Monday, September 24, 2007


Past lives

Continued from here. From the journals of Logan, Japan. The Onin War. It seems I always get inta wars. Though, it could be because I have a death wish after what happened in Canada. Not like that's gonna happen.

Evreytime I'm shot stabbed or somethin'. Wait a few minutes and I'm all healed up. After seein' a book about samurai in Japan, came here. after travelin' fer a while I met a guy I met once before Ogun. Now I'm takin' him up on his offer to train me.

While doin' Katas outside some chick comes up ta me. It's weird she acts she knows me, and not only acts She's attracted ta me , but is in love wit' me.

But this weirdness pales in comparison to the hate I feel when I see Lady Death again. She seduced me , and tricked inta killin' these monks, and gettin' this magic doo hickey. Because O' her I almost destroyed the world.

So I smack her, She teases me wit'. " Aw no kiss for old times sake? You know Vegeta would ." What the Flamin' hell is a Vegeta? Sounds like some kinda disease they warn about when yer ship lands in a strange country.

The hot little Kabuki number speaks ta me politely in Japanese. I dismiss 'em, and send them on their way. Master Ogun Scolds me. " you should have went with them you could have restored your honor for nearly destroying the planet."

" But Sensei." I protest. " Lady death is the one that got me inta that in the first place. "

" Then Logan-San, you can watch her and if she is going to do something evil you can stop it. "

Damn it . He makes sense, so without another word I track the girls down. Ya know a lot O' people around here have warned me that Ogun has a bit of Darkness in his soul, but not from what I've seen.

Whatever , I end up gettin' in the middle O' some battle with The Kabuki girl, and Lady Death. I guess if nothin' else I'll see where this goes.

Let the two women fight it out then film it and sell the video on the Internet!
Guess what the next post is my 100th post so I have invited everyone to comment and ask a question or fill in the thing (I stole from Fluke)
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