Friday, August 25, 2006



In A SHIELD medical facility.

" It's amazing " says one medic. " The other day his organs were completely crushed. Now They're almost completely repaired."

" This is your first time taking care of Logan I see. Oh I'd stand further away if I was you."

" Why?" the other asks .

The wild mutant . Thrashes awake . Pops his claws And almost slashes the the the new medic. Nick Fury Walks into the door. " Ah Logan I see your up."

" What the Flamin? Where's the Hulk Fury?"

" Well he beat the Hell out of and left to parts unknown."

" How convenient." Answers Logan......

My Head was ringin' And Fury Wasn't helpin' matters. " So where are the X-men?" I ask him. " Believe it or not in a motel 6.

" Ah that's just great looks like I'm stayin in Avengers Tower for while."

" Not so fast there fireplug." Fury grabs me

" If ya want to keep that hand bub you'll let go right now."

" And then you'll end up back in that bed after the trigger happy agents outside. Now tell me what's going on out there with the armored freaks attacking cities>"

" Your guess is as good as mine Nick."

" Please Xavier's girlfriend was leading the charge against those things. You X-men know who's behind this, and I want to know as well."

" Can't help ya. Now where's my Pants? Or do ya want me streakin' through New York?"

"Here." he says throwin me what's left of my tattered costume. " I've known you how long now Logan?"

" Years."

" And I know when your keeping things from me. Wait it's an X-man doing this isn't it? That's the only reason for you keeping it from me! Is it Jean again? No Your not torn up emotionally. So which one has gone rouge Wolverine?

I just start walkin towards the door.

" We know Xavier's left the planet and left his religious zealot girlfriend in charge. That can't be sitting to well with you Storm Or Cyclops."

" Why should I care?" I ask.

" You've lead the X-men at one time. Do you really want this outsider telling you what to do?"

" What do ya know about it?"

" I know she was raised by The Church. I also know She has no idea how to act in a society. She was segregated her whole life and trained in all of these crazy rituals. And now she's leading the X-men ?"

" Ya have a point Nick? Because I'm gettin' bored."

" Here take a look at these."

He had these pics of maggie between the sheets with some guy that has a cybernetic arm."

" Nick I don't wanna see your porn collection. What's this photoshopped or a few years ago or somethin'? "

" Nope a couple of days ago. And the subject of she's with is Guy Abrams."

" Don't know him. Don't care too."

" You know him alright as the Henchman."

" Grow up Fury . We both know war makes for strange bed fellows. I'll ask once again, Is there a point to this? Or have ya become a gossipin' grandma in yer old age?"

" Logan, She's sleeping with someone who is a known associate of Magneto. For all we know she could have been a plant by him from the start. Tell me do you really trust her more than you do SHIELD?"

" Some days I trust Magneto more than I do SHIELD. So let me guess at what your takin' forever to get to. Your sayin' That Maggie is a Magneto spy, and that I should work with you. And then we'll Take down whoever's behind these armored freaks? And then SHILELD And the X-men will work as a big Ol' happy family? Want me to get ya a shovel for what your tryin'' ta sale to me?"

" Logan after the registration act you work for us anyway. But we need to get someone else to lead you against this threat. Also you need to divulge all you know ."

" Ya don't always get what you want. Now are ya gonna try ta arrest me? Or would you rather all your little super spies to make it out of this in one piece?"

" Let him go !" Fury orders.

" Ya just made the right decision."

" Yes But have you old friend?"

" I guess we'll find out won't we?"

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Me vs The Hulk

I've fought The Hulk many times. Here's picture of the first time. Free Image Hosting - I don't know what My home country's government was thinkin' with the mask on that costume .

Anyway he just destroyed the underground levels O' the mansion . Leavin' it totaled.
I follow the green freak on my bike. When he lands I jump the bike right into him.

He turns on me. " You should have quit while you were ahead runt!" Free Image Hosting -

I leap at him. I duck a hay maker, I slash his abdomen. There's one thing I've learned when fightin' all the versions O' the Hulk . Ya don't get in close, until he's off balance . Then in my case ya jump outta the way. Fightin' hand to hand just gives big boy the advantage.

