Monday, September 24, 2007


Past lives

Continued from here. From the journals of Logan, Japan. The Onin War. It seems I always get inta wars. Though, it could be because I have a death wish after what happened in Canada. Not like that's gonna happen.

Evreytime I'm shot stabbed or somethin'. Wait a few minutes and I'm all healed up. After seein' a book about samurai in Japan, came here. after travelin' fer a while I met a guy I met once before Ogun. Now I'm takin' him up on his offer to train me.

While doin' Katas outside some chick comes up ta me. It's weird she acts she knows me, and not only acts She's attracted ta me , but is in love wit' me.

But this weirdness pales in comparison to the hate I feel when I see Lady Death again. She seduced me , and tricked inta killin' these monks, and gettin' this magic doo hickey. Because O' her I almost destroyed the world.

So I smack her, She teases me wit'. " Aw no kiss for old times sake? You know Vegeta would ." What the Flamin' hell is a Vegeta? Sounds like some kinda disease they warn about when yer ship lands in a strange country.

The hot little Kabuki number speaks ta me politely in Japanese. I dismiss 'em, and send them on their way. Master Ogun Scolds me. " you should have went with them you could have restored your honor for nearly destroying the planet."

" But Sensei." I protest. " Lady death is the one that got me inta that in the first place. "

" Then Logan-San, you can watch her and if she is going to do something evil you can stop it. "

Damn it . He makes sense, so without another word I track the girls down. Ya know a lot O' people around here have warned me that Ogun has a bit of Darkness in his soul, but not from what I've seen.

Whatever , I end up gettin' in the middle O' some battle with The Kabuki girl, and Lady Death. I guess if nothin' else I'll see where this goes.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Flamin' Skrull.

My son Daiken beat the hell outta me. He told me I had ta to accept I was an animal and Weapon X had my leash. He said if I didn't break it off with Ana . He'd kill her, And there was nothin' I could do about it.

An' he's right I can't beat him, like I am now. I just thought when i got smacked around by guys like the Hulk, And Veg head, that They were just t too tough fer me ta beat, I just didn't wanna admit to my self, all this time I was sittin' around eatin' pringles an' watchin' reality shows. That I had lost my edge.

That was why I had been trainin' with fellow Avenger Iron Fist. I feel my muscle memory comin' back But it's gonna take time time I don't got. So I'm gonna learn from Lady Shiva an' Shang Chi as well.

Soon Daiken will face me not as an animal but as a livin' weapon.problem is it's probably for the best that me an' Ana are apart. I have many more enemies out there, That an' I won't grow old she will yeah it's fer the best.

But here's the weird thing when Laura kissed that saiyan boy I knew it wasn't her. She ain't the type ta try to get revenge on someone in fact when she gets mad or sad she sits in a corner and don't talk fer days.

Nah. This Laura is a fake. When I see her run passed bleedin' green blood I know what the Hell she is a Skrull. Lucky fer me She went out inta the woods surrounding' the mansion So now I can take care O' her with out X-men interference.

I find her by a tree bleedin'. " Dad! What the flamin' hell is wrong with me I ain't healin."

I growl "That's because the skrulls never did copy my healin' factor right they I've been copied before." I pop my claws. " And I ain't yer dad Skrull girl."

She starts cryin'. " I ain't a skrull! I'm Laura!"

I shake my head. " Sometimes ya lizards take a form an' forget who ya really are, but ya still mess up people's lives around ya. Get ready ta die."

She attacks. I block her claws with mine and break em' since hers ain't real Adamantium. I catch her foot claws before it gets inta my gut I trip her an' plunge the claws inta her chest.

She dies an' takes her real form an ugly Skrull form. Weirdly I smell a scent similar ta Shiva's. I turn and it's some girl in a Bat costume. Weird are my senses off?

" Yer the Bat's kid ain't ya?" I ask.

" Yes.. You killed her." Way ta state the obvious kid.

" Yeah could ya not tell yer little boyfriend about it? The last thing I want is that devil loser sniffin' around Laura again."

Batman.. doesn't like me dating Vincent. " Ok I really don't care.

" So what's it gonna take fer ya not to tell about this Laura bein' a fake?" Hopin' This kid can understand give an' take. I'm seems she doesn't understand English very well. I try speakin' Japanese, and Chinese ta see if she understands them any better nope she just stares.

Finally I ain't sure what happened she just wanders off. Oh well I better hide this body.

Monday, September 03, 2007


X-23: I guess I'd better explain myself eh?

Yeah I messed wit, Logan, Cass Cain, And that Flamin' wimp HS. When I Kissed Vincent. Why?

Ok here's the reason's Wolverine's been on my case a little much latley. And he hates the saiyans so I thought that would get 'im nice an' mad looks like it worked.

Either that or or he's still a little stung about the whole Ana thing endin' but he did it to protect her from His son. My Brother, Daiken. The guy Beat Logan, beat 'im bad. An Pop Don't want no one to get hurt because O' him.

Movin' Along Cassandra Cain, That Bat bitch beat me in fronta Evrey one in like five minutes . Gettin' even with that little retard felt good.

As fer HS? he used a flamin' Mind control rape power on me.

And he refused ta let me tear him apart in the Boudakai, The coward. We never even fought he just gave up. An' I had to act like I 'till interested in the puke. Ta get 'im in a false sense O' security. What he thought tryin' ta rescue me from Hell would impress me an' make me fall all over him after he tried ta use me? Like evrery one else?

Please! It was his fault I was taken inta Hell in the first place. I asks the pathetic demon if he was gonna fight the Half saiyan and whined this crap "No, If Vince wants to fight then I am going to give him one. My reasons is a long list, because he beat Kon low handed, His remarks about my Mother and mostly to finally get him out of my face but you Laura... You wanted this over. So it is over and if Vince makes you happy. Then I am happy for you but I think he likes someone else. Just as Fade did and I am not going to help you make him jealous or whatever your doing. "

" Hey!" I yelled at sweetly when he tuned i popped my claws

" Read between the lines bub."

I Snuck An X-Jet ta watch the fight. It that I really have a thing fer the saiyan boy, he ain't bad or anything. More he's just a means to an end Like Grace Choi In the Outsiders told me. " Don't get mad get even. An' never stop making them pay. "

The fight wasn't much Devil wuss kept whinin about how theyt were family an' shouldn't be fightin'. While Vincent beat the hell out of 'im I wish I brought Popcorn. When it was just gettin' interestin' these losers that were dressed like the JLA but they didn't get it right pop up.

Superman's chest thing ain't that color, Batman don't wear blue, Wonder Woman ain't Blonde, Flash don't wear yellow. Martian Manhunter ain't a girl. It's blue Devil not Purple Devil. I think they are all drunk.

They stop the fight and vanish with Vincent and a bunch O' others. That sucks.I was hopin' ta see blood. Well I could just draw that blood myself. But not when He's surronded by saiyans. Later yeah, I'll carve 'im up later.