such a rep!"

Keep yappin' bub.

" Your not all that dangerous. "

Ah Ha! An openin' I slash his arm right at the joint. It's cybernetic an' leakin' oil every where.

" Arrgh! My arm not again! H-how?"

" Yer good fer a rookie, too bad I'm the best."

I knee him in the groin. " Ooh still got some soft spots ain't ya?" I say before punchin him in the stomach . "Wanna know what an Adamantuim head butt feels like?" I ask right before I show him.

To his credit he wasn't ko'd He shot some guns at me some bullets hit others I blocked with my claws. I land a kick in his cybernetic knee. His metal's tough mine's tougher. Im about ta stab 'im when a fire bird appears over the sky we're all thrown around at once.

" HULK!!!!!!!!!" Screams a very angry Jeanie.

I get up pretty quick don't know where Henchman went to. But see Magneto floatin up ta Jean vegeta flyin' behind him . " My dear forget about Fixit. I want to kill him as well but Washington needs to fall first."

Jean sneers at him. " You dare to try and tell the Dark Phoneix what to do you flea?" She sets him on fire. " You fancy yourself the most powerful mutant on the planet Erik ? Feel True power!"

She gestures ,And magneto falls hard the flames still burnin' him. Jean laughs. " First you next the Hulk!" She flies wit' Storm an' Gaia followin'. Hopefully they can stop Jeanie.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Terminatin' Terminators

(Continued From Koma Proffessor X, Martian Manhunter Tx Etc.)

I had Captian Koma pinned down after he helped Magneto ta escape. The normally calm Kodiak was yellin' because of what happend ta Rouge. That's waht snapped me outta the bezerker rage.

I let Koma go " Alright Bub. If ya can help us with the tin cans ya'd better make it it snappy an' no funny business or I'll gut ya."

" Logan! He killed Rouge....." said Kodiak. After calmin' down from his bezerker rage that nearly killed Magneto before he teleported out.

" I truly doubt Koma could hurt a fly Kody, besides it's time ya learned what Rouge's mutant power is . Anna touch my arm."

Soon I started goin' out And Rouge started healin'. I pulled my arm away right before blackin' out. Kodiak just stares at the healed up Rouge. " What jut happened." he asks.

Rouge jut looks down " I can take others' powers by touch Ah can't control it. Ah can never touch anyone!" She pops bone claws out and takes out her rageon some robots Storm tells Ice man ta stop the rest of the robots from reachin' populted areas by puttin' up an ice wall.

Scott was whinin' thayt he was the leader while evreyone ignored him and fought the tin cans. Finally after sittin' a while my healin' factor kicked in. I ran up to Pete " Hey Ruskie ya know what time it is!"

" Da Tovarich! Fastball Special!" I slammed inta a bunch O' the metal robots. The only problem was the liquid ones kept reformin' Until the Beast used some kind 'a gadget ta control them.

We were still bein' overwhemled ' till Koma came through wit' an army of synthoids. It would'a been more dramatic, if they were'nt all sayin' things like "I'm the baby! "and Poopie!"

Ar some point the Martian Manhunter an' the other heroes joined in and we routed them. That is un til The Manhunter got blasted by Pyro, who somehow got left behind when the rest of the Brotherhood was telported out.

Boby flash froze him and yelled "Yeah baby! I beat you in real life and the movies loser!" The fire hurt the Manhunter bad. I looked around , and all the robots were trashed. Hank even turned the liquid ones into inert metal.

Meanwhile Swampthing and his force were runnin' around yellin" Yes! good show Mr Fixit and Vampirella!" I guess they're still dreamin'. Fixit An' Vampi ain't here. we left 'em to there to thier fun. While we rushed ta get Manhunter ta the infirmary at the Mansion.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Magneto made his move

( continued from Koma TX, Martian Manhunter and some others.)

We thought he'd be attackin'' the mutant cure clinics or somewhere else. But we ended up findin' him fightin' wit A plant man an alien in a green Lanteren costume, two dead things that claimed they were Frankenstein an' his bride a bullet headed woman , an, a babe in a top hat wearin' fishnets.

