Saturday, September 02, 2006


After Math.

O' course , Laura had ta get in on the fight with Gaia. This weird kid along with Parker ssaved her fromfgoing Splat when A demon threw her off a roof.

I ain't ever seen her act the way she did, after she put her on the roof, i'll tell ya I don't like that look. Though Considering What Laura used to do for a living I guess it's toom late for me to be playin' angry dad. now.

I went Bezerkr and Mowed down the rest of the aliens on the roof, Then show off Vegta had to Fuse with Goku, and hog the killin' all the rest of the freaks. After this point, An Angel beats Gaia an' turns her to normal.

Evreyone that died, was brought back ' cept for Bobby he hasn't been seen. I guess the dorky kid's really gone. Well we all met about what to do with about Gaia, Chuck wants to wipe out all our memories of the events.

Meanhile Gaia Lays next to Magdelena The infimary beds The Henchman hanging around the room like a love sick puppy. And Gaia 's back to normal while, Maggie is nothin' but a slab O' meat with a heartbeat.

I also Don't know if Chuck knows about the lovin' Henchamn got from Magdelena . Oh I can say is whenn he finds out , it'll be better than , most soap opreas. Finally It's decided evreyone on the planet will have thier minds wiped so Gaia can go on normally, or as Normal as any X-man gets.

I went outside and lit up a cigar. I notice the the students comin' back in . But here's the weird thing . The kids are slippin' on snow. Wait a minute that ain't snow , Drake's reformin' himself!

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All's well that ends well, eh?
I guess so chuck
I'm not quite sure.

Hmmm just where did Koma teleport you too.

I'd like to find out.

Love you all

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