Monday, October 22, 2007


Fightin' Wendigo.

The monster slobbers over us. "WENDIGO!" it shouts knockin' Ana Outta the the and cuttin' open my guts.I do the same Our healin' factors kick in. His a lot faster than mine. He kicks me across the inta the lake.

Shi uses her Qi tricks ta get the monster off balance fer a sec. An' I pull my self outta the water.

" What is he? " She asks dodging his claws.

" It was once a man, Some camper or somethin' that ate another person. Out here there is a curse if ya do that ya become that. I've fought a couple O' his past hosts but it's spirit remembers , and wants me fer lunch. It's strong heals fast, and is supernatural."

It acted as if it understood me And it yelled the one word it knew " WENDIGOOOOOOO!" proudly.

I try goin' fer it's eyes. It grabs my hands and starts slammin' me into the ground over an' over. I start feelin' my self go out like a light.
Ana stabs it in the back.

It turns on her, " WEN DI GO!" It grabs her by the neck an' looks like it's ready ta bite her neck. Usually I hate the red rage that lives in side but this time I embrace it since it's the only way ta get Ana away from those teeth.

I knock Wendi off a her and go fer the kill Ana joins me, and we slice an' dice the monster. After a few minuets the Wendigo stops movin'.

" That was good Darlin'." I Give ' er the thumbs up sign.

Well that's before Wendi knocks us both off. he comes after me and stars slashin' my face open and keeps goin' fer it over and over again. Then all'a the sudden somethin' picks wendigo Up and throws him inta a bunch O' trees.

After my eyes heal up I see.

" Is this a private party or can anyone join in?"

Great the flamin' Hulk just what I need.

not a word about the outfit?
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