Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Onslaught and the Hulk, ( and a little dog too)

Chuck had been runnin' around as Onslaught again. Fred the Fox had been runnin' around., contactin'' a bunch O' us ta stop him. Pitor threw me at ol' metal crab man. I cut his helmet some, and was then body slammed inta the ground.

Yankee Stadium was explodin' with all O' us takin' him down at some point, Chuck freed himself, Onslaught Left Chuck alone An' now he's back ta normal. After this the Hulk shows up to late ta help.

Looked like he wasn't in the mood ta help any ways.

" Outta my way X-fools I have a chump to crush!"

We all get ready ta fight. I pop my claws. " Ya ain't gettin' ta Chuck green skin!"

he looks over at Vegeta, and says " Your still alive? Huh." The hulk glares at us with that if looks can kill thing he gets. " Then his gaze passes over Henchman , and Magdelena . He starts laughin.'

" Maybe I'd go to easy on you if I killed you, It would be better if I told The X-men about what you did to me huh? Even better, you'll have to live with the pain of losin' your girl to a supervillian. Yeah I like that idea."

cyke in an unusual bit O' bravery shouts " What do you mean what he did to you?"

" He used me to save the planet,then sent me off of it ."

" Your dangerous and unpredictable Hulk!" Storm shouts. "I wouldn't have been so polite!"

" Yeah but think of this , how long is it going to be before he, Stark, Richards. And Black bolt decide one of you is too dangerous to be let livingnon the planet. Do you think he'll hesitate to send you off the planet?"

With that the big green idiot leaps off . Whatever. The problem for the Hulk is that Onslaught took all O' chuck's negative emotions with him. The Prof can't wait to get out datin' again, take that Banner!

Any way I told Chuck I was goin' ta help Cap Wit this Civil War. I let him him know about how Iceman adopted the dog, that Onslaught kicked. The weird thing is I think he may have lost his mind a bit , Iceman that is He keeps claimin' the dog can talk oh well. See about my conversation with Chuck on his Blog

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Time to party.

After Me an' Cap's team tried the direct approach, to gettin' Ana out. Veg Brain's son Trunks had come up wit' a great idea. He made an LMD That looked like Shi. He's been Makin' it appear different places . Just ta stick it , to those Shield boys. Now we're takin' her to Vampirella's party.

The only problem wit' that is they wanna have the Shi bot all over me . So here I am standin, With this hunk 'a circuits all over me. And I know Some O' the people know the truth I feel like Flamin' Magneto, 'cept I ain't Liken' it. Then Scott runs Up and I lasted ten Minutes Logan ! Ten Minutes Boo yah!

I have no idea what he's talkin. About and don't wanna know . What's worse is the thing is programmed to respond like a very jealous woman so any time someone talks ta me it growls or says somethin' rude. This gettin' embarrisin,. Not that I had much time ta talk to the real Shi. Some geeky reporter won't leave her alone. Free Image Hosting -

Wait a second , That guy smells familiar, Clark Kent Is Superman?

" Hey evreyone! The Kon man is in da House! "
Free Image Hosting -
Nevermind Clone boy is what I smelled.

Sunday, September 10, 2006



At the Mansion, Laura Dodges several Hulks while they and the X-men battle Onslaught. She's about to join the battle when claws cut through her back.

" Wolverine?" she asks.

" No how dare you call me by his name !"

" You smell like him sort of."

" I just want you tell our father I'm coming to take care of him once and for all." He says this before melting into the shadows, and the chaos.

meanwhile in West City.

Some kind a commotion here kept the airports closed. So I had ta hitch a Ride with Some O' The SHIELD agents leavin, here. They looked like they had their asses handed to 'em.

That's when I get a call on my cell .

" Logan, don't say my name ."

" Steve?" I whisper.

" Yes Logan It's me Cap. They have your girlfriend."

" Ana."

" yes they arrested her for violations to the Registration act."

" Damn it!" a couple of agents stare at me . I hang up , when I get to the Helicarrier , I go right ta Fury's office.

" What the Hell are ya playin' at Fury?"

" Nice to see ya again Wolverine." he answers " I got some papers you might want to sign.

" Ya know where ya can stick those papers Bub! What the Hell are ya doin' arrestin' Ana Eh?"

" We know She's Shi so..."

" So what Fury! Ya don't know nothin," I grab him , an slam up against the wall. I pop a claw . Maybe I should take out yer other eye, Give ya a matchin' set?"

" Logan! This is not the way to go about this! just register, and convince her to register, and we'll let her out!"

" Thank ya fury ya just helped me pick a side. I dropped him an' walked out."
Hours later Free Image Hosting -

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Sent to the worst place

I was sittin' And drinkin' when Chuck'sVoice screamed in my head. " Logan ! I need something from you!"

" What is it this time Chuck?"

" I want you to kill the Henchman!

" What?"

" You Heard me! You kill people all the time ! I order you to kill the Henchman!"

" Yeah. Look Chuck Your just smartin' after the affair, now Ya don't wanna do somethin, you'll regret."

" Look Logan! Wait a minute.."Koma if this is another stupid plan were not interested in playing with you anymore. Go bug the Martian." Xavier snapped.

I run down the Hall To find Koma Flyin' The door into the Hallway.

"Get up slowly. You may look hot but you don't smell it." I threatened "Koma what're you doin' here? I thought I told you what I'd do if ya..."

Next thing I know I'm teleported. Damn Him I ain't warnin' him next time , I'm just carvin, fer cold cuts. When my senses clear from the distortion, I notice I'm in a bed. I glance out a window and see the words Capsule Corp. Very funny Koma.

The smell O' the person next to me is female but I'm still gettin' used to my surrondin's so it may be familiar, but I can't place it right yet. I remember that Parker's wife,Mary Jane was here.Free Image Hosting -

My Eyes clear more Well she's got blue hair I see So It's Vegetable fer brains wife Eh?Free Image Hosting - And I think she ain't wearin clothes. Well it never hurts ta look. What's with all the wrinkles? AUUUUUGH! May Parker!!

Free Image Hosting -

I was wrong That did hurt to look. I think I'm gonna be sick! I'd also better get outta here before someone discovers this ! Yuck!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


After Math.

O' course , Laura had ta get in on the fight with Gaia. This weird kid along with Parker ssaved her fromfgoing Splat when A demon threw her off a roof.

I ain't ever seen her act the way she did, after she put her on the roof, i'll tell ya I don't like that look. Though Considering What Laura used to do for a living I guess it's toom late for me to be playin' angry dad. now.

I went Bezerkr and Mowed down the rest of the aliens on the roof, Then show off Vegta had to Fuse with Goku, and hog the killin' all the rest of the freaks. After this point, An Angel beats Gaia an' turns her to normal.

Evreyone that died, was brought back ' cept for Bobby he hasn't been seen. I guess the dorky kid's really gone. Well we all met about what to do with about Gaia, Chuck wants to wipe out all our memories of the events.

Meanhile Gaia Lays next to Magdelena The infimary beds The Henchman hanging around the room like a love sick puppy. And Gaia 's back to normal while, Maggie is nothin' but a slab O' meat with a heartbeat.

I also Don't know if Chuck knows about the lovin' Henchamn got from Magdelena . Oh I can say is whenn he finds out , it'll be better than , most soap opreas. Finally It's decided evreyone on the planet will have thier minds wiped so Gaia can go on normally, or as Normal as any X-man gets.

I went outside and lit up a cigar. I notice the the students comin' back in . But here's the weird thing . The kids are slippin' on snow. Wait a minute that ain't snow , Drake's reformin' himself!

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