Mags was rising in th' air. I yell this while jumpin' outta th' Black bird. " Look up in the sky! It's the Pink Wonder!" He turns but when I was about ta slash 'im his skank bot knocks me outta the way. I only got his arm.

" Not you again!" says TX.

" Well ya hunk a scrap, the only way yer gonna get rid o' me is ta dump Magneto. "

" I will never leave my Magneto and you will never threaten him again!" She runs at me ready fer battle . I charge her claws extended. Then at the last second I fall on my back an' kick her over ta Kodiak.

I knew her dream thing wouldn't work on 'im a second time. He crushed her throat so she wouldn't call on anymore robots. She had plenty O' robots around fer all 'a us. And the rest o' the X-men were fightin' them and the Brother hoods. While those other heroes were just sleepin'

All a sudden Magneto grabs me wit' his powers. " Time to pay for all the humilations you've heaped on me Logan!"

" Go ahead Bub! I've proven I can take what ya can dish out."

The problem wit' Magneto is he seems to only be able ta pay attention ta one thing at a time. He didn't notice Drake behind him so he didn't have a shield up when he got th' Ice blast from behind.

" Hey Mags! He may be an arrogant angry midget, but he's our arrogant angry midget!"

" Thanks Fer settin' I'm up Drake. Now I'm takin' him down! " Just when I was about ta finish Mags off. I'm blasted by one o' those skeleton robots that TX brought into the fight. Magneto laughs until he's blasted too.

" Sky Why? " he pleads at his love toy. " I didn't." she tries to say When the robots around us start laughin' " Humans , Mutants all are inferior! All shall be slain by me!" The liquid metal bots all take a very familiar form. Free Image Hosting -

" All of you pests will be exterminated by Ultron!"

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Where's Laura?

Today has been mostly strategy meetings on what ta do about the cure. Storm had a another little tantrum and, Yelled she was gonna ta destroy the clinics We were talkin' about the best way ta stop when I noticed somethin seemed off in th' Mansion.

I Searched around 'til I found Laura was missin'. I tracked her down to a warehouse found some other familiar scents. Ana, Danny Bailey, an' plenty o' Hand Ninjas. Along with some Yakuza I'd ran into over th' years.

I jumped into the window. " What is this a scum convention?" I ask poppin' my claws.
I attack the thugs Not really knowin' what's goin' on except fer the fact That Bailey was beaten an' tied up that an' Shi. an' Laura had already messed them up pretty good.

One O' the punks shot me . An some o' the ninjas hit me wit' poisoned arrows. That set me off on a Bezerker rage. When My eyes cleared this was th' scene. " I look over ta Laura an' Ana" Well it seem you two made real quick."

Ana said. " Logan, I thought....."

" No! Ya didn't think! " I scream. " There are nuts wantin' ta put the cure in guns an ya take my daughter around on some kind O' mission?"

" I wanted to help." Said Laura.

" We'll discuss this at th' Mansion !"

Shi was about ta say somethin' When I said " We'll talk later." Maybe I was a little too hard on' em both. I don't know. I'll worry about it after this cure mess is over.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


X-23 new problem

The Danvers woman tried to take advantage of my Father in his sleep. I attacked her waking half the mansion. There was an argument between me and him and the phone rang I could hear the other woman who wears white makeup and washes in smelly soaps.

They fought as well. Dad has left the mansion , for a whole , I thought about finding him, but it's better if I left him alone. The other day me, and Josh or Elixir, went to this bad neighbor hood on the way to a museum he tried to get into this bar, called Crime Alley.

I left him there I don't know what happened to him but he doesn't want to talk about it. After watching this Kodiak, beat up Saber tooth and White make up girl calling twice I decided to Tell my Father about this I found him in a bar brawl.

" Laura? What the? What are ya doin' here?"

" The Kabuki woman keeps calling about your job, Iceman is at the gallery now ."

