Tuesday, October 10, 2006


An' now ogun possesd Thor Clone

Durin' the meetin' with a fake Nick Fury. The Damned Thor Clone pops up , an; attacks me while slappin' the others outta the way. It comes fer me and says "We meet once again Logan San."

Damn it Ogun! He's worse than a stalker. I try t slash him and he fires a thunder bolt from that fake hammer o' his. It fries me to a crisp. I if I had a few minutes I could heal , but Ogun Ain't givin' me those minutes.

He kicks me around. And uses his great knowledge O' anatomy ta make each one hurt like Hell. " I couldn't take your Body Logan San But I can take your life!"

Jeez! He needs ta' say somethin' different. Sound like a flamin' broken record. Cap slams through on the back O' his head wit' His Shield. The ghost just laughs through the clones lips. " Your not hurting me Capitan. Only the clone. Now just sit back And let me pay the debut I owe this animal for killing me."

" Sorry I can't do that Mister!" Cap yells defiantly.

I try ta tell 'im ta get outta here. I ain't got enough breathe. To say anythin' Then someone smashes through the Walls. Good It's Hercules. We had him wait outside in case somethin' went wrong.

I wonder what took 'im so Flamin' long? Probably saw a skirt, and tried ta talk ' her up. Or knowin' him feel her up. Any way he started thrashin' the Thor Clone. But wit' Ogun's skills they were about equal.

Until My old teacher spin Kicked 'em over ta me. Carol was blastin' him Before she was grabbed. He starts strangling ' her. I turn over ta Herc. "Hey Bub. Get ready ta serve up a Fast Ball Special."

" What is that my friend?" Damn I never thought I'd Actually miss Pitor. After a short explanation Herc Tossed me. Damn that boy has an arm on 'im. I went through the Thor Clones Heart.

" Damn you Logan!" Says Ogun. Before the clone dies. I kinda' feel sorry for 'im. I know what it's like to be a government guinea pig. Even though this guy was near as tough as the real Thor.

Then The Nick bot's head start's speakin' ( Yeah Ogun Knocked it's head off.)

" Carol Bring Logan and Cap along with You we're going to Stop Stark from killing Vegeta and his kids.!"

I have ta Help Vegeta? Damn it. I shouldn't have even gotten outta bed this mornin'.

takes Logans arm lets go
Logan Fury needs you to meet us at West City
Doing a 'fastball special' with someone else? Doesn't that feel like cheating?
Nope Though Pete won't stop cryin' about it.
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