Tuesday, October 24, 2006



The other day, I fought this fake Spider-man. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He stuck me with some toxic crap, with a metal stinger, thanks to that stuff. I lost control , an' had sex with Carol. This had been botherin' me while me Ice man, an' Rouge fought the Destroyer. Chuck asked for the other X-men ta help him withsomethin'

This Destroyer has given Thor a tussle in the past , an ' all I got is skeleton crew O' course we get our asses handed to us. Bobby gets shattered, Rouge gets thrown around, and me well, take a look.
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I'm gonna find a way to tear that Tin can apart. If it's this last thing I do. I just need to heal. .....

As Wolverine passes out Dr Strange flies after The Destroyer.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, October 19, 2006


So many plots so little time....

I finally catch Up to the Bat on a roof top. He throws these dang Batarangs, some exlpodin' some just stickin' to me.

Catwoman, tries ta jump me from behind. Ana Takes care O' the backstabber Not that I couldn't do this myself.

Ol' Bats Is distracted by his Ex comin' ta his rescue , when this whole mess, was started by his wantin' to get another woman. This distraction cost him.

I knew this nut had Kevlar on his chest. So I cut through it and in the chest but not enough to kill him. " Look Bub I suggest ya Leave the Vampire Girl alone .If I hear any different I'll come back ta finish the job got it?"

He says nothing, just hobbles off with Catwoman supportin' them. We go back to the restaurant to find Vampirella gone. We ended up goin' back to my room at the mansion Too bad it was covered in ice with Ice statues, and some weird guy just hangin' out in there. I kick him out, At this moment Fade comes in.

He asked me to talk to Laura about her little infatuation to 'im. I was about ta track the girl down When the Freakin' Destroyer, trashes the place. The Prof said somethin' about goin' ta Find out about Maggie, while Fade's doin' somethin ' ta Scott, and Storm got knocked out, by the Destroyer so he wanted me to lead the X-men to fight the thing.

I haven't lead the team in a long time, not sure I really want to . Well I might as well get this crap over with, But firstI make a call to Doc Strange.

" Yo! What's up Doc? Hehhehehehe!"

" That's not funny Logan. What do you want?"

" Well Doc the Destoyer is rampagin' through the place I was wantin' to know If ya could help us out ya know magic bein' yer thing an' all."

" yes Logan, but I need time to Call upon the right spirits to frrealase whoevere's soul is inside the armor, can you X-men distract him long enough?"

" I hope so Bub, or yer invited to a whole bunch O' funerals."

Monday, October 16, 2006


Slashin' the Bat!

Chuck put up this X- Men quiz on his blog so I took it as well , Well whattya know I got myself.

You scored as Wolverine. Wolverine is a loner, and a skilled fighter. He's got the hots for Jean Grey but a better fit for him would be Storm. He doesn't like to follow orders which pisses Cyclops off. He has terrible memories from the experimentation done on him at Weapon X. Even though he doesn't show it, he loves the X-Men. Powers: Fast healing and adamantium skeleton and claws.





Emma Frost










Jean Grey








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Well I'm glad I got myself there but it's a little weird that I got Pitor for second place, oh well at least it ain't Scott. Ana convinced me that we should go ta some kind O' lunch wit' Vampirella.

Now I ain't said this to her, but I don't like Vampi. When she was datin' Chuck it didn't matter too much, but then she dumped 'im fer vegeta's son. Well ya all know how I feel about that loser.

Well the good news was at least we went to an Asian place. Well the It was one O' those places where the guy cut up the steak super fat, and threw it at people. They were supposed to catch it with their mouths. Well this dude sucked at that.

He kept smackin' people in the faces with sizzlin' steak. I hadda to show 'em how it's done. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Iron chef eat yer heart out. As we talked I learned Vampi ain't that bad, a little outta luck when it comes ta lovers though. I guess Psycho, future version O' Vegeta's kid is probably the best one she's gotten. Though she don't trust' im since he joined up wit' SHIELD.

