Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Onslaught and the Hulk, ( and a little dog too)

Chuck had been runnin' around as Onslaught again. Fred the Fox had been runnin' around., contactin'' a bunch O' us ta stop him. Pitor threw me at ol' metal crab man. I cut his helmet some, and was then body slammed inta the ground.

Yankee Stadium was explodin' with all O' us takin' him down at some point, Chuck freed himself, Onslaught Left Chuck alone An' now he's back ta normal. After this the Hulk shows up to late ta help.

Looked like he wasn't in the mood ta help any ways.

" Outta my way X-fools I have a chump to crush!"

We all get ready ta fight. I pop my claws. " Ya ain't gettin' ta Chuck green skin!"

he looks over at Vegeta, and says " Your still alive? Huh." The hulk glares at us with that if looks can kill thing he gets. " Then his gaze passes over Henchman , and Magdelena . He starts laughin.'

" Maybe I'd go to easy on you if I killed you, It would be better if I told The X-men about what you did to me huh? Even better, you'll have to live with the pain of losin' your girl to a supervillian. Yeah I like that idea."

cyke in an unusual bit O' bravery shouts " What do you mean what he did to you?"

" He used me to save the planet,then sent me off of it ."

" Your dangerous and unpredictable Hulk!" Storm shouts. "I wouldn't have been so polite!"

" Yeah but think of this , how long is it going to be before he, Stark, Richards. And Black bolt decide one of you is too dangerous to be let livingnon the planet. Do you think he'll hesitate to send you off the planet?"

With that the big green idiot leaps off . Whatever. The problem for the Hulk is that Onslaught took all O' chuck's negative emotions with him. The Prof can't wait to get out datin' again, take that Banner!

Any way I told Chuck I was goin' ta help Cap Wit this Civil War. I let him him know about how Iceman adopted the dog, that Onslaught kicked. The weird thing is I think he may have lost his mind a bit , Iceman that is He keeps claimin' the dog can talk oh well. See about my conversation with Chuck on his Blog

Dude! have you been hit on the head too hard? I don't think the dog can talk.( though after the talking Fox it wouldn't be all that weird.)
Well that was close. I'm certainly glad things didn't got too far with the Hulk. I know I was pretty drained after the Onslaught thing.

I really appreciate all your help, Logan.
okay I am with you and Capt America
Bobby , Maybe I have bub.

BW Hey ya kid.

Chuck Sure thing.

Shi Welcome aboard Darlin,
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