" Laura this ain't yer... Hey wait a minute barkeep turn that up Bub! "

" And the top story this hour, the Cure for the mutant gene has been allowed into distribution. Clinics are opening all over the country, for mutant who wasn't to be rid of their problem."

" Bein' a mutant ain't a problem. " Dad mumbles.

" Also the cure has been authorized to be used on those mutants that have used their powers in the commission of a crime. "

Dad growls " Laura get on my bike. We have to get back ta the mansion."

Friday, June 16, 2006


Problems with X-23

My clone X-23, or Laura as I call her attacked Ana. As I Take 'er back ta th. Mansion She sits all quiet in th' cab Ana hailed.

" Wanna tell me what this is about Laura?" I finally say.

"No." she says.

" Ya can't go around attackin' Ana. " I say.

She just grunts.

" What yer problem wit' her?"

" The same I problem I had with the Danvers woman."

" Hey! Ya don't have any business stickin' yer nose in my love life!"

" Why not? It affects me."

" I don't see how."

" I notice you didn't say anything about me to her."

" Laura it's complicated."

The rest o' the way ta the mansion is silent.

When we get there We see Magneto an' TX rollin' around on the lawn. Except Magneto has no scent. More o' Koma's stupid robots. Why they think doin' it on th' front lawn is a good idea is beyond me, then again nothing those robots do makes sense

Me an' Laura make short work of 'em. I notice th' rest of the X-Men seem ta have the rest of 'em under control. I see a trailer, it's got some guy wearin' a cape inside, so that's Captian Koma eh? I'll think I'll pay him a visit.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Dammit Vegeta!

Well it seems like this guradin' statues, job got me an' Ana talkin' again then more.

Free Image Hosting -

I came ta th' mansion today an' found Kurt back. Uh-oh I can tell by the l;ook on his face he found out about' Ro an' the cat girl. " Hey Elf don't worry about it eh?" I tell him. " She wasn't th' right one so what? There are others ya know."

" Ja perhaps you are right Mein Freund,"

" 'Sides ya know Storm She'll start thinkin' she's better than Pantha or The Black Panther will call or somethin, and poof it's over." That seemd ta get his spirits up , now if we could do somethin' about his amnesia.

After sleepin' a few hours, I check my email. Besides the 50 I get from Scott sayin' he knows I'm plannin' something. Which I wasn't . I from that punk Vegeta. It says " you've been tagged loser!"

Great a meme. An' a Deadpool special at that. I'm gonna get Vegeta back fer this.

1. Other than yourself, pick the contestant that remains in Last Gladiator Standing you think will win? I ain't in that show but I would win if I was. I dunno Chuck maybe?

2. What's your favorite color of Pink? none.

3. What's your favorite episode of Golden Girls? Ew no.

4. If you were Anna Nicole Smith, what would you do with your child? Send it ta a boardin' school.

5. How many figures am I holding up? Good ta know yer buyin' Wolverines i need th' beer money.

6. Decipher this code: *66hsther;o adthaodf stop. Victor Creed is a girl, tell me somethin' I don't know bub!

7. What's wrong with this Meme? It knows what it did wrong.

8. Create your own question and answer it. Should I ? yes.

9. What's your wrestler name? Th' Canadian Crippler.

10. Do you have a man crush on Luke Cage? No but he has one on himself.

12. Are you the weakest link? no.

13. Are you prepared for the Dalek invasion over here? Yeah. Since Chuck's siccin' me on 'em.

14. Switch lives with one blogger for a year? And Stop bein' Wolverine? ferget it.

15. Who has the best sidekick in LGS? Erifia

16. If you watched the season finale of Doctor Who, what did you think? didn't watch it watched somethin' on th reality channel instead.

17. Do you know who Lookwell! Is? no

18. Tag 3 people you wouldn't share socks with. Ice man fer th' frozen beer prank. An Joe Fixit th' Hulk. though that's two people Banner probaly counts as 5 people.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


More synthoids

This is Wolverine. I'm not at the Mansion right now. I'm helpin' Shi protect some Terra Cotta Warriors . So if ya need me leave a message. Unless yer Scott, because I don't wanna hear it.