I bit my tounge on the saiyan subject, I mean I just got jumped by Prince o' all monkeys yesterday. I was glad we changed the subject to stories O' Kodiak. She told some embarrisn' things , an I told about how happy he was to be wearin' Justin Timberlake shirts the whole weekend. An' since they were Jubilee's they were about three sizes too small.

The laughter was cut short by a freak in a bat costume. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

" Vampi I must have you!" he purrs through a droolin' mouth. " Mirai is dead. It's time for you to start over with someone new."

Ok I was startin' ta have fun here, and this millionaire douchebag. Decides ta mess wit' us? I could see Vampi, an' Ana both were pissed. I was even more pissed.

" Look Bub!" I growl. " The lady said she ain't interested, why dont cha go chase the Joker somewhere? He seems more yer type."

" Stay out of this little man!" he spits

Oh yeah this freak is cruisin'' fer a bruisin'. " Look get outta here before I show you what I do best."

He throws a straight kick that I easily block. He glares through that stupid pupiless mask. " What are you some kind of Wolverine wannabe?"

" Look here dumbass, I ain't no wannabe, though you'd think my hair would be the first clue. Some detective. I am Wolverine."

He starts laughin' I pop the claws. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

" Convinced now jerk?" I grab him by his neck an' throw him out the main window. I take off my shirt, to reveal my ol' yellow an' blue costume. As I'm puttin, on the mask . Ana Says " I'll be right behind after I find somewhere to change."

" Sure thing babe I laugh. " but by the time ya get there he's goin' to be all cut up. "

As I'm runnin' outta the joint I think I see Vampi disappear, in a glittery light. oh well. She'll probably be alright. Batman ain't though. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Be it ever so humble Crumble? Bumble? Stumble? Well Wolverine's home.

Well it seems the War is over or at least we have a cease fire. The media is havin' a field day with all the crap SHIELD's been up to, usin' the crooks, All of it bein' manipulated by a weird version O' Vegeta in red. Whatever Well who ever's in charge up at SHIELD, told 'em to stop huntin' heroes until the politicians figger out what ta do with the Registration Act.

Well with elections comin' up, And Evil Vegeta talkin' About killin' kids , an' how he manipulated all O' this crap from some parallel reality Bein' put on every news paper an TV show ad nauseum . And the Reg Act bein' at an all time low in popularity. I think the war is pretty much done.

Carol dropped me off back at the mansion, It looked Cap was gonna hit on 'er. on the way back. Good maybe she'll leave me alone. Though she's datin' Ten Minute Man Cyclops.

I gotta say I'm pretty tired, after gettin' my ass handed to me by Ogun. Healin' massive amounts O' tissue always makes me tired. That and I hopin' to drink the memory Of the Hulk grabbin' my crotch, and throwing me into a tree a few days back away.

The tree part ain't botherin' me The gropin' is. I think Banner needs a date, and soon. And not with me. Maybe I should call Ana to bad touch me later That might get the horrible memories out.

I was walkin'through the garage. When I see someone's been messin' with my bike. I smell it a couple o" times , well it's Kodiak. I knew the kid wasn't dead, I was gonna look fer him, but then the demons attacked, then Onslaught, then The Civil War started up.

Well, glad the kid freed himself. I go up inta the upper levels and see Laura with this Irish kid, and actin' different, than normal. Not a good different, more like a she's wants to jump this kid, and have sex. An I never thought I'd miss the days, where she'd sit quietly and scowl at people.

I pull her away . " Ain't that the part saiyan girl's man?"

"So?" She scowls. " It's not like their married. Besides I can take care of that girl." Snikt!

" Yeah darlin' just want ya ta know yer playin' with fire there. "

" Why just because you lost every fight with Bra's father, doesn't mean I'll be the same."

I shake my head , an move on' I'm too tired fer this mess, and I've beaten Vegeta a at least once. Then I run into my self?Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Ok that was surprisin' Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com For a second there I thought he was an Evil Universe duplicate O' myself. Then I smelt him Sodder, and silicone. Albert! What the flamin' hell are ya doin' here bub?

