Friday, December 22, 2006


What's wrong wit' these Kids ?

Today we had the Christmas Party for all the kids, Who are goin' back home fer the Holidays. I drew the short straw , and had ta give out the kids presents. Fer some reason lot O' them ran off I wonder why?

Flamin' kids just don't have the Christmas Spirit.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


The After life sucks.

So where I was last time on the blog, The Dark Riders and Cyber was surrodin' me. I tore through the Dark Riders pretty easy. But Cyber's Another problem entirely. Oddly he still had his Adamantim skin.

Kinda funny since the reason he died was Genesis took his skin off. " You were always afraid of me Logan! Now I'm going to drag you into Hell with us." I pop my claws into his eyes.

" Nice ta see ya again Bub. I guess ya ain't gonna be seein' anything anymore." As my ol' enemey scurried away. I saw what looked like the Devil scowlin' at me. Mad that I aced these losers.

" Ya want to get me come an' do it yerself!" I turn around, an' The guys I just beat get back up. Healed faster than me. Looks like Dead people don't stay messed up. Well good means I get ta put 'em down again.

The voice of a girl laughin' makes me turn. " Well , well Tovarich seems like you just keep yourself in trouble Da?"

" Yup Illyana.

" So Ya here ta take me ta final reward or somethin?"

" No. I'm just here to hold them off until you get back to your body."

" Eh? whattya talkin' about? I was cured. I ain't got a healin' factor."

" Well Tovarich You do. Either the cure is temporary, or your power fought it off. You'd better go back,Oh Da Before you go can you tell Pitor I'm fine and not to feel sad about me?"

I wave at her " Least I can do Darlin'" I Walk away from the light, and next thing I know I'm awake in a flamin coffin. I hear Bobby Drake bein' stupid above me.

I was thinkin' about just stayin' in there until I healed completely. But I was thirsty, and hungry. So I broke out.

My Brain was a little messed up so I was stumblin' around an' freakin out the students. Many of them thought I was undead or somethin' What do they teach these kids here? Then again, I have fought vampires, and zombies before.

After My Healin' Factor Fixes I remember that Creed did this to me. An' I was sure Laura, and Ana would go after him. I asked Chuck ta find 'em fer me. When he does I get some guns and some bullets made of Carbonadium. I've been keepin' for a for Sabertooth.

When I get there I make my dramatic entrance from an Alley. How The hell the Punisher got into this I don't know. But, Ana and Laura, I expected, An' poor Ol' Creed was too stupified ta do anything.

Ana jumps on me, after kissin' me. I put 'er down "We will finish this later, just keep it warm for me." I winked at her then turned as He growled"Now Bub, I think you and I have some unfinished business!"

I shoot him down, Creed Is freaked out that he ain't healin'. " Carbonadium, Bub it messes up our healin' factors. Let's see how ya like Bein' dead for a while Creed."

I fire a few more inta him. And he lays on the ground convulsion' Fer some reason, This remind me of Picard's Christmas Party where a couple O' Borg drones tried ta assimilate me.

They poked me wit' some kind of needle, and these things gointot me nanites I guess. My Healin' Factor fights 'em off. " Yo robots! That all Ya got? I've healed from a Brood bein' implanted in me. I slashed 'em up after that I wonder if Picard's Crew found where I put the bodies?

I call the Vault to pick up Sabertooth. The Punisher asks " Where do I get those bullets?"

" I ain't got no more bub. Unless I find the C-synthesizer that is. An' I ain't lettin' you have any Punisher. Now why don't ya get outta here before the SHIELD Boys show up huh?"

" Yes I must kill Iron Man." he rambles back.

I shake my head. " Yeah good luck wit' that."

So Me ' an My Babe Ana Spend the night gettin'reacquaintedd. The next mornin' I go down to the Kitchen ta get some breakfast. When Damned Vegeta shows up " You ready for the Race Rodent?"

Oh damn I fergot I have to race as a team member with this alien idiot. Maybe I should have just stayed in the grave.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Sabertooth will die , or I will.

From Punisher's War Journal.

I've never really had any particular love for superheroes. But if anyone dies I want to punish those who are guilty. The Girl X-23 thought she was going to knock me out .

I wake the Woman Shi with smelling salts. " Are you actually supposed to be trained?" I sneer. " You let the little girl knock you out I think you have to turn your Katana.

She curses me in Japanese I can see why her and Logan get along. At least X-23 ' feeble attempt to knock me out gave me a chance to put a tracer on her. We find her in the seedy part of town. Sabertooth was handing her head.

When he kicks her away I fill Sabertooth with lead.