He keeps gettin' madder an' stronger. I keep dodgin' his mitts an' cuttin' him. Problem is he does that thunderclap and My ears almost bust He charges me and knocks hits me in the chest. I flew several feet away.

He looms over me the next second. Free Image Hosting -

He pulls a tree outta the ground, I roll outta it 's way before it crushes me. I hop over his head, and cut into his back. He falls on me. Then when he rolls around he tries to grab me I bury my claws in his hands.

While he's reelin' I kick him in the teeth. Then Head but him. He slaps me away. At least I'm gettin' plenty of frequent flyer miles. He expects me to lie there and heal, He doesn't expect me to run at him screamin.'

Free Image Hosting -

Now I went back to hit and Run tactics. The only problem was he was gettin' stronger An' with that he was healin' faster, an was gettin' harder to hurt. " You've always been annoying Logan!" He growls. "Now your just in my way!"

" What do ya want with Chuck eh?"

" He and a couple of friends of his tricked me And sent me into space."

" yeah I wonder why? A calm and collected gentleman like you Hulk." He runs at me And I aim fer his eyes , he dodges and I end up puttin' a mark on his face. For a second all he does is glare. Then he says. " they think I'm dangerous? What happens when it's your turn? You think Xavier is going to back you up? No probably not in fact he'll probably help him self to that Japanese girl you've been seeing."

That makes me go into a Bezerker rage. Free Image Hosting -

At this moment, That talkin' fox shows up an' asks me ta help him find Gaia. I had no idea where he came from, or how he found me All I knew was he distracted me long enough.

The green goof choke slams me. Then he punches me several time before finally holdin' up my body like a trophy. Free Image Hosting -

One body slam later, all I see is stars, when those clear up[, I see a big green foot goin' for my face , then darkness.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Tagged by MS Marvel

Well After Vegeta's little tirade Me Cyke an'Ana Went ta Philedelphia ta find Laura. SeThough I hate Vegeta His kid has been doin' a good job O' keeping the Heroes In the Info Loop an' helping Magdelena coordinate this mess. We found Laura Danny An' Elixir wiith a bunch o' others. After takin Out the last O' the Demons In Philly. We Told Trunks we were takin Evreyone back .

Alright while i'm here in the Black bird I might as well get this Meme Caro; Tagged me wth done.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of it and the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag three people

Al right the nearest thing here is " Wild Cards Death Draws Five. By John J. Miller."

" came from good Stock. My Pa was a strong man like his before him . and his before him . So was my Ma's family. I made it to 1946, But Barely.

Now because I bet thy're bored I tag Cyclops Ana, and Becuase he wakes me up by dancin' in the room above me , and Yellin" HeY Hey Hey!" So I cant' sleep at night Fat Albert

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Tearin' up Toronto.

Ana had went with me in the Black bird, along with Vegetables for brains. He asked for the hundredth time. Why I had brought her. I ignored him. I just kept talkin To Shi.

" Darlin' After this Battle I'm gonna intoduce ya to Alpha Flight. And My Best Friends, James Hudson AKA Guardian, and Heather Hudson Also called Vindicator." I heard bad hair laughin.'

" Wait? You mean People actually call you friend?"

" Yeah Bub. Jealous? Because no one want to be around you? Or is it because your friends throw knives and spears at ya?"

" Bah! Magdelena is too sensitive! You and I both know the best way to end this is by killing Gaia."

Now this pissed me off. yeah i know that Gaia Always made fun O' me. But that's just the way we X-men are . I make fun O' Scott all the time. But I'll still watch his back.

If one thing all o' Jean's Dark Phoniex episodes have taught us, It's that there's always hope to save her. I pop my claws "Look Bub! If I were you I would stop sayin' things like that around me got that? "

" Not like you can do anything to stop me rodent!" Ana pats my arm " Logan We're here. " I look out the wind shield ta see Alpha Flight already engaging the Enemy.

I turn off the auto pilot, and land the Black bird. Vegeta, had already jumped out, and was blastin' the Fliyn' ones. Meanwhile I Run up to some of the Aliens an' let go bezerker rage.

Puck yells at me " Don't let those knives touch you eh. We've already seen 'em turn normal people against us."

I was too far gone to say any thing at that point. All I knew Was I had to bring this freaks down. The Shaman Caught a bunch of 'em In Plants Shi Chopped many down And watchd my back.