" Elsie Dee thought I should try being you! It was great ! I looked up Blink's skirt , and had my pants torn off by invisible hands!"

Elsie probaly wanted a vacation from this robot. Though she's a bot too. Sounds like he got a force wedgie, Or a ki wedgie, or somethin' glad I missed that. As for the blink thing Well I don't need ta look up her skirt. I've seen it.

We dated a little while before Ana , and I'll forgive a lot O' things but yellin' " Mr Creed!!" at the crucial moment ain't one O' them. I walk up to my room. I hear Emma and Kody goin' at it in the room across the hall. I'll have to turn on some music pretty loud.

Right before I walk inta the room . The phone keeps ringin' damn it no one was answering, so I did." It was someone called Starfire for Iceman. Well I ain't forgot about the metal detectors they put up around the place a while back.

" Yeah darlin' Bobby's With the nude Dwarfs and Clowns givin' massages again. yeah he does it evrey week he 's a total pervert." She hung up there. Heh. Oh yeah Don't think I forgot about Kody's little part in that joke.

After I slept a few hours An' I was sure Kodiak and Emma weren't in that room, I snuck in and traded all O' his AC/ DC Wit Jubilee's Justin Timberlake shirts . Enjoy Kody. Heh heh. It's good to be home.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


An' now ogun possesd Thor Clone

Durin' the meetin' with a fake Nick Fury. The Damned Thor Clone pops up , an; attacks me while slappin' the others outta the way. It comes fer me and says "We meet once again Logan San."

Damn it Ogun! He's worse than a stalker. I try t slash him and he fires a thunder bolt from that fake hammer o' his. It fries me to a crisp. I if I had a few minutes I could heal , but Ogun Ain't givin' me those minutes.

He kicks me around. And uses his great knowledge O' anatomy ta make each one hurt like Hell. " I couldn't take your Body Logan San But I can take your life!"

Jeez! He needs ta' say somethin' different. Sound like a flamin' broken record. Cap slams through on the back O' his head wit' His Shield. The ghost just laughs through the clones lips. " Your not hurting me Capitan. Only the clone. Now just sit back And let me pay the debut I owe this animal for killing me."

" Sorry I can't do that Mister!" Cap yells defiantly.

I try ta tell 'im ta get outta here. I ain't got enough breathe. To say anythin' Then someone smashes through the Walls. Good It's Hercules. We had him wait outside in case somethin' went wrong.

I wonder what took 'im so Flamin' long? Probably saw a skirt, and tried ta talk ' her up. Or knowin' him feel her up. Any way he started thrashin' the Thor Clone. But wit' Ogun's skills they were about equal.

Until My old teacher spin Kicked 'em over ta me. Carol was blastin' him Before she was grabbed. He starts strangling ' her. I turn over ta Herc. "Hey Bub. Get ready ta serve up a Fast Ball Special."

" What is that my friend?" Damn I never thought I'd Actually miss Pitor. After a short explanation Herc Tossed me. Damn that boy has an arm on 'im. I went through the Thor Clones Heart.

" Damn you Logan!" Says Ogun. Before the clone dies. I kinda' feel sorry for 'im. I know what it's like to be a government guinea pig. Even though this guy was near as tough as the real Thor.

Then The Nick bot's head start's speakin' ( Yeah Ogun Knocked it's head off.)

" Carol Bring Logan and Cap along with You we're going to Stop Stark from killing Vegeta and his kids.!"

I have ta Help Vegeta? Damn it. I shouldn't have even gotten outta bed this mornin'.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Civil war Visit.

Cap got worked over pretty good by Stark, at the last battle . I unfortunately was uncoverin' corruption in Damage Control at the time. Not that I woulda been much help since They had a fake Thor on their side.

Shi has joined the Cap's Secret Avengers, along side me.Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Well me An' Cap Showed up at the Mansion Ta tell Carol Danvers our side O' things She tried ta arrest Steve right off. I shut her mouth before anyone else hears us, or I thought I did.

Scott came lumberin' in an' I tripped him He koed himself on a dresser. So Now we had plenty O' time for Cap ta say his piece. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com