Sunday, November 25, 2007


those kids are planin' somethin'

Those damned kids O' Vegeta's ain't done no pranks on me in weeks. Somethin's real wrong here. They musrt be plannin' somethin' big.

Well I'm ready fer 'em! Whatever it is I'm gonna flamin' slash 'em wit some claws. I just gotta be careful.

I ain't paranoid Drake! I know they are gonna do somethin'!

Stop laughing at me Summers!

Well I warned ya. Stop cryin' Scott.

Maybe I should wait fer whatever it is out in the yard. At least i can see it comin'.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


X-23: MY enemey or my friend?

I find the Saiyan Kid Vincent mopin' about outside in the school yard. I pop my claws in th little punks face. " Ya gonna call me a whore again bub?"

" Isn't that what you were?"

" Ya think it was by choice ya stupid son of a bitch? " I growl.

He looks surprised. " Wait it wasn't?"

" No Moron!"

He looks like he's he's actually sorrowful " Sorry then, I only heard it from Dad. I didn't know you were forced into it."

I retract the claws. " Well .. I don't like ta talk about it so don't mention it anymore. Kay?"

Vincent shrigs" Well I guess I don't trust you since the skrull you glomed me that time. "

" Skrull me ain't me, I mean your okay lookin' an' all but I ain't gonna hurt Nightwing's sister jus fer some guy. Dick did too much fer me ta screw wit' his family. So why the hell are ya broodin' out here?"

" I just found out I'm going to father a psychopath in the future. "

I laugh . " ya know how many alternate futures the X-men have run inta? hell dick said there were a bunch of time travelers that said he was gonna grow up ta be Batman."

" Good to know." He mumbles.

"I just stare at him fer a second. " So are ya takin' Cass to the Winter Dance?"

" Wait what? There's a dance?" He snaps out of his little funk.

I groan. " Ya know ya really need to pay attention in class. "

"Great I can't dance. She doesn't even have to know about it right?"

" Ya can fight , it ain't that much harder ta dance."

" Whatever , I'm not going . "

I roll my eyes, now. " look I'll tech ya how to dance but yagotta do somethin' fer me."

He eyes me suspicously. " What?"

" Lay off the pranks on my dad. You and the extremely happy sister O' yers. How's that? "

" fine." he says. " When do we start?"