Thursday, August 17, 2006


Tearin' up Toronto.

Ana had went with me in the Black bird, along with Vegetables for brains. He asked for the hundredth time. Why I had brought her. I ignored him. I just kept talkin To Shi.

" Darlin' After this Battle I'm gonna intoduce ya to Alpha Flight. And My Best Friends, James Hudson AKA Guardian, and Heather Hudson Also called Vindicator." I heard bad hair laughin.'

" Wait? You mean People actually call you friend?"

" Yeah Bub. Jealous? Because no one want to be around you? Or is it because your friends throw knives and spears at ya?"

" Bah! Magdelena is too sensitive! You and I both know the best way to end this is by killing Gaia."

Now this pissed me off. yeah i know that Gaia Always made fun O' me. But that's just the way we X-men are . I make fun O' Scott all the time. But I'll still watch his back.

If one thing all o' Jean's Dark Phoniex episodes have taught us, It's that there's always hope to save her. I pop my claws "Look Bub! If I were you I would stop sayin' things like that around me got that? "

" Not like you can do anything to stop me rodent!" Ana pats my arm " Logan We're here. " I look out the wind shield ta see Alpha Flight already engaging the Enemy.

I turn off the auto pilot, and land the Black bird. Vegeta, had already jumped out, and was blastin' the Fliyn' ones. Meanwhile I Run up to some of the Aliens an' let go bezerker rage.

Puck yells at me " Don't let those knives touch you eh. We've already seen 'em turn normal people against us."

I was too far gone to say any thing at that point. All I knew Was I had to bring this freaks down. The Shaman Caught a bunch of 'em In Plants Shi Chopped many down And watchd my back.

Sasquatch stomped those things into the ground.While Aurora, Vindcator , an Guardina Helped Vegeta Blow up the flyers , after hours of battle we had finally won , but were tired, Even mister Invincible Vegta was Breathin hard.

Then a few o' The Citizens attacked the Saiyan. I guess they were infected by earlier. They tried to knife him, but he disappered and reppeared above them, Then Before Guardian Or Vindiactor could reach him, He burned all those people to ash with a blast. Free Image Hosting -

Shi looked away " Oh God! He just murdered those possesed people ."

So much for Vegeta being one of the good guys. Then again, I suppose the path to righteousness can be long and winding.

I'm glad you were able to defeat that army. It looks like we might just be able to come out of this in one piece. Now if we could just find Gaia. I have it feeling it might take a week and a half or so before we can, though.
Logan I dont want the blood of inncent children on my hands these things are attacking men, women and children
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