Thursday, August 03, 2006



When I get back to the mansion A Flamin' Metal detector was put up front As I'm smashin' the thing the alarm blares we go outside ta find sentinels killin' humans. After fightin' a while. I see Shi about ta be killed by a sentinel.

I get Colossus ta Perform fast ball special, But I gotta say he's distracted. He said he wished He was throwin' Spider-man through a wall instead O'' this. An' tossed me a little higher an' faster than usual . At least I still got there ta slice the robots head off.

Another one was about ta step on me, I slashed it's foot off. Then I was blasted. " Surrender Mutant!" Great like I ain't heard that enough of that in my lifetime. I ain't done it yet and I ain't about ta start now!

They keep blastin' And I keep slashin! When It looks like I'm about ta pass out a metal winged man flies by and commands the sentinels ta come wit' him . We cleaned up We found A lot o' bodies a humans . Meanwhile I hear Carol ask what the "Japanese Hussy is doing, here?"

" Retract the Claws Carol!"

She Laughs " That's weird coming from you."

"Whatever Ya just have to except whatever it was we had is over Darlin" "

Then she flew over ta Scott who was cryin' over what was left o' his pink car. Then I noticed I hadn't seen Laura nowhere. I yelled fer her an' finally found her inside what was left O' a scrapheap,of a robot.

Heh. She took it down. She suggested Me an Ana go somewhere while Carol An' Scott were babblin' about a Flamin' party. I Yell " Hey I told ya to stay outta my ... well that ain't a bad idea though."

Well I guess I'll talk ta ya all later.

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You destroyed a sentinel and it fell on my camera, gee thanx I was enjoying the X-mens massacre. MU HA HA HA HA HA AH AHA HAHHA HA HA
what does she have I dont
oh Logan you might want to watch Kurt around Laura
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