Friday, August 25, 2006



In A SHIELD medical facility.

" It's amazing " says one medic. " The other day his organs were completely crushed. Now They're almost completely repaired."

" This is your first time taking care of Logan I see. Oh I'd stand further away if I was you."

" Why?" the other asks .

The wild mutant . Thrashes awake . Pops his claws And almost slashes the the the new medic. Nick Fury Walks into the door. " Ah Logan I see your up."

" What the Flamin? Where's the Hulk Fury?"

" Well he beat the Hell out of and left to parts unknown."

" How convenient." Answers Logan......

My Head was ringin' And Fury Wasn't helpin' matters. " So where are the X-men?" I ask him. " Believe it or not in a motel 6.

" Ah that's just great looks like I'm stayin in Avengers Tower for while."

" Not so fast there fireplug." Fury grabs me

" If ya want to keep that hand bub you'll let go right now."

" And then you'll end up back in that bed after the trigger happy agents outside. Now tell me what's going on out there with the armored freaks attacking cities>"

" Your guess is as good as mine Nick."

" Please Xavier's girlfriend was leading the charge against those things. You X-men know who's behind this, and I want to know as well."

" Can't help ya. Now where's my Pants? Or do ya want me streakin' through New York?"

"Here." he says throwin me what's left of my tattered costume. " I've known you how long now Logan?"

" Years."

" And I know when your keeping things from me. Wait it's an X-man doing this isn't it? That's the only reason for you keeping it from me! Is it Jean again? No Your not torn up emotionally. So which one has gone rouge Wolverine?

I just start walkin towards the door.

" We know Xavier's left the planet and left his religious zealot girlfriend in charge. That can't be sitting to well with you Storm Or Cyclops."

" Why should I care?" I ask.

" You've lead the X-men at one time. Do you really want this outsider telling you what to do?"

" What do ya know about it?"

" I know she was raised by The Church. I also know She has no idea how to act in a society. She was segregated her whole life and trained in all of these crazy rituals. And now she's leading the X-men ?"

" Ya have a point Nick? Because I'm gettin' bored."

" Here take a look at these."

He had these pics of maggie between the sheets with some guy that has a cybernetic arm."

" Nick I don't wanna see your porn collection. What's this photoshopped or a few years ago or somethin'? "

" Nope a couple of days ago. And the subject of she's with is Guy Abrams."

" Don't know him. Don't care too."

" You know him alright as the Henchman."

" Grow up Fury . We both know war makes for strange bed fellows. I'll ask once again, Is there a point to this? Or have ya become a gossipin' grandma in yer old age?"

" Logan, She's sleeping with someone who is a known associate of Magneto. For all we know she could have been a plant by him from the start. Tell me do you really trust her more than you do SHIELD?"

" Some days I trust Magneto more than I do SHIELD. So let me guess at what your takin' forever to get to. Your sayin' That Maggie is a Magneto spy, and that I should work with you. And then we'll Take down whoever's behind these armored freaks? And then SHILELD And the X-men will work as a big Ol' happy family? Want me to get ya a shovel for what your tryin'' ta sale to me?"

" Logan after the registration act you work for us anyway. But we need to get someone else to lead you against this threat. Also you need to divulge all you know ."

" Ya don't always get what you want. Now are ya gonna try ta arrest me? Or would you rather all your little super spies to make it out of this in one piece?"

" Let him go !" Fury orders.

" Ya just made the right decision."

" Yes But have you old friend?"

" I guess we'll find out won't we?"

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SHIELD - nothing but government stooges. You know we can't trust them Logan. But do you really think it could be true? Magdalena is a spy for Magneto? That could explain a lot. Her mission may have been to get close to the Professor and then strike at the right time. Damn.
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