Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Well after spendin' a couple o' days wit' Ana I get a call. It was from Josh Foley it wI just said yes ta whatever he was askin' So I could get back ta Ana It took a couple O' seconds ta realize I had given all the students permission ta drink.

We got back an' luckily Parker's aunt, had scolded 'em. Well the next mornin' I helped with the repairs to the Mansion the whole time Pete was tellin' me how he wanted ta crush Spider-Man's head.

I was getin' a little bit o' a headache listenin' to him. Ehen Kurt 'ports. In front O' me. " Mein frend I must ask if you somezing you see I have found this woman."

" So what Kurt I ain't got time fer your problems right now ! Who ever this girl is jut ask her out !"

" Danke." he telports out again. I hear 'im in the floor below me, say " Would you Liken ze sex?" Great he's usin' the worst pick up line possible again . Next thing I know he's tossed outta window. Then I hear a familar growlin.' Laura jumps out after 'im and starts chasin' him.

Wait a Flamin' Minute the woman he meant was Laura? Grrrrrrrrrrr! Snikt ! You had better run Elf!
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