Sunday, September 10, 2006



At the Mansion, Laura Dodges several Hulks while they and the X-men battle Onslaught. She's about to join the battle when claws cut through her back.

" Wolverine?" she asks.

" No how dare you call me by his name !"

" You smell like him sort of."

" I just want you tell our father I'm coming to take care of him once and for all." He says this before melting into the shadows, and the chaos.

meanwhile in West City.

Some kind a commotion here kept the airports closed. So I had ta hitch a Ride with Some O' The SHIELD agents leavin, here. They looked like they had their asses handed to 'em.

That's when I get a call on my cell .

" Logan, don't say my name ."

" Steve?" I whisper.

" Yes Logan It's me Cap. They have your girlfriend."

" Ana."

" yes they arrested her for violations to the Registration act."

" Damn it!" a couple of agents stare at me . I hang up , when I get to the Helicarrier , I go right ta Fury's office.

" What the Hell are ya playin' at Fury?"

" Nice to see ya again Wolverine." he answers " I got some papers you might want to sign.

" Ya know where ya can stick those papers Bub! What the Hell are ya doin' arrestin' Ana Eh?"

" We know She's Shi so..."

" So what Fury! Ya don't know nothin," I grab him , an slam up against the wall. I pop a claw . Maybe I should take out yer other eye, Give ya a matchin' set?"

" Logan! This is not the way to go about this! just register, and convince her to register, and we'll let her out!"

" Thank ya fury ya just helped me pick a side. I dropped him an' walked out."
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I really wish you hadnt made that decision Logan
Well Darlin' it was the only desicion I could make
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