Tuesday, June 20, 2006


X-23 new problem

The Danvers woman tried to take advantage of my Father in his sleep. I attacked her waking half the mansion. There was an argument between me and him and the phone rang I could hear the other woman who wears white makeup and washes in smelly soaps.

They fought as well. Dad has left the mansion , for a whole , I thought about finding him, but it's better if I left him alone. The other day me, and Josh or Elixir, went to this bad neighbor hood on the way to a museum he tried to get into this bar, called Crime Alley.

I left him there I don't know what happened to him but he doesn't want to talk about it. After watching this Kodiak, beat up Saber tooth and White make up girl calling twice I decided to Tell my Father about this I found him in a bar brawl.

" Laura? What the? What are ya doin' here?"

" The Kabuki woman keeps calling about your job, Iceman is at the gallery now ."

" Laura this ain't yer... Hey wait a minute barkeep turn that up Bub! "

" And the top story this hour, the Cure for the mutant gene has been allowed into distribution. Clinics are opening all over the country, for mutant who wasn't to be rid of their problem."

" Bein' a mutant ain't a problem. " Dad mumbles.

" Also the cure has been authorized to be used on those mutants that have used their powers in the commission of a crime. "

Dad growls " Laura get on my bike. We have to get back ta the mansion."

Oh man, this is some seriously bad news. They can't do this to us, can they?
I'm going to one o' them clinics to buy a cure. but i'm not usin it on myself oh no, but that prehistoric pussy cat (victor) needshis medicine. After it takes his mutant factor away I'm gonna kill em.
No one better stand in my way!
Now Kody you know your not a killer this doesnt sound like you...

need to talk....if not to me talk to someone before you do something you will regret
While I understand your feelings, Kodiak, I think one homicidal sociopath per super-hero team is all we can sustain.
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