Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Terminatin' Terminators

(Continued From Koma Proffessor X, Martian Manhunter Tx Etc.)

I had Captian Koma pinned down after he helped Magneto ta escape. The normally calm Kodiak was yellin' because of what happend ta Rouge. That's waht snapped me outta the bezerker rage.

I let Koma go " Alright Bub. If ya can help us with the tin cans ya'd better make it it snappy an' no funny business or I'll gut ya."

" Logan! He killed Rouge....." said Kodiak. After calmin' down from his bezerker rage that nearly killed Magneto before he teleported out.

" I truly doubt Koma could hurt a fly Kody, besides it's time ya learned what Rouge's mutant power is . Anna touch my arm."

Soon I started goin' out And Rouge started healin'. I pulled my arm away right before blackin' out. Kodiak just stares at the healed up Rouge. " What jut happened." he asks.

Rouge jut looks down " I can take others' powers by touch Ah can't control it. Ah can never touch anyone!" She pops bone claws out and takes out her rageon some robots Storm tells Ice man ta stop the rest of the robots from reachin' populted areas by puttin' up an ice wall.

Scott was whinin' thayt he was the leader while evreyone ignored him and fought the tin cans. Finally after sittin' a while my healin' factor kicked in. I ran up to Pete " Hey Ruskie ya know what time it is!"

" Da Tovarich! Fastball Special!" I slammed inta a bunch O' the metal robots. The only problem was the liquid ones kept reformin' Until the Beast used some kind 'a gadget ta control them.

We were still bein' overwhemled ' till Koma came through wit' an army of synthoids. It would'a been more dramatic, if they were'nt all sayin' things like "I'm the baby! "and Poopie!"

Ar some point the Martian Manhunter an' the other heroes joined in and we routed them. That is un til The Manhunter got blasted by Pyro, who somehow got left behind when the rest of the Brotherhood was telported out.

Boby flash froze him and yelled "Yeah baby! I beat you in real life and the movies loser!" The fire hurt the Manhunter bad. I looked around , and all the robots were trashed. Hank even turned the liquid ones into inert metal.

Meanwhile Swampthing and his force were runnin' around yellin" Yes! good show Mr Fixit and Vampirella!" I guess they're still dreamin'. Fixit An' Vampi ain't here. we left 'em to there to thier fun. While we rushed ta get Manhunter ta the infirmary at the Mansion.

Realise your probably rushed in writting this. But would've like to have seen Lin make an appearance. She was there.
Bah! You efforts are for naught! You can not hope to win against my might!
Oh man, I am so glad we were able to beat those robots. I need to change my shorts.
Oh man, I am so glad we were able to beat those robots. I need to change my shorts.
1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep
(see kodys blog)

"Dont poke the bear buddy"
Hey furball,

I going to DC.
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