Thursday, June 22, 2006


Where's Laura?

Today has been mostly strategy meetings on what ta do about the cure. Storm had a another little tantrum and, Yelled she was gonna ta destroy the clinics We were talkin' about the best way ta stop when I noticed somethin seemed off in th' Mansion.

I Searched around 'til I found Laura was missin'. I tracked her down to a warehouse found some other familiar scents. Ana, Danny Bailey, an' plenty o' Hand Ninjas. Along with some Yakuza I'd ran into over th' years.

I jumped into the window. " What is this a scum convention?" I ask poppin' my claws.
I attack the thugs Not really knowin' what's goin' on except fer the fact That Bailey was beaten an' tied up that an' Shi. an' Laura had already messed them up pretty good.

One O' the punks shot me . An some o' the ninjas hit me wit' poisoned arrows. That set me off on a Bezerker rage. When My eyes cleared this was th' scene. " I look over ta Laura an' Ana" Well it seem you two made real quick."

Ana said. " Logan, I thought....."

" No! Ya didn't think! " I scream. " There are nuts wantin' ta put the cure in guns an ya take my daughter around on some kind O' mission?"

" I wanted to help." Said Laura.

" We'll discuss this at th' Mansion !"

Shi was about ta say somethin' When I said " We'll talk later." Maybe I was a little too hard on' em both. I don't know. I'll worry about it after this cure mess is over.

From the looks o things, seems the $#it has as they say, hit the fan.

You know I havent had a day off since I joined the X-men.
God I love it!

"dont poke the bear buddy!"
Well I'm glad you found Danny. I hope he's going to be ok.
I am sorry I should have called you
Not you again
well there is one way ya can stop seein' me evreywhere TX dump Magneto
Cows are evil. Keep that in mind.
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