" Ya idiot !" he screams. " My healin' factor keeps yer bullets from killin' me ."

" Bet it still hurts huh?" I respond. I toss a Thermite grenade that set him a flame. He charges me trying to burn me as well. Shi knocks Creed back with some power or something.

It wasn't enough Victor just goes after her. While he's not looking , at me I knock his knee out of it's socket with a kick. While he's recovering I put my pistol in his eye, and fire. At the same time, Shi plunges her swords into his lungs.

All this does is set him off in a bezerker rage. During this he claws through my kevlar armor. After he spends his rage on me he turns to Shi. " Well Darlin' I'm gonna send ya ta Logan like I said I was gonna do the other day!"

A gruff voice comes from an alley " Aw Vic Ya don't have ta send her to me Bub, I'm right here."
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What the Hell?

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Who does this person think he is?

Sabertooth took Wolverine away from me. Now I'm going to take. his life away from him. Josh kept trying to talk me out it.

"Laura he's way too strong. he almost killed you last time."

"I wasn't ready for him last time . This time he won't be ready for me. Besides I won't let Ana throw her life away."

"Like throwing your life away is any better ?"

I ignored him , and went after Sabertooth. . After beating some fools who are dumb enough to call themselves his associates. I find him . Looks like Shi found him first. She was losing badly. I pop my claws .

But before I can get near Creed, somone shoots him with some kind of exploding bullets. What the Flamin Hell do ya think yer tryin' to pull?" Sabertooth yells at some human with a machine gun.

" Ya didn't even like Logan. Why the Hell are ya gettin' vengence for him?"This isn't Vengence, It's Punishment." He blasts creed with a Bazooka then immolates him with a grenade.

Creed Out of instinct jumps into the East River. I'm sure when he heals he's going to be angry. I scream at the interloper. " Why did you do that? you let him get away He shakes his head.

" You shouldn't be after him little girl."

"And This isn't your fight Castle!" I spit.

Shi butts in. " Laura who is this person?"

"Frank Castle." I respond. "Better known as the Punisher.

Monday, December 04, 2006



I have ta team with Vegeta? Vegeta? Damn flamin' Bastard.I was all ready ta have some fun with the Amazing Mutant race. Then I find our non mutants get ta play, not only that but Vegeta picked me as his partner What the Hell was he thinkin'?

So I'm complainin with Ana About this on the phone, When I notice Laura's gone. Damn it not when Sabertooth's on the loose. I say bye to The Babe. I call tht stupid boy HS' cell phone yup she's got it.

" Where are ya?" I scream a little too loud.

"I'm at the docks." She snorts.

" This wasn't our deal Laura. As long as Sabertooth is free evreyone is dai know is in danger."

" Creed already got to me, I doubt he'd attack me again."

" Ya don't know him like I do." Then it hits me. " Are ya at the docks to see that devil boy?"

She snorts " It's none of your business if I am. Besides if Angus can have monkey girl too , why can't i have another guy?"

"Is this what this is about Makin' Fade Jealous?" I question.

" No, not anymore at least. Look Logan I'm not talking about this with you any more!"

" YA get back to the mansion right now girl or i'm comin' ta get ya!" Then I feeel this syringe goin' into my arm.

I turn around Sabertooth somehow gotten in without me smellin' him.or noticin'."

" Ya aint goin' any where Logan, but ta the grave."

I pop my claws normally it hurts for a second then stops but this time the pain don't go away,and it's bleedin like crazy.

" Confused Jamie Boy?" Creed growls. " Don't be I just gave ya the mutant cure, Now I could just let ya die naturally from the adamantium skelton , But ya know what? I'm gonna just gonna kill ya now."

I fight him, but since I'm a normal person now, I ain't gotta chance He beats me , bad. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

As my vision fades, he laughs at me. " Ya know that kid, yer supposed to be havin' with Carol? Well ya ain't. She didn't get pregnent. But she was sooo desperate she made a deal wit' me to get a kid.

I was supposed ta get one of those clones of ya . That Weapon X made instead I gave her Wonder Man's kid I guess she won't find that out, until she gives birth to a wuss bag! To bad ya ain't gonna be around ta see it."

Next thing I know I feel a huge pain. in my chest , and guts. evreything goes dark, Well that is until this light at the end O' a tunnel opens . "Aw Hell not again!" I shout.

" Yeah again freak!" I turn around and see Cyber? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Behind him are some O' the Dark Riders, and other scum I've killed over the years. Cyber points at me, " Your dead pal and this time your not going to come back!We're going to habve a loooong time to catch up Logan."