Wolverine is not available That is why I Uatu the Watcher, shall tell you of Captain Koma's plans. Yes I am that Watcher, I can see what your doing, and it's just not right. Now back to the plan What If.......

Opps sorry old habit. Koma's first attack On the Mutant team of outlaws known as the X-men, did not go so well . Mistakes in the synthoid's creation made it look not quite like Jean Grey. The X-men easily destroyed it.

The second time did result in a perfect duplicate of Psylocke

The Machine successfully seduced the X-men's leader Cyclops. Summers could be heard running through the halls saying " I'm going to be with a woman finally!"

apparently all the mind wipes Summers has been through over the years has not only given him a whiny personality, but also he has forgotten his marriages to Jean grey and Madelyne Pryor. His affair with Emma Frost has been wiped from his mind.

As for the Kitty Pryde duplicate however well, see for yourself

From thinking that this old costume of Shadowcat's was a good idea it's mental abilities degraded to where it would only talk in Yoda speak. As it's conversation with Colossus shows.

"Katiya why are you wearing that again?"

" Katiya I am not, Kitty Pryde I am."

" Huh?"

" Make out with me you will."

" Katiya are you ill?"

" Tell me where Wolverine is you will. Kill him I must."

" You are a replicant!"

" Replicant I am not, Synthoid I am." She says three seconds before her head is punched off. I sense That Ice man will tell what happened with the Psylocke clone on his blog so I must say farewell.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


This is Koma's Plan?

Gaia sent Apocalypse to th' moon, gettin' rid a' him. I have no idea what ended up happenin' ta Dracula. now's here' th' big problem We have ta rebuild th' mansion, again. And Somehow I ended up gettin paired wit' Iceman.

So It was a whole mornin' o' corny jokes. It didn't help that Elixir was behind me dressed like me wit' fake claws. He was doin' these slashin' motions wit his hands I just tired ta ignore him. But Bobby kept saying " I shall call him mini -me! Well in your case I guess you are mini you huh?"

" How does th' term 'Cut ice' sound ta ya bub?" I ask.

" Kinky." he says. What an idiot.

Then this woman walks up.

Free Image Hosting -

" Excuse me ma'am this is private property." Says Drake .

"Don't worry you know me she says Don't they darling?"

Ok who was she callin' darlin'? " I look At Elixir. " Don't look at me !" he says. I look at Bobby.

" What no way man. Last red head I dated was Firestar!"

" Quit being silly Logan my darling." What me? I ain't never seen this person in my life. Iceman is laughin' like crazy , And Elixir says " As your biggest fan I'm just disappointed. "

" Who are ya?" I ask.

" You know me I'm Jean Grey!"

" Um no your not" Says Bobby. " That's Jean over there."

Free Image Hosting -

The woman starts sayin' " I'm scheming this is my scheming voice, They don't know I'm not Jean Grey, I'm too good a replicant soon, I'll get Wolverine alone , and I'll kill him. In The Name of Capitan Koma! "

She said this with us right there. I slash her an robot parts spill out. She blasts me, Then a Huge chunk 'o Ice falls on her. She comes out no longer lookin human but all robot I slash her head off then she explodes, before her head deactivates it says. " Capitan Koma will have his revenge!"

Who's Capitan Koma?

Monday, June 05, 2006


Well now this is interstin'

Some weird thing knocked us all out after I stabbed Magneto. When I wake his body was gone. nothin' was left but a huge pool of blood. Great no body. Even though I gave' im a fatal wound here's one thing I 've learned over the years.

Someone takes the body, the guy can be brought back ta life. Damn! So this wasn't even worth the little lecture I got from Storm about killin' . We land the X-jet when I hear a rumblin' sound. Next thing I know, Magneto is thrown through a wall.

" Well well I guess I get another chance at ya bub! I say poppin' my claws.

