Monday, May 04, 2009


I ain't depressed

Everyone seems ta think I'm flamin' depressed fer some weird reason. Yeah so what if Shi Vanished from the face O' the Earth. And so what if rumors have been going around about the the reason why includin' this one. Meh So what she's better off without the Okl' Caknuckle head in her life muckin'it up.

And now wit' Spring comin' around all the students are actin' like animals and are all kissy kissy. Especially the two half saiyan kids why are they in this school again? They ain't mutants. and they ring Bats here. The two legged vigilante kind that don't belong in this Universe.

Okay enough O' that rant. Chuck lets them stay here not much I can do. Anyway I ain't depressed because I sit in front O' the TV with cans O' pringles. I'm flamin' watchin' the end of the season O' my favorite shows.

So stop tryin' ta cheer me up already especially you Cyclops! He danced around in a pink dress. tryin' ta get me ta laugh. Or at least that's what he says... I think he'd come up with any excuse to dress in drag.

Others try it, and Psylocke is trying it. " Logan you're a bloody Warrior nt a couch potato What will it take to get you up huh?"

" Look Darlin' I ain't depressed leave me the flamin' Hell alone!" I shout.

" Don't lie to a telepath I got an idea I'll let you see my new bikini. In fact maybe I'll let you watch me change into it."

Wait what?

I jump at the chance I must admit this...

Is a whole lot flamin' better that the Summers sexually confused dance. This may wipe that memory outta my head.