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I have ta team with Vegeta? Vegeta? Damn flamin' Bastard.I was all ready ta have some fun with the Amazing Mutant race. Then I find our non mutants get ta play, not only that but Vegeta picked me as his partner What the Hell was he thinkin'?

So I'm complainin with Ana About this on the phone, When I notice Laura's gone. Damn it not when Sabertooth's on the loose. I say bye to The Babe. I call tht stupid boy HS' cell phone yup she's got it.

" Where are ya?" I scream a little too loud.

"I'm at the docks." She snorts.

" This wasn't our deal Laura. As long as Sabertooth is free evreyone is dai know is in danger."

" Creed already got to me, I doubt he'd attack me again."

" Ya don't know him like I do." Then it hits me. " Are ya at the docks to see that devil boy?"

She snorts " It's none of your business if I am. Besides if Angus can have monkey girl too , why can't i have another guy?"

"Is this what this is about Makin' Fade Jealous?" I question.

" No, not anymore at least. Look Logan I'm not talking about this with you any more!"

" YA get back to the mansion right now girl or i'm comin' ta get ya!" Then I feeel this syringe goin' into my arm.

I turn around Sabertooth somehow gotten in without me smellin' him.or noticin'."

" Ya aint goin' any where Logan, but ta the grave."

I pop my claws normally it hurts for a second then stops but this time the pain don't go away,and it's bleedin like crazy.

" Confused Jamie Boy?" Creed growls. " Don't be I just gave ya the mutant cure, Now I could just let ya die naturally from the adamantium skelton , But ya know what? I'm gonna just gonna kill ya now."

I fight him, but since I'm a normal person now, I ain't gotta chance He beats me , bad. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

As my vision fades, he laughs at me. " Ya know that kid, yer supposed to be havin' with Carol? Well ya ain't. She didn't get pregnent. But she was sooo desperate she made a deal wit' me to get a kid.

I was supposed ta get one of those clones of ya . That Weapon X made instead I gave her Wonder Man's kid I guess she won't find that out, until she gives birth to a wuss bag! To bad ya ain't gonna be around ta see it."

Next thing I know I feel a huge pain. in my chest , and guts. evreything goes dark, Well that is until this light at the end O' a tunnel opens . "Aw Hell not again!" I shout.

" Yeah again freak!" I turn around and see Cyber? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Behind him are some O' the Dark Riders, and other scum I've killed over the years. Cyber points at me, " Your dead pal and this time your not going to come back!We're going to habve a loooong time to catch up Logan."

Sucks to be you.
hi just wanted you to know HS left before I could tell him...
Does anyone else think that things were better when Logan was loner who didn't know anything about his past (except for the occasional flash back) and was always having problems dealing with his feral nature.
That and the fact that he's on every group Marvel starts these days.
Well, that's one way to get out of racing with Vegeta.
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