" What?" said Magneto " I destroyed the X-jet."

" What is he talking about?" asks Pantha.

" I think the blood loss is getting to him." said Storm. " Logan no! Do you want me to fry with a thunderbolt this time?"

" Ha ! Y.....You barely hurt me Logan! Mastermind made you think you did." He said all pale and barely hearable. The blood flowin from his gut wound told a whole different story. So he was either saved or resurrected but he didn't give himself time to heal up.

" Don't Worry Erik got the' cure for what ails ya!" I say just about ta claw 'im up some more, when Storm starts ta throw a thunderbolt. I say" Do what ya gotta do Darlin' an' so will I." before either of us can move, I hear " Stand back My Horseman of Death! I and I alone shall finish Magneto. "

I look up an see Apocalypse?

" Did you truly think you could control me with your little robots Magneto? I will give you one thing though, they repaired my mind just fine. No more will I waste my valuable time with evil Wal -mart schemes. Or plots stolen from video games. I am once again the apex of the strong!"

Magneto pulls out a control remote from his belt and pushed a button. En Sabah Nur just laughs. " You believed I would not absorb the nanites you put into my blood stream? I can control every molecule of my body!"

This woman that looks like, Tx but has a smell of a livin' person stalks behind Apocalypse. Then somethin' happens. I can't explain what it's like I sense somethin' there. The big blue armor wearin' mutant Just stares at the wall then says.

" Sleep? I think not my dear." He fires a yellow energy bolt at TX knocking her back. " Now be a good girl and sit there and I will consider making you into one of my Horsemen. Now where was I? Oh yes! I was about to teach Magnus about how only the strong survive. "

Well well it looks like we gotta ring side seat. An' me wit'out popcorn.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Bye Bye Mags

"Surprised?" I asked starin' at Magneto who just tried to save his robot gal .

"Fool. I can smell that delicious metal of yours from miles away. I think I shall now rip from your body again." He says.

" Try it Bub!" I say knowin' what this will do the moment he turns on his power. He shoots a magnetic blast I fire this gun at him. The weird energy combines with his power suddenly Mags collapses.

" Heh! It works!" I say. " Now the Coup De Gras." Snikt!

" No! No! Keep him away from me!" Magneto screams like a little girl. The Brother hood get between me and him. The other X-men take on the Brother hood Kodiak Fights Blob while Avalanche and Pyro are fightin' Storm Rouge an' Pantha.

I chase Mags giant snakes form around 'im protectin' him. " Nice try Mastermind. But illusions don't have a scent." Erik keeps runnin' I just stalk after 'im slowly let'im feel the fear. Mystique runs at me we fight a little bit.

I catch a spin kick from her wit' my claws. " Ya know Raven, It seems yer fightin' awfully hard fer a guy that left ya fer a hunk a' metal." She looks shocked then gets outta the way.

I finally catch up wit' Lensherr I grab him by his cape an' Slam him against th' wall. " Logan Stop!" He says. " All I did was to help you and other mutants! The humans they want to kill us or take away or powers. I bet you procured that gun of yours from a human. What do you think they'll do you with their weapons? Logan You don' have to do this you should take your rightful place at my right hand ."

" Yeah right Erik, pull the other one." I respond " Ya took out my adamantuim ta help me? My Healin' factor was shot for months! Now ya know how it feels ta be without yer powers. But unlike you I fought fer all those months, while yer runnin' like a scared deer! I Just wanted this ta be th' last thing ya heard Bub, Ya tired ta kill me, ended up crippiln' me but I came back stronger. Ya've got no one ta blame fer this but yerself."

Storm flies up ta me" Logan don't I'm warning you!"

" And what' Ro? Put him back in th' Vault? He'll just get back out If ya didn't wanna see me do what had ta be done, then ya shouldn't have followed me, Darlin!"

Free Image Hosting -

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Gettin the' gun

Ugh! I have ta go ta West City.

