Saturday, June 03, 2006


Gettin the' gun

Ugh! I have ta go ta West City.

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I hate West City. Well I hate someone that lives there, Vegeta. An' If I don't miss my guess that punk is back on Earth, Ta celebrate his 200 th post. Just when I need TA see either his wife or son about a ray that takes away Magneto's powers.

My source fer this info is well less than reliable, Joe Fixit , Aka The Incredible Hulk. After we fought he took the Terminator that's been pallin' around with Lensherr lately. I have no idea if The Hulk was lyin' Ta get me offa his trail or if he really knows something.

I try ta wait until night ta get there, An' whatta ya know some days I'm the luckiest S.O.B. On the planet. There was a big party goin' on I could go around unnoticed. Well that 's what I thought anyway.

I take a wrong turn an' find this.

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They probaly wouldn't have even known I was there if not fer the fact I had ta fight ta keep my lunch down. Oh yeah Vegeta was real happy ta see me.
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" What the Hell are you doing here Logan??!!!!!"

" Gettin' traumatized bub."

I notice him startin' TA get all glowin' an' yellow. I let him know real quick that ain't gonna wash. By poppin' my claws.

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" What's this? Trying to be scary Earthman?"

" Look here ya freaky alien! Ya may think yer invincible but ya ain't. I've cut ya wit' these before, all it takes is one good swipe an' yer gone!'

" You would have to get close enough first Logan!"

" Ok! That's enough out of both of you!" Says Vegeta's little woman! " Yes we all know your Both tough guys but before I choke to death on all the testotrone . Why don't we see what Wolverine wants? Because I'm pretty sure he isn't being a voyeur."

" Thanks Darlin." I say as my claws go back in their sheaths with a " Snakt!" " I hear you and yer boy was workin' ' on a device to get rid of Magneto's powers is this true?"

She looks shocked " Yeah, but it only works for an hour. I haven't tested it on the real thing just samples of his cells. There are way too many variables I don't know if it's ready for the field yet."

" Well Darlin' if ya don't mind I'm gonna field test it fer ya. I owe Magneto fer the world o' hurt He put me through when he tore out my adamantuim."

" Alright you convinced me, I'll go get it. Now Vegeta no fighting in the house while I'm fetcthing it."

He's starin' at me while we wait fer her ta come back. I Grin at the weirdo an say, " Ya know bub yer completely whipped."

He smirks " No you interrupted that."

" Yuck! Too much information." I say Finally she give me th' gun. She tells me it's only got enough of a charge fer one shot an' I have ta make that one count. Good thing fer me I'm a great shot.

Bah! Idiot!
looks like your going after Mags
count me in, I want to feed mags a Heavy Metal Tossed salad. don't ask where i come up with this stuff.
Hey just keep an eye out for Magneto's toy
Man, you are the coolest Wolverine! My shrine is almost done! I made some claws out of sheet metal and soldered them onto gloves! Now I can be just like you!!
You sound in a bad mood, Logan.
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