Sunday, July 12, 2009


Psylocke:Logan, Logan, Logan

After my little stint with the Exiles, I found Warren, Gambit, and Logan's degenerate Son all in bed together.So Obviously it's been over for me , and Angel for quite some time.

For the past few weeks I've been throwing signals to Wolverine , and he's either being coy, or he's too stupid to acknowledge it. he finally got out of that relationship with Kabuki Woman, and that nut Scarlet Witch, now he's flirting with some red headed alien on Some game show.

Worst yet he used Laura in his challenge. He seems to forget she's not him. I realize she's not in any physical danger she's almost as deadly as Logan himself.

No. What I'm worried about is she might go back to thinking she's not a person, when the only family she has left uses her as bait, and essentially a weapon she'll probably start regressing.

Her friendships with Dick Grayson, Pixie, Dust the saiyan kids, and others have helped her realize she's a person, and I've been trying to reinforce that during missions

That was before she told us all the Laura name... after a while she began imitating me which was kind of cute,

Kind of like the way she tries to imitate Logan's accent. I drove down to the Kirby Center to give Mister " I'm the best there " a piece of my mind. When I there I found a surprise, Guy, Abrams, and Dr. Austin Peters better known as the Henchman, and Captain Koma were contestants.

That explains why Logan didn't think before he acted somewhat he gets more competitive when there's enemies involved in something.

"What cha' doin' here Betts?" Logan smirks.

" I'm here to to tell you how you used that poor girl to lure drunks to you was way out of line Logan!"

" What none O' them touched her besides she can take care O' herself. "

" That's not the point, you were using her like Weapon X used you!" he stated cussing , and carrying on but it didn't take a telepath to figure out he got the point as he stormed off into his room .

Henchman starts off with his annoying "HAW HAW!" laugh. I enter his mind and let him relive his greatest trauma. " I don't care if you're the Prince of all Saiyans you're not going to AAAAH! My arm! My arm!" he screams.

Next I have a stare off with the the red head.

What on Earth is she wearing I grab up Laura by her hand " come dear we're going back to the mansion."

She was mostly quiet on the way back until i tell her. " you know you don't have to do everything Logan says. You didn't let any of those men touch you did you?"

" No. " She states. " I was just trying to help Wolverine."

" While that's good but not the best way to help him you could have helped him by saying no."

Finally she speaks up " Some boy told me I'm not a weapon."

" Well he 's right,weapons don't have feelings it's not that devil boy again is it?" I shared Logan's distrust of that boy, not because of the connection he used to have with Vegeta but because he had a rape power. Or as he called it temptation power whatever he reminded me too much of Mephisto.

" No. It was a walking dead boy. I'm thinking of helping him to not be a weapon either."

You know it it's telling of how my life is that hearing her talk about what I guess is some kind of ghost or zombie isn't the strangest thing I've heard. My life has just gotten way too weird.