Sunday, June 25, 2006


Magneto made his move

( continued from Koma TX, Martian Manhunter and some others.)

We thought he'd be attackin'' the mutant cure clinics or somewhere else. But we ended up findin' him fightin' wit A plant man an alien in a green Lanteren costume, two dead things that claimed they were Frankenstein an' his bride a bullet headed woman , an, a babe in a top hat wearin' fishnets.

Mags was rising in th' air. I yell this while jumpin' outta th' Black bird. " Look up in the sky! It's the Pink Wonder!" He turns but when I was about ta slash 'im his skank bot knocks me outta the way. I only got his arm.

" Not you again!" says TX.

" Well ya hunk a scrap, the only way yer gonna get rid o' me is ta dump Magneto. "

" I will never leave my Magneto and you will never threaten him again!" She runs at me ready fer battle . I charge her claws extended. Then at the last second I fall on my back an' kick her over ta Kodiak.

I knew her dream thing wouldn't work on 'im a second time. He crushed her throat so she wouldn't call on anymore robots. She had plenty O' robots around fer all 'a us. And the rest o' the X-men were fightin' them and the Brother hoods. While those other heroes were just sleepin'

All a sudden Magneto grabs me wit' his powers. " Time to pay for all the humilations you've heaped on me Logan!"

" Go ahead Bub! I've proven I can take what ya can dish out."

The problem wit' Magneto is he seems to only be able ta pay attention ta one thing at a time. He didn't notice Drake behind him so he didn't have a shield up when he got th' Ice blast from behind.

" Hey Mags! He may be an arrogant angry midget, but he's our arrogant angry midget!"

" Thanks Fer settin' I'm up Drake. Now I'm takin' him down! " Just when I was about ta finish Mags off. I'm blasted by one o' those skeleton robots that TX brought into the fight. Magneto laughs until he's blasted too.

" Sky Why? " he pleads at his love toy. " I didn't." she tries to say When the robots around us start laughin' " Humans , Mutants all are inferior! All shall be slain by me!" The liquid metal bots all take a very familiar form. Free Image Hosting -

" All of you pests will be exterminated by Ultron!"

Bah! Have not learned anything in all our battles? You can't stop me! I am the most powerful mutant on the planet!
You're toast buckethead!

Get him Wolverine.
*TX who is equally matched with Ultron in her control of machines tries to takes back control of her machines*

Ultron I will deal with you another time

*because he isnt physically present yet, she succeeds but not before he initiates thier self destruct systems*
Great all this happens and where am I. Unconscious. Whoop de doo!
now that Swampthing and his fools are out I will deal with you... Magneto no!!!
You hurt my Komy and I'll, I'll.
Power systems upgrade by Sky initiated.
I'll blast you to heck.

Love you all

Ya know as many times as Ya blst me I'll just get up again . And I'll keep comin' aftewr ya until yer in the scrap heap do yer self a favor stay outta my way.
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