Thursday, August 10, 2006


Looks like the mansion is gonna get busted again.

I told Kurt in no uncertain terms that he ain't allowed arround Laura, Then again it ain't like Laura can't take care O' her self. Weapon X trained her pretty well. NAy way I start ta help wit' repairs again when these armored things Flew in an' attackd the mansion.

Just what we need . somethin' smashin' up the place some more. Whatever they were they were wantin' ta kill . I pop my claws One O' 'em laughs at me. " Metal claws against adantine Armor? Surely you jest!"

" Nope I don't Jest. And Don't call me shirley bub!" I slash through it's fancy metal . I guess Adamantine is no match for Adamantium. One down about 50 million ta go .The other X-men back me up but this is gonna tkae evreything we got just to survive.

I'm stabbed about a hundred times .any one without a healin Factor would be dead. I ceman was freezin them makin' his corny jokes . When Sevreal o' these undead thinga team up to shatter him .

That's when I lose it. The whole world turns a bright shade O' red I'm gonna make 'em pay for takin' X-man blood!

If ever there was a call for a beserker Wolverine, this is it.
I am on my way...
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