Sunday, December 17, 2006


The After life sucks.

So where I was last time on the blog, The Dark Riders and Cyber was surrodin' me. I tore through the Dark Riders pretty easy. But Cyber's Another problem entirely. Oddly he still had his Adamantim skin.

Kinda funny since the reason he died was Genesis took his skin off. " You were always afraid of me Logan! Now I'm going to drag you into Hell with us." I pop my claws into his eyes.

" Nice ta see ya again Bub. I guess ya ain't gonna be seein' anything anymore." As my ol' enemey scurried away. I saw what looked like the Devil scowlin' at me. Mad that I aced these losers.

" Ya want to get me come an' do it yerself!" I turn around, an' The guys I just beat get back up. Healed faster than me. Looks like Dead people don't stay messed up. Well good means I get ta put 'em down again.

The voice of a girl laughin' makes me turn. " Well , well Tovarich seems like you just keep yourself in trouble Da?"

" Yup Illyana.

" So Ya here ta take me ta final reward or somethin?"

" No. I'm just here to hold them off until you get back to your body."

" Eh? whattya talkin' about? I was cured. I ain't got a healin' factor."

" Well Tovarich You do. Either the cure is temporary, or your power fought it off. You'd better go back,Oh Da Before you go can you tell Pitor I'm fine and not to feel sad about me?"

I wave at her " Least I can do Darlin'" I Walk away from the light, and next thing I know I'm awake in a flamin coffin. I hear Bobby Drake bein' stupid above me.

I was thinkin' about just stayin' in there until I healed completely. But I was thirsty, and hungry. So I broke out.

My Brain was a little messed up so I was stumblin' around an' freakin out the students. Many of them thought I was undead or somethin' What do they teach these kids here? Then again, I have fought vampires, and zombies before.

After My Healin' Factor Fixes I remember that Creed did this to me. An' I was sure Laura, and Ana would go after him. I asked Chuck ta find 'em fer me. When he does I get some guns and some bullets made of Carbonadium. I've been keepin' for a for Sabertooth.

When I get there I make my dramatic entrance from an Alley. How The hell the Punisher got into this I don't know. But, Ana and Laura, I expected, An' poor Ol' Creed was too stupified ta do anything.

Ana jumps on me, after kissin' me. I put 'er down "We will finish this later, just keep it warm for me." I winked at her then turned as He growled"Now Bub, I think you and I have some unfinished business!"

I shoot him down, Creed Is freaked out that he ain't healin'. " Carbonadium, Bub it messes up our healin' factors. Let's see how ya like Bein' dead for a while Creed."

I fire a few more inta him. And he lays on the ground convulsion' Fer some reason, This remind me of Picard's Christmas Party where a couple O' Borg drones tried ta assimilate me.

They poked me wit' some kind of needle, and these things gointot me nanites I guess. My Healin' Factor fights 'em off. " Yo robots! That all Ya got? I've healed from a Brood bein' implanted in me. I slashed 'em up after that I wonder if Picard's Crew found where I put the bodies?

I call the Vault to pick up Sabertooth. The Punisher asks " Where do I get those bullets?"

" I ain't got no more bub. Unless I find the C-synthesizer that is. An' I ain't lettin' you have any Punisher. Now why don't ya get outta here before the SHIELD Boys show up huh?"

" Yes I must kill Iron Man." he rambles back.

I shake my head. " Yeah good luck wit' that."

So Me ' an My Babe Ana Spend the night gettin'reacquaintedd. The next mornin' I go down to the Kitchen ta get some breakfast. When Damned Vegeta shows up " You ready for the Race Rodent?"

Oh damn I fergot I have to race as a team member with this alien idiot. Maybe I should have just stayed in the grave.

That's the way to make an entrance.
tap tap tap
Looks like you jumped out of the fire and back into the frying pan.
looks innocent what could you mean
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