Thursday, October 12, 2006


Be it ever so humble Crumble? Bumble? Stumble? Well Wolverine's home.

Well it seems the War is over or at least we have a cease fire. The media is havin' a field day with all the crap SHIELD's been up to, usin' the crooks, All of it bein' manipulated by a weird version O' Vegeta in red. Whatever Well who ever's in charge up at SHIELD, told 'em to stop huntin' heroes until the politicians figger out what ta do with the Registration Act.

Well with elections comin' up, And Evil Vegeta talkin' About killin' kids , an' how he manipulated all O' this crap from some parallel reality Bein' put on every news paper an TV show ad nauseum . And the Reg Act bein' at an all time low in popularity. I think the war is pretty much done.

Carol dropped me off back at the mansion, It looked Cap was gonna hit on 'er. on the way back. Good maybe she'll leave me alone. Though she's datin' Ten Minute Man Cyclops.

I gotta say I'm pretty tired, after gettin' my ass handed to me by Ogun. Healin' massive amounts O' tissue always makes me tired. That and I hopin' to drink the memory Of the Hulk grabbin' my crotch, and throwing me into a tree a few days back away.

The tree part ain't botherin' me The gropin' is. I think Banner needs a date, and soon. And not with me. Maybe I should call Ana to bad touch me later That might get the horrible memories out.

I was walkin'through the garage. When I see someone's been messin' with my bike. I smell it a couple o" times , well it's Kodiak. I knew the kid wasn't dead, I was gonna look fer him, but then the demons attacked, then Onslaught, then The Civil War started up.

Well, glad the kid freed himself. I go up inta the upper levels and see Laura with this Irish kid, and actin' different, than normal. Not a good different, more like a she's wants to jump this kid, and have sex. An I never thought I'd miss the days, where she'd sit quietly and scowl at people.

I pull her away . " Ain't that the part saiyan girl's man?"

"So?" She scowls. " It's not like their married. Besides I can take care of that girl." Snikt!

" Yeah darlin' just want ya ta know yer playin' with fire there. "

" Why just because you lost every fight with Bra's father, doesn't mean I'll be the same."

I shake my head , an move on' I'm too tired fer this mess, and I've beaten Vegeta a at least once. Then I run into my self?Free Image Hosting -

Ok that was surprisin' Free Image Hosting - For a second there I thought he was an Evil Universe duplicate O' myself. Then I smelt him Sodder, and silicone. Albert! What the flamin' hell are ya doin' here bub?

" Elsie Dee thought I should try being you! It was great ! I looked up Blink's skirt , and had my pants torn off by invisible hands!"

Elsie probaly wanted a vacation from this robot. Though she's a bot too. Sounds like he got a force wedgie, Or a ki wedgie, or somethin' glad I missed that. As for the blink thing Well I don't need ta look up her skirt. I've seen it.

We dated a little while before Ana , and I'll forgive a lot O' things but yellin' " Mr Creed!!" at the crucial moment ain't one O' them. I walk up to my room. I hear Emma and Kody goin' at it in the room across the hall. I'll have to turn on some music pretty loud.

Right before I walk inta the room . The phone keeps ringin' damn it no one was answering, so I did." It was someone called Starfire for Iceman. Well I ain't forgot about the metal detectors they put up around the place a while back.

" Yeah darlin' Bobby's With the nude Dwarfs and Clowns givin' massages again. yeah he does it evrey week he 's a total pervert." She hung up there. Heh. Oh yeah Don't think I forgot about Kody's little part in that joke.

After I slept a few hours An' I was sure Kodiak and Emma weren't in that room, I snuck in and traded all O' his AC/ DC Wit Jubilee's Justin Timberlake shirts . Enjoy Kody. Heh heh. It's good to be home.

Oh man... I be in for a bad week or so of it, if what ya say be true...
snicker * laughing
Hey! Do you know how long it's taken me to get up to ten minutes? I'm proud of that!
Albert? Crafty.

That "Mr. Creed" line must have been quite the blow. I hope Sabertooth doesn't find out somehow. He'd never let you forget that.
Chapter 9 of Overdue up now at corbiscideit

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Cyclops yeah an' there is where the problem is.

Fade yup

Chuck i hope he doesn't hear about it. I know he can't read, so he won't get it from the blog
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