Friday, June 16, 2006


Problems with X-23

My clone X-23, or Laura as I call her attacked Ana. As I Take 'er back ta th. Mansion She sits all quiet in th' cab Ana hailed.

" Wanna tell me what this is about Laura?" I finally say.

"No." she says.

" Ya can't go around attackin' Ana. " I say.

She just grunts.

" What yer problem wit' her?"

" The same I problem I had with the Danvers woman."

" Hey! Ya don't have any business stickin' yer nose in my love life!"

" Why not? It affects me."

" I don't see how."

" I notice you didn't say anything about me to her."

" Laura it's complicated."

The rest o' the way ta the mansion is silent.

When we get there We see Magneto an' TX rollin' around on the lawn. Except Magneto has no scent. More o' Koma's stupid robots. Why they think doin' it on th' front lawn is a good idea is beyond me, then again nothing those robots do makes sense

Me an' Laura make short work of 'em. I notice th' rest of the X-Men seem ta have the rest of 'em under control. I see a trailer, it's got some guy wearin' a cape inside, so that's Captian Koma eh? I'll think I'll pay him a visit.

we really need to discuss this Logan
can you keep it down please
Just be glad the fight did not go your room.
And here I thought the location of the school was a secret. I guess it's kind of like Spider-Man's secret identity - we all agree to let him think no one knows he's really Peter Parker, but really we all do. Sigh.
Its a hooded cape. Its a hooded cape synth-Lindsay knows its a hooded cape. I've taken to letting her wear it around the new lair. It looks so much better on her.
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