Free Image Hosting -

I hate West City. Well I hate someone that lives there, Vegeta. An' If I don't miss my guess that punk is back on Earth, Ta celebrate his 200 th post. Just when I need TA see either his wife or son about a ray that takes away Magneto's powers.

My source fer this info is well less than reliable, Joe Fixit , Aka The Incredible Hulk. After we fought he took the Terminator that's been pallin' around with Lensherr lately. I have no idea if The Hulk was lyin' Ta get me offa his trail or if he really knows something.

I try ta wait until night ta get there, An' whatta ya know some days I'm the luckiest S.O.B. On the planet. There was a big party goin' on I could go around unnoticed. Well that 's what I thought anyway.

I take a wrong turn an' find this.

Free Image Hosting -

They probaly wouldn't have even known I was there if not fer the fact I had ta fight ta keep my lunch down. Oh yeah Vegeta was real happy ta see me.
Free Image Hosting -

" What the Hell are you doing here Logan??!!!!!"

" Gettin' traumatized bub."

I notice him startin' TA get all glowin' an' yellow. I let him know real quick that ain't gonna wash. By poppin' my claws.

Free Image Hosting -

" What's this? Trying to be scary Earthman?"

" Look here ya freaky alien! Ya may think yer invincible but ya ain't. I've cut ya wit' these before, all it takes is one good swipe an' yer gone!'

" You would have to get close enough first Logan!"

" Ok! That's enough out of both of you!" Says Vegeta's little woman! " Yes we all know your Both tough guys but before I choke to death on all the testotrone . Why don't we see what Wolverine wants? Because I'm pretty sure he isn't being a voyeur."

" Thanks Darlin." I say as my claws go back in their sheaths with a " Snakt!" " I hear you and yer boy was workin' ' on a device to get rid of Magneto's powers is this true?"

She looks shocked " Yeah, but it only works for an hour. I haven't tested it on the real thing just samples of his cells. There are way too many variables I don't know if it's ready for the field yet."

" Well Darlin' if ya don't mind I'm gonna field test it fer ya. I owe Magneto fer the world o' hurt He put me through when he tore out my adamantuim."

" Alright you convinced me, I'll go get it. Now Vegeta no fighting in the house while I'm fetcthing it."

He's starin' at me while we wait fer her ta come back. I Grin at the weirdo an say, " Ya know bub yer completely whipped."

He smirks " No you interrupted that."

" Yuck! Too much information." I say Finally she give me th' gun. She tells me it's only got enough of a charge fer one shot an' I have ta make that one count. Good thing fer me I'm a great shot.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Battle cry

While waitin' Fer Magneto ta make his move I got bored. I went ta this site where ya can get new battle cries. While I personally " like the best there is" There is always room ta improve. So here's th' Name fer Wolverine.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Who is that, stalking across the tundra! It is Wolverine, hands clutching a studded crowbar! And with a spectacular roar, his voice cometh:

"I'm going to contort you into the fast lane!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by %20color="#cc00ff" face="times new roman">beatings : powered by

Now that one was good to bad I 've used it ta pick up women. Let's see what " Logan" gets?

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, rampaging through the fields! It is Logan, hands clutching a thorned whip! And with a bloodthirsty roar, his voice cometh:

"For the love of carnage and discord, no flesh shall be spared!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by %20color="#cc00ff" face="times new roman">beatings : powered by

Not bad, but outta curiosity let's see what James Howlett Gets?

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Running on the plains, swinging a bladed baseball bat, cometh James Howlett! And he gives a vengeful roar:

"I'm going to pummel you until Amnesty International campaigns against it!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by %20color="#cc00ff" face="times new roman">beatings : powered by

An' fer th' last one "Weapon X."

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, running across the terrain! It is Weapon X, hands clutching a burning branch! He howls vengefully:

"I'm going to hack into your brain, and type rm -rf !!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by %20color="#cc00ff" face="times new roman">beatings : powered by

Eh? Ya know what? If it ain't broke don't fix it. I Think I'll leave my battle cry "I'm The best there is at what I do, and what I do ain't pretty."