Tuesday, October 30, 2007


fer the last time people

How many times Have I gotta say this? I AIN'T DRESSED LIKE A WERE WOLF FER HALLOWEEN!" Where do people get this idea?

People are strange. Happy Halloween anyway.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Fightin' Wendigo.

The monster slobbers over us. "WENDIGO!" it shouts knockin' Ana Outta the the and cuttin' open my guts.I do the same Our healin' factors kick in. His a lot faster than mine. He kicks me across the inta the lake.

Shi uses her Qi tricks ta get the monster off balance fer a sec. An' I pull my self outta the water.

" What is he? " She asks dodging his claws.

" It was once a man, Some camper or somethin' that ate another person. Out here there is a curse if ya do that ya become that. I've fought a couple O' his past hosts but it's spirit remembers , and wants me fer lunch. It's strong heals fast, and is supernatural."

It acted as if it understood me And it yelled the one word it knew " WENDIGOOOOOOO!" proudly.

I try goin' fer it's eyes. It grabs my hands and starts slammin' me into the ground over an' over. I start feelin' my self go out like a light.
Ana stabs it in the back.

It turns on her, " WEN DI GO!" It grabs her by the neck an' looks like it's ready ta bite her neck. Usually I hate the red rage that lives in side but this time I embrace it since it's the only way ta get Ana away from those teeth.

I knock Wendi off a her and go fer the kill Ana joins me, and we slice an' dice the monster. After a few minuets the Wendigo stops movin'.

" That was good Darlin'." I Give ' er the thumbs up sign.

Well that's before Wendi knocks us both off. he comes after me and stars slashin' my face open and keeps goin' fer it over and over again. Then all'a the sudden somethin' picks wendigo Up and throws him inta a bunch O' trees.

After my eyes heal up I see.

" Is this a private party or can anyone join in?"

Great the flamin' Hulk just what I need.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Punishin' my son

Ana Showed up an' gave me some kind O' ultimatum. After she said it Daiken popped up. How the hell does he get inta the X-mansion without anyone noticin'?

" I told the old man not to get attached to people, he's an animal and Weapon X has his leash, I guess he didn't listen . Well you get to die girlie." the boy pops his claws.

I do the same . " Boy Let's take this outside."

He laughs " Are you kiddin? me dad. I beat your ass last time! This time your going down!"

" We'll see about that " I grin.

The boy don't know about my trainin'. This time I beat him silly. After he fell with his claws all broken . " This isn't possible!" He shouts.

" Well bub I'm the best there is at what I do. Now ya need ta rethink some O' yer choices in life, i could kill ya But I ain't yer my son, But I ain't gonna let ya or Weapon X threaten anyone I care about again got it!?"

He runs off wit' his tail between his legs. Yellin' "This Isn't over!" Whatever. I ain't lettin' my skills slip again. I know Ana is pissed that i didn't let her help wit' Daiken but this is somethin' I had ta do myself, soon I'll go back and try to free him from Weapon X , problem is I don't know if he wants ta be free.

I push this outta my brain, and find The Black Cat. Talkin' With Ana Oh God! My Ex with my other ex.

So Ana and Felicia both storm out what the Flamin' hell did I do? After a few days she comes Ana comes back an' yells at me about bein' like Matt. " hey I dated Felicia after Warbird , and before you she was what ya call a rebound, Look I was serious about not puttin' anyone in danger. I didn't date anyone after we broke up! Not that it would matter if I did."

Appranntly she already figured this out herself, Or talked to Felicia who i have no idea what she wanted here. Ana wanted to go on some kinda trip ta work on the relation ship or some crap.

Not a problem fer me with those saiyan kids, around here the mansion has sucked first the boy likes to beat the hell outta any, and everyone he fights with in hand to hand class. Some kids have gotten close ta beatein' him esppecially Hekllion , But has an annoyin' habit O' gettin'stronger after he gets defeated. So he beats down who ever beat him last time includin' me .

The girl well first she has some kinda magic ring.

And she thought it would be funny to create a fake Hulk with it and have 'im beat me up. Then worse she mucks wit' the Danger room's circuits so the X-men can have trainin' against aliens her Dad Vegetable Brain has run inta over the years. That's not so bad in theory. But the next morning the holograms escaped the Danger room they were this annoying robot race that kept yellin' " EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE!"

So yeah I had no problem leavin fer a while . We've spent some time in a cabin I own in the Canadian Rockies but there's this weird feelin'I got ever since I got here, Like somethin' is in the wind. I listen to it's " WWEEEEENNNNNNN!" " Sound the wind is makin'.

Ans slinks up behind me. " Logan you've been staring out into the mountains for hours."

"I don't know darlin' this'll sound silly but it's like the wind is tryin to tell me something. " Now it's makin a DIIIII! sound.

" That doesn't sound silly at all but maybe your just a little stressed. I have the best way to to relieve that. "

A few hours later, I'm a little more relaxed but I can't shake the feelin' that something's coming. I fall asleep, but it's not a peacful one an' the wind seems to be gettin' louder even in my dreams. " WEEEEEEEEENNNNDIIIIIGOOOOOOO"! " WENDIGOOOO!" "WENDIGOOO!" "WENDIGO!"