Saturday, December 09, 2006


Who does this person think he is?

Sabertooth took Wolverine away from me. Now I'm going to take. his life away from him. Josh kept trying to talk me out it.

"Laura he's way too strong. he almost killed you last time."

"I wasn't ready for him last time . This time he won't be ready for me. Besides I won't let Ana throw her life away."

"Like throwing your life away is any better ?"

I ignored him , and went after Sabertooth. . After beating some fools who are dumb enough to call themselves his associates. I find him . Looks like Shi found him first. She was losing badly. I pop my claws .

But before I can get near Creed, somone shoots him with some kind of exploding bullets. What the Flamin Hell do ya think yer tryin' to pull?" Sabertooth yells at some human with a machine gun.

" Ya didn't even like Logan. Why the Hell are ya gettin' vengence for him?"This isn't Vengence, It's Punishment." He blasts creed with a Bazooka then immolates him with a grenade.

Creed Out of instinct jumps into the East River. I'm sure when he heals he's going to be angry. I scream at the interloper. " Why did you do that? you let him get away He shakes his head.

" You shouldn't be after him little girl."

"And This isn't your fight Castle!" I spit.

Shi butts in. " Laura who is this person?"

"Frank Castle." I respond. "Better known as the Punisher.

Normally I'm against a leathal response. This time I'm willing to make an exception.

He's a baaddd man.
ouch that bazookas gotta battle
It looks like there is going to be some violence.
ok so he blew up Sabertooth as if thats not hard to do. Like as if he killed him. Gee the punishers such a tough guy.

Really Castle is just a big baby taking his petulant rage out on those he considers evil.

He just a socipath with a social agenda. No different to any other gun toting vigilgante. Why do you fools think this guy is cool.

I can see I'm going to have to take this idiot down a peg or two.


Future winner of the amazing mutant raace 3
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