Sunday, September 09, 2007


Flamin' Skrull.

My son Daiken beat the hell outta me. He told me I had ta to accept I was an animal and Weapon X had my leash. He said if I didn't break it off with Ana . He'd kill her, And there was nothin' I could do about it.

An' he's right I can't beat him, like I am now. I just thought when i got smacked around by guys like the Hulk, And Veg head, that They were just t too tough fer me ta beat, I just didn't wanna admit to my self, all this time I was sittin' around eatin' pringles an' watchin' reality shows. That I had lost my edge.

That was why I had been trainin' with fellow Avenger Iron Fist. I feel my muscle memory comin' back But it's gonna take time time I don't got. So I'm gonna learn from Lady Shiva an' Shang Chi as well.

Soon Daiken will face me not as an animal but as a livin' weapon.problem is it's probably for the best that me an' Ana are apart. I have many more enemies out there, That an' I won't grow old she will yeah it's fer the best.

But here's the weird thing when Laura kissed that saiyan boy I knew it wasn't her. She ain't the type ta try to get revenge on someone in fact when she gets mad or sad she sits in a corner and don't talk fer days.

Nah. This Laura is a fake. When I see her run passed bleedin' green blood I know what the Hell she is a Skrull. Lucky fer me She went out inta the woods surrounding' the mansion So now I can take care O' her with out X-men interference.

I find her by a tree bleedin'. " Dad! What the flamin' hell is wrong with me I ain't healin."

I growl "That's because the skrulls never did copy my healin' factor right they I've been copied before." I pop my claws. " And I ain't yer dad Skrull girl."

She starts cryin'. " I ain't a skrull! I'm Laura!"

I shake my head. " Sometimes ya lizards take a form an' forget who ya really are, but ya still mess up people's lives around ya. Get ready ta die."

She attacks. I block her claws with mine and break em' since hers ain't real Adamantium. I catch her foot claws before it gets inta my gut I trip her an' plunge the claws inta her chest.

She dies an' takes her real form an ugly Skrull form. Weirdly I smell a scent similar ta Shiva's. I turn and it's some girl in a Bat costume. Weird are my senses off?

" Yer the Bat's kid ain't ya?" I ask.

" Yes.. You killed her." Way ta state the obvious kid.

" Yeah could ya not tell yer little boyfriend about it? The last thing I want is that devil loser sniffin' around Laura again."

Batman.. doesn't like me dating Vincent. " Ok I really don't care.

" So what's it gonna take fer ya not to tell about this Laura bein' a fake?" Hopin' This kid can understand give an' take. I'm seems she doesn't understand English very well. I try speakin' Japanese, and Chinese ta see if she understands them any better nope she just stares.

Finally I ain't sure what happened she just wanders off. Oh well I better hide this body.

Poker? Dang near killed her.
Black widow : Sure why not?

Jon: Heh.
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