Sunday, June 11, 2006


More synthoids

This is Wolverine. I'm not at the Mansion right now. I'm helpin' Shi protect some Terra Cotta Warriors . So if ya need me leave a message. Unless yer Scott, because I don't wanna hear it.

Wolverine is not available That is why I Uatu the Watcher, shall tell you of Captain Koma's plans. Yes I am that Watcher, I can see what your doing, and it's just not right. Now back to the plan What If.......

Opps sorry old habit. Koma's first attack On the Mutant team of outlaws known as the X-men, did not go so well . Mistakes in the synthoid's creation made it look not quite like Jean Grey. The X-men easily destroyed it.

The second time did result in a perfect duplicate of Psylocke

The Machine successfully seduced the X-men's leader Cyclops. Summers could be heard running through the halls saying " I'm going to be with a woman finally!"

apparently all the mind wipes Summers has been through over the years has not only given him a whiny personality, but also he has forgotten his marriages to Jean grey and Madelyne Pryor. His affair with Emma Frost has been wiped from his mind.

As for the Kitty Pryde duplicate however well, see for yourself

From thinking that this old costume of Shadowcat's was a good idea it's mental abilities degraded to where it would only talk in Yoda speak. As it's conversation with Colossus shows.

"Katiya why are you wearing that again?"

" Katiya I am not, Kitty Pryde I am."

" Huh?"

" Make out with me you will."

" Katiya are you ill?"

" Tell me where Wolverine is you will. Kill him I must."

" You are a replicant!"

" Replicant I am not, Synthoid I am." She says three seconds before her head is punched off. I sense That Ice man will tell what happened with the Psylocke clone on his blog so I must say farewell.


WDKTKY - Will Keep Trying To Kill You
YWNGAWT - You Will Not Get Away With This
TIF - This is Fun
LLR - Lindsay Lohan Rules
just try to keep it down we are trying to....

um... dont worry what we are doing just keep it down
What? Ya ain't even an X-man. Ya ain't got no right ta tell me ta quiet down
shall storm tell you?
An' when I laugh in her face what then?
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