Sunday, November 25, 2007


those kids are planin' somethin'

Those damned kids O' Vegeta's ain't done no pranks on me in weeks. Somethin's real wrong here. They musrt be plannin' somethin' big.

Well I'm ready fer 'em! Whatever it is I'm gonna flamin' slash 'em wit some claws. I just gotta be careful.

I ain't paranoid Drake! I know they are gonna do somethin'!

Stop laughing at me Summers!

Well I warned ya. Stop cryin' Scott.

Maybe I should wait fer whatever it is out in the yard. At least i can see it comin'.

If you can see it coming, maybe you should be a spiritualist?
Maybe they'll give you a new car with a giant red bow on it like on the TV commercials.
He Wolverine Here's something to cheer you up!
Jean-Luc Picard: Heh maybe.

Jon: I wish.

Anomymous: That's sick
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