Thursday, October 19, 2006


So many plots so little time....

I finally catch Up to the Bat on a roof top. He throws these dang Batarangs, some exlpodin' some just stickin' to me.

Catwoman, tries ta jump me from behind. Ana Takes care O' the backstabber Not that I couldn't do this myself.

Ol' Bats Is distracted by his Ex comin' ta his rescue , when this whole mess, was started by his wantin' to get another woman. This distraction cost him.

I knew this nut had Kevlar on his chest. So I cut through it and in the chest but not enough to kill him. " Look Bub I suggest ya Leave the Vampire Girl alone .If I hear any different I'll come back ta finish the job got it?"

He says nothing, just hobbles off with Catwoman supportin' them. We go back to the restaurant to find Vampirella gone. We ended up goin' back to my room at the mansion Too bad it was covered in ice with Ice statues, and some weird guy just hangin' out in there. I kick him out, At this moment Fade comes in.

He asked me to talk to Laura about her little infatuation to 'im. I was about ta track the girl down When the Freakin' Destroyer, trashes the place. The Prof said somethin' about goin' ta Find out about Maggie, while Fade's doin' somethin ' ta Scott, and Storm got knocked out, by the Destroyer so he wanted me to lead the X-men to fight the thing.

I haven't lead the team in a long time, not sure I really want to . Well I might as well get this crap over with, But firstI make a call to Doc Strange.

" Yo! What's up Doc? Hehhehehehe!"

" That's not funny Logan. What do you want?"

" Well Doc the Destoyer is rampagin' through the place I was wantin' to know If ya could help us out ya know magic bein' yer thing an' all."

" yes Logan, but I need time to Call upon the right spirits to frrealase whoevere's soul is inside the armor, can you X-men distract him long enough?"

" I hope so Bub, or yer invited to a whole bunch O' funerals."

I am the Destroyer
uhhhhh muhhh
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Actually, I'm a kind of glad to see I'm not the only one you inflict those "greetings" on.
Come on 'what's up doc' thats classic. Logan when did u develope a sence of humor.

Don't answer that!
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Logan hey
wait ya can read Creed since when?
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