Sasquatch stomped those things into the ground.While Aurora, Vindcator , an Guardina Helped Vegeta Blow up the flyers , after hours of battle we had finally won , but were tired, Even mister Invincible Vegta was Breathin hard.

Then a few o' The Citizens attacked the Saiyan. I guess they were infected by earlier. They tried to knife him, but he disappered and reppeared above them, Then Before Guardian Or Vindiactor could reach him, He burned all those people to ash with a blast. Free Image Hosting -

Shi looked away " Oh God! He just murdered those possesed people ."

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Looks like the mansion is gonna get busted again.

I told Kurt in no uncertain terms that he ain't allowed arround Laura, Then again it ain't like Laura can't take care O' her self. Weapon X trained her pretty well. NAy way I start ta help wit' repairs again when these armored things Flew in an' attackd the mansion.

Just what we need . somethin' smashin' up the place some more. Whatever they were they were wantin' ta kill . I pop my claws One O' 'em laughs at me. " Metal claws against adantine Armor? Surely you jest!"

" Nope I don't Jest. And Don't call me shirley bub!" I slash through it's fancy metal . I guess Adamantine is no match for Adamantium. One down about 50 million ta go .The other X-men back me up but this is gonna tkae evreything we got just to survive.

I'm stabbed about a hundred times .any one without a healin Factor would be dead. I ceman was freezin them makin' his corny jokes . When Sevreal o' these undead thinga team up to shatter him .

That's when I lose it. The whole world turns a bright shade O' red I'm gonna make 'em pay for takin' X-man blood!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Well after spendin' a couple o' days wit' Ana I get a call. It was from Josh Foley it wI just said yes ta whatever he was askin' So I could get back ta Ana It took a couple O' seconds ta realize I had given all the students permission ta drink.

We got back an' luckily Parker's aunt, had scolded 'em. Well the next mornin' I helped with the repairs to the Mansion the whole time Pete was tellin' me how he wanted ta crush Spider-Man's head.

I was getin' a little bit o' a headache listenin' to him. Ehen Kurt 'ports. In front O' me. " Mein frend I must ask if you somezing you see I have found this woman."

" So what Kurt I ain't got time fer your problems right now ! Who ever this girl is jut ask her out !"

" Danke." he telports out again. I hear 'im in the floor below me, say " Would you Liken ze sex?" Great he's usin' the worst pick up line possible again . Next thing I know he's tossed outta window. Then I hear a familar growlin.' Laura jumps out after 'im and starts chasin' him.

Wait a Flamin' Minute the woman he meant was Laura? Grrrrrrrrrrr! Snikt ! You had better run Elf!
Free Image Hosting -

Thursday, August 03, 2006



When I get back to the mansion A Flamin' Metal detector was put up front As I'm smashin' the thing the alarm blares we go outside ta find sentinels killin' humans. After fightin' a while. I see Shi about ta be killed by a sentinel.

I get Colossus ta Perform fast ball special, But I gotta say he's distracted. He said he wished He was throwin' Spider-man through a wall instead O'' this. An' tossed me a little higher an' faster than usual . At least I still got there ta slice the robots head off.

Another one was about ta step on me, I slashed it's foot off. Then I was blasted. " Surrender Mutant!" Great like I ain't heard that enough of that in my lifetime. I ain't done it yet and I ain't about ta start now!

They keep blastin' And I keep slashin! When It looks like I'm about ta pass out a metal winged man flies by and commands the sentinels ta come wit' him . We cleaned up We found A lot o' bodies a humans . Meanwhile I hear Carol ask what the "Japanese Hussy is doing, here?"

" Retract the Claws Carol!"

She Laughs " That's weird coming from you."

"Whatever Ya just have to except whatever it was we had is over Darlin" "

Then she flew over ta Scott who was cryin' over what was left o' his pink car. Then I noticed I hadn't seen Laura nowhere. I yelled fer her an' finally found her inside what was left O' a scrapheap,of a robot.

Heh. She took it down. She suggested Me an Ana go somewhere while Carol An' Scott were babblin' about a Flamin' party. I Yell " Hey I told ya to stay outta my ... well that ain't a bad idea though."

Well I guess I'll talk ta ya all later.

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